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  1. Aww Kat, this is just... wow!! How can I put into words how beautiful that chapter was. The description was just... amazing. I had a crystal clear picture in my mind of Sally's world, Sally's feelings and especially, of Sally's fear. My favourite part was: It was a warm night, not quite the height of summer, but Sally felt suffocated by the heat. Because it just, captured the moment like nothing else. And because I know what being suffocated by Australian heat can feel like. The awkwardness of her meeting with Leah was heartbreaking, with the few names dropped without wanting to remind Sally of how many people she left behind. And then with Martha, I could feel Sally's tentative reaction. Her worry and fear. I don't know how else to say that this is a spectacular, beautiful piece of writing, and this story as a whole is so amazingly written... I never want you to stop writing again!!
  2. Ha, its funny reading a story with another Anna - great minds huh? Anyway, this is amazing Kat. The vivid imagery is beautiful. I love how you painted the differences between Australia and England. Going from heavy glass windows at the bleak English weather to Acres of bush, fields of red sand and orange dirt, littered with off green bushes and weird coloured trees. The lush green of England was now miles away and the Australian terrain was wild and rugged in a mural of yellow and gold, reflecting the colours of the sun which burnt so strongly onto the land. - so beautiful. I felt as if I were standing looking into my backyard - you sounded so much more patriotic than I've ever felt. And it reminded me of the poem by Dorothea Mackeller that has the line "I love a sunburnt country," - your description is just beautiful to read. I really love the inner monologue of Sally (And oh gosh that it was Sally shocked me!!) - you're really getting into her mind and feelings so deeply that I can totally empathise with her. I also love Anna, she seems like a grounded child (no doubt all Sally's doing) but she's also brave enough to push Sally because she knows its what she really wants. The re-living of their first meeting was brilliant - it was like I was actually there, and then the re-living of the times that Sally hadn't been there for Ric & Cassie was so sad! Poor Cassie and Ric. I'm so glad you're getting back into writing, because stories such as this one show what you're truly capable of - its magic, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds!!
  3. Story Title: These Nightmares Type of story: long fic Main Characters: Ric/Cassie BTTB rating: A Genre: Angst Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: V/D SC L Summary: Shipped from one foster home to the next, Ric and Cassie, childhood friends, are given one last lifeline, and sent to live in Summer Bay to live with with Flynn and Sally Saunders. Here in what seems to be a picturesque, seaside town, they will face uncertinites and fears that they never knew existed, relive fears that have hunated them for their entire lives, and learn lessons that only life - and its harshness - can teach. Welcome to These Nightmares - A joint Fan Fiction created by Skykat and sevenpuddings. - Okay, so this is already going, but [hopefully] we can re-advertise it as it kinda got lost there for a while. It is, however, back now, and better than ever. So give it a chance and have a read, hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it =D
  4. And its back *jumps around happily* As per usual is was an amazing chapter. The dialogue was spot on, the description was stunning, and overall I really consider the two of you to be the best writers on this board. I shall write a more lengthy review when I return from my exam, but I just wanted you guys to know how awesome it is to be able to read this story once again! Edit: Okay. You guys write Cassie perfectly. Her insecurities mixed with her self doubt and her belief of what will make her popular is just AMAZING. I LOVE the comparisson between Kane and her uncle, and I love that its still in the back of her mind, because as far as I'm concerned it was not handled well at all on the show. She OWNED this chapter, I do believe. And just, guh, everything about her situation was perfect. Cassie caught her reflection in the moonlit mirror. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Shoulders too thin, hair too greasy, tears streaking down her cheeks. “It’s what you deserve,” she whispered. That just about broke my heart. Her character is so much more vulnerable and likeable than Hayley, although Hayley's character development in this chapter was amazing too. But I'm just connecting with Cassie so much. Perhaps its because I'm attracted to the darker angstier characters, but thats about the only thing I could pinpoint. Her constant self doubt is written perfectly too, not like shes one of those kids who always say things while fishing for compliments, but sometimes more. You give her such conviction, that I can't help but wonder whether there will come a time when she almost wants to end it...? Onto to other characters. I liked Hayley's development once more. She still is selfish and concieted, but man are her hidden flaws beginning to show. The imagery used when she was remembering ghosts... wow, just wow. It was actually like I was there, with Hayley. Once more I'm finding myself intrigued by this complex individual, and I cannot wait to see where you take her character. Finally, as for Martha... *sighs* I don't know how you do it, but in this story I actually enjoy reading her character. Shes got a bit of bite, and god I hope you develop that storyline more. She was only there for a snippit, but I love the vibe she gives of when her friendship with Cassie is questioned, its simply the best friendship within stories going around. And then when she promised to get herself smashed, I was cheerin. Nothing like a good drunken night to get yourself back on the horse. Aherm, now that its back, no pressure or anything, but I hope you guys shall update. And more importantly, I hope the fan base for this story grows, because its such an unique concept that meshes so well together and guh, I cannot sing enough praises for the two of you!!
  5. World Come Undone Type of story: Long Fic Rating: T >> A Main Characters: My awesome eightsome aka. Matilda, Lucas, Henry, Cassie, Drew, Belle, Ric & Anna Genre: Angst/Drama/Fluff Warnings: Minor Coarse Language Is Story being proof read: It sure is. Summary: Forced by their mother to leave their past behind, Henry and Matilda Hunter are far from pleased to be taking up residence in Summer Bay. That is, until, they spot the local talent, and unwittingly become involved in the most teen angst Summer Bay has seen in years. While Henry has his eyes [and other body parts] set on Cassie, she can’t help but be intrigued by shy, quiet, book wormish Luke. Luke, however, has his heart set on proud, loud Belle, who just happens to have a thing for bad boy Ric. But Ric likes the look of new girl in town Matilda, who has taken a shining to the sizzling hot Drew. Drew is captivated by Anna, the strangest of the three best friends, while Anna, well, she sees a different side to womanising Henry – but will everything end in angsty heartbreak? While new friendships form and other are tested, alliances grow during the heat of summer, where finally, an all out Summer Bash will change their lives forever. Come and watch their World Come Undone...
  6. just so AWWWW there. *sighs* I love this story. I miss Maddie and Luke so much at times. And you write them wonderfully. I love the intrigue too. Can't wait for more!
  7. So wait? Matilda+Lucas are together? *squeals* I like it Jen, the description is great, and the concept is really original! Plus, I'm always a fan of multi-chapter teen stories! The declaration of love was obviously fresh as I focussed on a dribble of red paint. It ran down the harsh metallic background, gaining speed, as it’s bloody tail trailed along behind the head. That description in particular was stunning. Like you said, it has a mixture of angst, drama and romance, and I could totally feel that going on there. I'm all excited now, I don't think theres been a Matilda/Lucas story in ages on this board!
  8. Yes Nicole, I'm a big ol' meanie! Have a great birthday hun. And just so this isn't spam... BEST STORY AROUND THESE DAYS! Do yourself a favour, if you wanna read some of the best written stuff on this site, read this story! You'll be amazed at how stunning it is!
  9. Cal, I think I just fell in love with you! and then got angry , because now I REALLY want to watch The Craft I love this fic - its sad I know how it all ends... or do I...? but its great all the same!
  10. Happy B-day, Jess! :D

  11. Holy god Kase, thats like, the longest review in history! Ever! Thank you for supporting me throughout this (and everyone else who has contintued to review - there are about six of you who are amazing at that!) I'm just so glad everyone felt the way I did - that it was the right kind of ending, and even more so, it was the right time to end. That means the most, because I was worried I'd leave people wanting more. There will be another story everyone... but... not for a while. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy These Nightmares - because I'll keep writing that while I adjust to Uni life! Thank you again to everyone for reading the trilogy, you've been the ones that kept me wanting to write it!
  12. Holy crap. How do you describe that chapter? The characterisation of this fic is amazing, I've never read such a detailed story about characters that I can all relate to. And they all have their flaws, they all have their doubts. I was unsure about the incentive Kit had to get revenge on Hayley, but in the end I was won over - she just wanted Hayley to feel even a flicker of the torment Hayley makes her feel. Heartwrenching - for Hayley. Yes, I admit it, at times I wanted to slap her, but in the end, shes always been alone, and lost. And she really just wants to be loved. The final memories with the teddy bear just made my heart go out to her, and then Hayley scratched her carefully polished and manicured fingernails into the teddy bear’s face and felt a strange satisfaction as she plucked out its eyes... Something tells me Hayley is going to become one of the most complex characters after this chapter - and I can't wait to see how you both handle it. Seductive - because Gypsy still has it. I adored the moment where Will remembered what Gypsy did to him - and I hate Dani, because she's a selfish brat who doesn't want will, she just doesn't want to lose to another woman. God I hope Gypsy eventually takes her down. And Will, poor, poor Will. His character seems torn. I'm not sure if its his body telling him one thing, and his heart another, or his heart denying what he really wants - all I know is nothing is defined in this story and I love it for that. That was completely worth the wait! Seriously amazing chapter!
  13. Aww, thank you all! That ending gave me warm fuzzy feelings, and I think its done the same to everyone who has read it, which just makes it all the more worthwhile. And Kat - right now, I've got something top secret in the works - which is basically code for not a lot written - but I think I may focus on These Nightmares for now, give Jade a well deserved break so she can focus on the wonderful world that is school! I shall move it, eventually! LoL
  14. Wow - thank you all so much for the wonderful response I'm seriously so pleased everyone enjoyed it. And yes shortie - there is always more writing in store - I may take a short break but there will be another story eventually - I'm just so very glad everyone loved the ending of this one! Yay, and thanks to everyone who actually read it! You've been so wonderful to me!
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