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    Home and Away

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    Home is Merseyside, England; Current is Christchurch, New Zealand.
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    Skydiving, my motorbike, flying. I'm into extreme sports in a big way. Hoping to start surfing a diving soon. I also love going out, writing and watching soaps. I'm currently backpacking around Australia and NZ!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a good day. :D

  2. Hi Skykat,

    Please delete my account on bttb.

  3. Hey SkyKat,

    I couldn't open the PM that you send me yesterday.Just to inform you my PM system is still broken.


  4. Hey Skykat,

    You send me a PM today but I couldn't open my PM because it's broken.Here is the error that I get

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    The error returned was:

    You are not allowed to use the messenger fea

  5. Hi Hun , I sent you a couple of Msgs and im not sure if you got them, Hope your well.



  6. That would generally mean you're trying to PM someone who has disabled their pm box or blocked pms in some way shape or form. Its an option in your control panel. Maybe send an email instead?
  7. Comparing Rachel to Adelle is fine provided you have a relevent comparison to make. If you don't then use this thread to discuss Tachel and use the Adelle thread to discuss Adelle. Next post bringing up Adelle without making some form of valid comparison will be deleted, no warnings. If you have a problem with a post, report it, DON'T reply to it. Thanks. Back on topic...
  8. hey, i've never spoke to you before but couldn't believe when i read your profile that you was from merseyside and now your in australia, i live in merseyside and it just put a smile on my face that you have done all the things i only dream to do :)

  9. You can't but an admin can but its a pain in the ass and we really hate doing it, it effects every post you've ever made and is a big headache. Traceve if you're having problems with someone on here, feel free to PM me, there might be something we can do about it.
  10. Kat, I emailed you a hour ago. Check your junk folder if it's there coz I forgot to enter a subject for the email message, lol

  11. Skykat

    Suggestions Thread

    Survivor game added. We used to have a game like this in the old forum and I remember it being hours of pointless fun.
  12. Character Survivor game. All current characters start with 5 points (see list below). Click the
  13. No worries Zetti it's a very valid question. To qualify you are more than welcome to comment on something you liked about a character's appearance, you can talk to the cows come home about whether you liked or disliked their clothes/ dress sense etc. You can even make reference to something simple like thinking a character's hair was a bit messy today. What we don't allow is anything negative that relates directly to the actor or actress themselves. So for example you are well within your rights to say that you don't find somebody attractive, that's a personal opinion BUT it's not acceptable to say that you think they're ugly, their eyes are too close together, they have a thin mouth or whatever point about them it is that you don't find attractive. That's your opinion and something the actor can't change so it would be unfair to comment on something like that. The same applies to their hair, their weight or anything that belongs to the actor as opposed to the character. Attaching derogatory names or comments to an aspect of an actor's appearance is also against the rules as it encourages negative discussion. One simple way to think of it is if you were an actor or actress would you be upset by coming on here and reading it about yourself? We know for a fact that actors and actresses do come on here and post and we have a pretty good relationship with seven. Whether you agree with them or not, the rules are in place nd they're not going anywhere. If you ever need us to qualify anything, don't be scared to ask.
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