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  1. Summer Bay High The FINAL chapter should be finished in around a week or so. I've actually written the last lines but the chapter does need quite a bit of editing. Anyone want to guess who's been killed off...? Boy, are you in for a shock!
  2. but I'm looking forward to finding out. Thanks. Glad it came across okay as I found it very tough to write about Barry. I could understand why he killed his wife (to protect his son) but I couldn't understand him leaving her body buried in an unmarked grave for nearly twenty years. Never mind, it's only fiction! You might be right about the person who died, you might not...
  3. Summer Bay High I have ALMOST finished part two of the epilogue "Jigsaw" (it will run to three parts ) but there's no way I'll get it done before Xmas. Weather permitting, (it's only a short car journey tho ) I'm going away today for Xmas. For anyone who wants a sneak peak: “It will be fine tomorrow,” she promised. He believed her. He believed everything about the woman he loved with every fibre of his being. She knew he had killed his wife out of love for his son. She knew that, in terror and confusion, he had buried the body on a remote hill, the only witnesses to the burial his sister, now dead herself, and his baby son. But nor did she pressure him into confessing to the authorities. It will be in your own time, at your own pace, Irene said. And her brown eyes were full of love for him. The day Barry Hyde cleansed his soul was bathed in sunlight and kissed with gentle breezes. Yes, I thought it was way past time Barry confessed...
  4. I just checked the view count on this and...wow! Thanks for reading, guys. I've been busy with other writing projects but I'll start work on the final chapter of this story in the next few days tho, with work etc, it'll probably be a couple of weeks or so before it's ready.
  5. I'm about halfway/threequarters through the next chapter and then after that, believe it or not, will follow the final chapter!!!! It's mostly been enjoyable to write but got really tough during the last half-dozen chapters or so (and I think lost a lot of readers along the way ) as by then it had got way too compliacted and there were times when I didn't know how the hell I was going to sort everything out. I've just checked and Kat (Skykat) began this in Sept 2006! She asked me to collaborate a couple of months later and I took over he reins completely a few months after that so four years is a long, long, long run for Hayley's party... Anyway, should be posting the penultimate chapter next weekend and then will work on the final chaper - at last!!!!! ps Could Hayley's party guests please finish your drinks now and start heading towards the door....
  6. Well, I'm damned if I know HOW I've done it as I've been busy working on other writing projects and this story is a bit complicated VERY complicated but I HAVE managed almost 2000 words of the next chapter so could update any time in the next week when I've edited. Thank goodness Gypsy is such a great character!
  7. Not sure where I read this but a few years ago someone lent me a book called "50 years of Coronation Street" so it might have been there. Anyway, I remember reading that when they were doing the very first opening theme for Corrie a cat happened to be sitting on the wall so they panned in on it with the camera. Don't know if it's the same cat from then that they still show nowadays or if it's a different one.
  8. Thanks for your review. It won't seem like it at the moment, but that chapter has actually taken the plot forward and will tie in with a scene I've had in my mind for a long time (tho as this fic started out as a birthday party and I decided to introduce ghosts and omens and complicate matters... . The main theme of the story is still friendship.
  9. Thanks, everyone, for still following Summer Bay High, it takes my breath away whenever I check in and see just how many more hits it's had! I am working on the next chapter, but I've been busy working on some other writing for a while and I have absolutley no idea where this latest chapter is going tho, as it's almost 2,000 words at the moment, it must be going somewhere. Like I said a while back, I have lost my way with this fic through getting over-ambitious so, despite the writers' block, I'll still keep writing and fingers crossed it will eventually turn out okay.
  10. I agree on some, Molly, Rosie, Michelle and maybe John should all be axed. And as for the life of me I can't even remember who Sean is, he should be axed too as he's obviously made no impression on me! I think Corrie is going through a very mundane phase at the moment. I don't like the storyline of Sophie and Shan (not sure how to spell that) and the big drama of Molly's car crash isn't even interesting me, probably because I don't like the character and don't think it rings true that she and Kevin would be having an affair. Fortunately, Corrie usually picks up (eventually) as viewers are very hard to please...
  11. I'm finding Leanne and Peter the most interesting storyline at the moment. Peter going to propose to Leanne and then Leanne proposing to Peter...awww... And the kid who plays Simon is really cute and a fantastic little actor. He and little Ollie (Phillips/Davis) could have their own show!
  12. No, actually, it's lovely to get an honest opinion. I think the main problem is that there are way too many characters (each with their own set of problems! ) which is why I wrote Dani out a while back; I had every intention of writing Noah/Kit out but there was a regular reader (since disappeared about 6 monts/a year ago) who was a huge Noah/Kit fan so I kept them in for her sake; I wanted to write Barry out and maybe even Irene but there was quite a faithful Barry/Irene following at one stage and, anyway, I got very interested in writing Irene's childhood... I was never particularly keen on writing about Kim either, he just had to be in because of Barry. Kat (Skykat) began the story and wanted it to be about matching up different couples; when she asked me to take over I wanted it to be about friendships being more important than who's going out with who. The flashbacks just happened because most of the time I didn't have a clue what was going to happen next so was buying time! It IS way too long and it's definitely not the best fanfic I've written (Sally Called! takes that title ) Thanks for your review. It's really nice of you to take the time to review so many stories on here. I really wish had time to read/review and write more but maybe in the future...
  13. Who keeps reading this? Every time I check the view count has gone up and up and up but very few people comment... Ah, well, going offline soon but for the mystery people still reading, you'll be pleased to know that I have done quite a bit of work on the next chapter. Not sure if it's any good as I broke off for quite a while to write a non-H&A story and I'm trying to draw all the storylines here to a close. It's been really difficult to write tho as I seem to have left almost everyone in dire circumstances (Will lost in the Ancient Path/Whitelady Woods; Barry almost drowned; Martha and Kane trapped on an island; Irene trapped by a wooden beam...) Serves me right for trying to be clever... Anyway, thanks for reading, mystery people, and I'll get back to you soon!
  14. Eye candy. I never thought of it that way before, but considering her track record with men...
  15. Thanks for your lovely comment, Red Ranger 1. You'd need more than a spare day, you'd need a spare...month... Re Somebody Else Well, you took that last chapter very seriously then!!!! Think outside the box.
  16. Haven't had very much time lately but ,all being well, once I've done some editing this will be updated over the weekend.
  17. Shouldn't this thread be at the top with the other "important topics" instead of being constantly buried in this forum...? Try brainstorming. Write anything that comes into you head whether it's a whole scene, a snippet of conversation or just a brief sentence. Don't worry about writing in sequence at this stage, all you are doing is getting your creative juices flowing again. The exercise gives your imagination a kick start and generates more ideas. I often jump from scene to scene when I have writers' block. It seems very confused to begin with but it always comes together in the end.
  18. It didn't seem right posting in Summer Bay High as I still haven't finished the next chapter yet so I thought I'd post here instead. I'm stunned that it's had about 96 hits short of 2000 views since the last chapter was posted nearly four week ago!!! I have another very, very busy weekend ahead so I think it might be another week or so before the next update. I'm around the 3000 word mark, I got carried away again... For anyone following, Chapter 47 will be a Will/Hayley/Nick chapter. Thanks for reading.
  19. That's very true. Ollie acts very well with everyone but with Sam Atwell in particular. They really do seem like father and son.
  20. Thanks! That's very flattering and also very reasurring as I didn't consider this one of my best chapters. I don't know if anyone on here is still determinedly following who's been with this from the very beginning but I am beginning to get pictures in my head (after a bad case of writers' block) for the concluding chapters and an epilogue. I don't know how many more chapters that will mean, but I know it does mean I can eventually tie everything together. Which didn't seem very likely not too long ago!
  21. It's getting there, I guess. It's just I'm dealing with some very difficult-to-write emotions of a couple of the characters so I keep breaking off. I should have another update ready in a week maybe.
  22. That's exactly what everyone else is thinking - everyone except the writers. It seemed so obviously the right thing to do, and I have real trouble believing that Sam would refuse to return for a couple of episodes if it meant finally wrapping up KK's story properly, but the writers appear to have lost interest in what the viewers genuinely want. Even if, for some reason, Sam Atwell couldn't have returned for a couple of episodes, they could at least have had Kirsty perhaps talking on the phone and her conversation making it clear that she was going to Kane. I agree, it would have been lovely to have an episode with Kirsty going home to her soulmate and Ollie going home to his real Daddy. I can even picture them getting off a bus on a long, dusty road and Kane waiting there, grinning. "Hey, babe!" He says, and they both run into his arms, Ollie winning the race, Kirsty arriving a split second later. Cue the credits...
  23. Sorry, I don't know most of the characters nowadays and don't have much spare time. But you're doing a great job without me.
  24. The "crowd" of characters makes it very confusing (okay, I know, I do the same myself but my stories can be very confusing too ) but otherwise it's very good and the parody of Victorian style writing makes it even more amusing. ps Manner means style, way etc Manor is a large house!
  25. They have to pay the actors more if they speak, that's why so many ppl go in the corner shop or wherever and do lots of nodding.
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