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    Skydiving, my motorbike, flying. I'm into extreme sports in a big way. Hoping to start surfing a diving soon. I also love going out, writing and watching soaps. I'm currently backpacking around Australia and NZ!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a good day. :D

  2. Half yearly profile updates added to: Rachel Armstrong Martha Holden Tony Holden Leah Patterson VJ Patterson Kirsty Phillips Miles Copeland
  3. Just to add that Red Ranger deserves the credit for Macca's profile and an excellent one it was too. Thanks very much.
  4. Profiles added for: Gina Austin Brendan Austin Half yearly profile updates added to: Irene Roberts Belle Taylor Aden Jeffries
  5. Profiles added for Hugo Austin and Xavier Austin. The next few profiles will be Gina, Brendan and a half yearly update to all the current characters aswell as some of the more recent guests. In answer to the question about Macca's profile, as far as I'm aware we don't currently have one. I will attempt to do one as soon as I have the time or if anyone wants to do one for me I'd not say no.
  6. Recent profile updates: Ongoing guests: Liam Murphy Claudia Hammond Trey Palmer Recent Guests: Robbo Cruze Joey Collins Melody Jones
  7. I know a lot of people have asked about it so I'm pleased to announce that we finally have a profile on the main site for Geoff Campbell. The Austins and current guests will be coming soon along with half yearly updates to all our existing, current character profiles.
  8. I have fixed the broken links on the latest interactive corner, thanks Barbara for pointing it out. Latest updated profiles: Martin Bartlett Kane Phillips Angelo Rosetta Christine Jones Latest additions: Ruby Buckton Annie Campbell
  9. The latest edition of our interactive feature covering March and April has now been added.
  10. Some updates from the past week: Profiles added for: Roman Harris Jai Fernandez Nicole Franklin Charlie Buckton
  11. Hi Skykat,

    Please delete my account on bttb.

  12. Hey SkyKat,

    I couldn't open the PM that you send me yesterday.Just to inform you my PM system is still broken.


  13. Hey Skykat,

    You send me a PM today but I couldn't open my PM because it's broken.Here is the error that I get

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    The error returned was:

    You are not allowed to use the messenger fea

  14. The last few weeks has seen another blast of daily profile updates. We now have the following character profiles on the main site and a number of existing profiles have been updated and completed. A huge thank you to Zetti and RedRanger1 for their contributions to this batch of profiles. Guest characters 1988 - 1990 Angela Newton Bridget Jackson Tammy Newton Reverend Newton Stacey Macklin Andrew Foley Bob Barnett Ross Keating Louise Keating Former Main Characters Tom Fletcher Celia Stewart Lance Smart Martin Dibble Carly Morris Ben Lucini Emma Jackson Viv Newton Tr
  15. Hi Hun , I sent you a couple of Msgs and im not sure if you got them, Hope your well.



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