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  1. What a completely harrowing but beautifully written chapter ILM. I think you have every right to change your characters' histories because you do it so well. The fact that it was a Gypsy centred chapter was just a bonus! But geez, it's sickening and scary that people like that do exist. And you were probably right that they were mentally unstable. Which makes it all the more sad Thank you for a great distraction from my politics essay ILM, I will give you more flattering and specific comments when I have the chance
  2. Thanks, I don't think anybody else liked it. No more reviews either here or on fanfic.net. Well I liked it very much indeed, and you must remember that the forum has been down for several days now. Whilst tastes differ, and I know that people who like Jack and Martha might not like to read about Irene and Barry, I have always thought that this should not blind them to good writing, and you should also look to see how many people are reading your chapters, not how many are reviewing it. If lots of people are reading it, and I think that they are, then that is the main thing. Sometime
  3. Sorry ILM for not reviewing. I've just been in Sydney with my out of date relatives with no internet the last couple of months. But geez! 3 chapters...what a great way to return!! It took a lot of trouble going back through the thread and hoping not to catch a glimpse of something I didn't want to be spoiled about. You know ILM, you just write so immaculately. It just flows so naturally and your description is fantastic. But the best thing and the most addictive thing about your writing (and in my opinion, any piece of writing) is your characterisation. You do it so wonderfully that even a
  4. Whoa Martha, calm down woman! I didn't see that coming either! I agree with Kat, loved her backstory. The opening passage was great, it was a good start that sucked you right into her life. I really love that farmgirl side of Martha and her interaction with her brothers. And good on her for finally telling Hayley where to go. But now I'm scared for Cassie and how she'll cope with being cooped up with Hayley and Adam And Noah and Kit.. They are so sweet. They are so great together, I really love that you included how they got together. You could probably write a whole fan fiction revolving
  5. *Eagerly awaits* ...also scared for whoever dies...
  6. You're definitely doing a lot right! It was more the demeanor of Megan that I found familiar with Luna. Not so much what she wore, but the quirkyness and not caring what others think of their appearance...and the fact they believe there is more than what meets the eye! Megan was brought in really well, I think mostly because she has a distinct personality. “Don’t even think of going there!” Martha stood with both fists on her hips, glaring at Cassie, and feeling like a rotten bully. But if bullying was what it took to make her best friend understand she was the victim here, then she’d bully
  7. Ohh! I liked it! I did, I did. I just must've missed it when you updated. I've read a few fics that I've been meaning to review once my exams are done (tomorrow...YAYYY) and I'll add this one to the list. Sorry ILM!! BTW I love Megan...I was wondering if she was an older character that was in H&A before I started watching as you are mixing them all up. But like Kat said, everyone knows somebody like her! She's great. Reminds me a bit of Luna Lovegood actually And thank you very much for that Kit/Noah fluff!! anyway...to be continued...
  8. Yaaaay an update! And a great one too ILM! I loved it! I have to be quick and will review properly when I get the chance but just a few quick things. And indeed I have, a more descriptive review: I loved the beginning- you set up the scene so perfectly. Your descriptions of the institution were amazing, i was blown away by your writing. It was terrific to have an insight into Kane's mind (despite some disturbing views he has). He liked the solitude and the night. Knowing she would be free for a little while from the demons of her mind, cloaked in the quiet warmth of sleep. What a beautiful
  9. Aww sorry about the lack of comment ILM! I really hope it doesn't put you off writing because that chapter was so amazing!! The opening scene was so emotive and powerful. The destruction happening inside Cassie is so intense, she is just so broken at the moment I don't know how she can get better. And for couples and lovers, but not for Cassie, there were moonlight shadows and stars sparkling like diamonds, there were moonlight shadows to carry home dreams. And that was a beautiful line that just enhanced the mood. That was an unexpectant ending when Hayley decided to reveal what happene
  10. With Kat's idea's and ILM's writing, this fic is produced with one of the best duos round ;) Don't sell yourself short though Kat, I have always loved this even when you were writing it. You're a great writing. But I understand losing motivation and it's great that ILM can continue it, especially because you write characters with so much depth! Poor poor Kimmy. And to think we all thought he was just a love sick puppy. Poor guy, having to put up with Barry's lack of respect. I loved this paragraph: Blond hair, blue eyes, muscles, fit, he was gorgeous - and a good, considerate lover too, Gy
  11. That was fantastic ILM. It really showed Kim in a completely new light. I really love what's developing between Jack and Gypsy, not that I think they should be together but they are being honest with each other. I think it is a great relationship and I can see it developing into something strong, even if they end up not a couple anymore. This is really brief, I'll review properly but I can't stay long (I spent a lot of time reading this looooooong chapter ) Fantastic. And GREAT ideas Kat! You two make a brilliant team.
  12. *screams and runs away* I haven't read a ghost story in god know's how long! Great work ILM!! Sorry for not reviewing earlier, I read the first chapter and didn't have time for the next so I thought I'd wait until I read both to review. I love the mix of characters! You've made me really miss Jade and Nick, and the innocence of Tasha and Robbie. Even Martha, who I generally dislike, is showing her roots of being a farm girl. It makes it so interesting. You write characters so well, exploring how they feel about each other and everything around them. A ghost story really brings out their
  13. *jumps around with Jess* Yaaayy! Thanks for the most brilliant update. I have really really missed this fic. Oh, we most definitely are still reading Kat And well done ILM, once again it was perfect. Gosh, how good was the character development? The insight into Hayley's mind actually let me feel sympathetic towards her, and understand why she is such a bitch even after what Kane did. I love that last line, and love how it connected to Cassie later on. That while they are both on different sides, they are in the same position. It explains how Hayley can be so self-assured as Queen Bee,
  14. Arrghhh Jess, I can't wait! Wow that sounds complicated, but I know that you'll just make it awesome! And hooray for Anna, I love her. Really, can't wait. Great title too btw.
  15. Awww it's so good to see how many Mattie and Lucas fans there are about! I had almost given up hope. Great fic, I'm really interested to see where it is going. Cassie and Drew are also main characters, I wonder if you are pairing them up. Should be interesting!
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