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  1. Getting colder... expecting an Antarctic blast to bring some snow tomorrow hopefully! Yay for snow!
  2. If you thought the frst episode was great then you are going to love this series, each episode just gets better and better. My favourite character out of Damon and Stefan is Damon, the more i saw him the more i loved him. There hasn't been much Damon in the first couple of eps, but I agree with you and am definitely Team Damon! Stefan's brooding is just a bit OTT sometimes...
  3. Just started in NZ and the first episode was great! I'm not sure who I like more - Damon or Stefan! A bit different to the books but a good different. it's kinda like a cross between Dawson's Creek and Twilight.
  4. Great update. Have loved reading about Eleanor's backstory as you've tied it in really well. The dialogue between Kit and Gypsy was really good too - it's really easy to picture them interacting like that. Fatastic writing as per usual!
  5. Please check your Inbox, thanks.

  6. That was a great chapter! i liked how you characterised Martha i could imagine she would be a handful against anyone! I was also sympathetic of Kane too My favourite line: Until the night of Hayley’s party, when some deep loneliness led him to where the trees’ hushed shadows trembled in the stilled waters of the moonlit fountain, to where the quiet night and silently-lit windows watched and waited to speak their secrets. You are able to convey emotions really well with you writing. I can't wait to see what happens!
  7. That was great! I was looking for some inspiration and I was so glad you had updated! I loved the bit where Kim and Barry were reminicising about Kerry. For some reason these bits just stood out for me At last Barry looked up at him, eyes glistening. “I loved your mother.” “I know,” Kim replied in the same hushed tone, and shuffled uneasily, embarrassed at seeing his father so close to tears. Her body was buried alone on a silent hill, the grave dug by his own guilty, blood-stained hands. The ending was quite dramatic! I was actually imagining Kim in his SES uniform trying to bring him back to life. (It is 4am and I am slightly hallucinating...) I love how you worte about Barry's heart fainting and then reflected that in the surroundings with the moon slipping away and the haunting darkness... Great update!
  8. He's a great actor... I was so gutted when they killed him off Satisfaction! I hope he stays, he's got a real edge to him which is intriguing to watch. Although I reallyhope they don't walk down the Nicole road... When he first came and his wife had said he had cheated on her, I couldn't help but think of CHris Warner... what is it with doctors and cheating in soap operas?
  9. Hehe, I am struggling with the next chapter with everything that is going on at the mo, but I'm sure I can update sometime this week maybe...
  10. The chapter I had been waiting for! As I read, the scene was playing out in my head. You created such fantastic imagery in that chapter. I love how you use aspects of nature to describe emotions. For me anyway, it really adds to how I picture the character and what they are going through. Beautiful language as well. Kim and Barry really have an unusual relationship. There is this kind of distance and sadness between them, yet a mutal admiration and respect for each other at the same time. I think they have this kind of love for each other that is so strong that it becomes so painful (something I can relate to!) - and I guess you could say it is exemplified by Barry's absolute devotion to protect Kim and how much he sacrificed (ie: his wife!) I'm glad that Irene was there, she really does soften Barry Hyde's character, and the way you wrote how she was a "chink in his armour" was lovely. The flashbacks were also very effective. Barry burying his wife was quite haunting. Great writing as always ILM. Your writing has this effect on me where I suddenly feel inspired to write something... anything! lol! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  11. Katy Perry - One of the Boys but before that - Rihanna and Ne-yo - Hate that I Love You on repeat for like three hours...
  12. Can't wait to see it! Please post soon!
  13. I was never keen on Jack's investigative skills (more so when he first came on - he got better!) but he was such a great, nice, sweet character. Like... just a genuine nice guy... I loved the dynamics of the Holden family and how they were more mates than Dad vs sons. He was a good character and it's a shame really. Wish he didn't have to go like that though!
  14. LOL! I loved the ending, but poor Will. Rhys always was quite protective of his family (and usually very over dramatic about it!) and you wrote him just as I remember him. I especially like the depth you are giving to Irene/Kim/Barry. The characters and their backgrounds are so intriguing and so emotional, and you truly write them with grace. It is starting to become my favourite part of the story. I literally gasped when Barry was like, "Right I'm going to tell him..." and Kim was in the doorway! Can't wait to see what happens next.
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