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  1. Thanks @Kristen I hope this post isn't all gloom and doom but I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Chapter Ten Selina didn't always find things easy. On top of the sleepless nights which comes as part of the territory of being a new Mum, she was having to change the clothes around the harness. Of course Steven helped out where possible but as she was breastfeeding, she usually got up with Jasmine during the night. She got a breast pump and express fed. Jasmine would fortunately take a bottle so if Selina needed to pop out in the future Steven would be able to feed her himself. Also several people had already sent lovely sweet little outfits. The dresses fitted perfectly but the trousers wouldn't go on over the harness. Selina and Steven appreciated all the lovely presents. Selina just wished that it was possible to dress Jasmine in some of those matching tops and trousers or matching dress and tights. She knew that Jasmine's health came first though. - - - - - - On the Monday following the harness being fitted, Selina had promised to take Jasmine into Steven's office so that everyone could meet Jasmine. Steven did offer to postpone the visit but Selina was determined to get out of the house. She couldn't spend the next 12 weeks indoors apart from hospital appointments! The office did run pretty efficiently whether Steven was there or not thanks to a great team who pulled together and mostly got on. Steven still oversaw the place but was taking more and more of a step back. He was even considering opening another office elsewhere but for the time being they were based in Sydney, especially with Jasmine's hospital appointments. Steven's secretary Carol had sent a hamper when Jasmine had been born but had been away for the last two weeks. She was due back today. Selina arrived in the office about eleven. She was only running about half an hour late which wasn't too bad! Most of the guys gathered around. Steven had explained on Friday about the harness to the guys. “Looks like Stevo – poor kid!” “Yeah! I should have sent a condolences card instead of a congratulations card! Hopefully your looks change soon and you start to look more like your Mum!” “That's a pavlik harness isn't it? My niece Stacey had to wear that.” Selina turned to look at Carol. “Yes. They put it on on Thursday and she has to wear it 24/7 for 12 weeks. How is your niece doing with her hips?” “She's doing fine thanks. She's grown up now. No kids yet but they'll probably test her kids' hips when she has kids. Stacey had to wear the harness for about the same period of time. My brother and his wife could take the harness off for an hour a day so they could bathe her but it was a struggle to get it back on afterwards as Stacey liked to kick about while she had the freedom to do so.” “How are her hips now?” They're fine now. I think what you need is a great big hug. Come here.” Selina gratefully accepted Carol's hug. It was good to talk to someone who had some idea what they were going through. To be continued...
  2. Thanks @Kristen and @kathrine french I do appreciate the comments and they keep me encouarged to write more. I was struggling to write more but have managed to write some more tonight. Here is the next chapter: Chapter Nine The nurse went on to explain that the harness would go on over the baby vest. If the babygro needed changing it would be quite difficult to change the vest. Another option if the babygro was damp but wasn't pooey or anything was to use a hairdryer to dry the vest. Jasmine wasn't ill and her life wasn't in danger. She just needed to wear the harness to correct her hips. Before leaving the hospital they made an appointment for the following Thursday. Steven and Selina took Jasmine home. Jasmine was used to kicking her legs about and wasn't too impressed with the new harness trapping her legs! Jasmine kept waking up during that first niand ght wanting Mummy cuddles. Selina felt bad that she couldn't take the harness away. Selina had to find a new way to breastfeed Jasmine now she was in the harness and make sure both of them were comfortable. Steven and Selina knew they could love and support each other and Jasmine. To be continued...
  3. I preferred Nick. Ryan was just an idiot who set out to cause trouble.
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  6. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I hope that they can find someone who can help them. I'm really enjoying this.
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  8. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 Really enjoying this so far. Hope Kyle can be got to safety.
  9. That's great news he is back to work.
  10. Thanks @Kristen Here is Chapter Eight. I have written the chapters up to this one so far. Chapter Nine isn't fully written yet so I will post when I have written more. (Side note - It came in rather handy that Steven might not be aware of all of his family's medical history!) Chapter Eight The next day Steven and Selina wheeled Jasmine into the hospital. Jasmine was fast asleep. The letter they had been sent told them they needed the x-ray department so they headed there. They booked in and took a seat. A man came out to meet them. He shook both their hands. “G'day, am I right in thinking this is Jasmine Matheson? I'm Peter, I will be x-raying Jasmine's hips today.” “Hi. We are Jasmine's parents. I'm Steven and this is my wife Selina.” “Nice to meet you all. Come on through. We're going to x-ray Jasmine's hips today. Can I just check how old Jasmine is please?” “She's 4 weeks old.” “I can reassure you that this isn't going to hurt at all. Now I need you to take Jasmine out of her pram and lay her down on the bed.” Selina picked up Jasmine and realised she had a wet nappy. Selina changed her nappy quickly then lay her down where Peter had directed. “Now I am going to x-ray Jasmine's hips from the side and from the front.” Jasmine started to stir whilst they were doing the x-ray. She had a couple of whimpers but fortunately they were able to finish the x-rays before she was fully awake and demanding milk! - - - - - - After they had finished the x-ray they were directed to the area they would see the consultant. They went and sat in the area where Selina was able to breastfeed Jasmine. About halfway through Jasmine's meal they were called through. The lady saw what was going on and came and spoke to them. She could see her next patient was waiting and called them through first. Jasmine took a while so the next patient afterwards was seen next as well. The consultant called them in eventually. “Hi I'm Rosie. I'm here to discuss the results of Jasmine's hip scans today.” “Hi, this is Jasmine, we're her parents. I'm Selina and this is my husband Steven.” “Ok guys. I've looked through the scans. Have you heard of hip displasia before? Are there any hip problems in either family?” “I lost my parents suddenly when I was 15. I'm not aware of any hip problems in the family but it's possible. “I've checked and there are none on my side of the family. I'm trained as a community nurse though and hip displasia was covered in my nurse training. I've filled Steven in on what I know though I don't have any personal experience really.” Rosie held up the x-rays. “The hips are meant to be in the socket at a certain angle. The hip isn't in the angle it is meant to be. It's 60 degrees out of the angle it's meant to be. Are you following?” Steven and Selina both nodded. “To correct this Jasmine is going to need to wear a pavlik harness for the next twelve weeks. She will need to wear it 24/7 and the harness can't be taken off, not for Jasmine being weighed. You will need to sponge bath Jasmine. Any other questions?” “Will she need further treatment with surgery or anything else after this?” “Hopefully not if the harness does its job. She will have regular checkups over the next 12 weeks.” To be continued... This is a pavlik harness: https://www.google.com/search?q=pavlik+harness&rlz=1C1AVFA_enGB760GB760&oq=pavlik+har&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.2650j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. Thanks @Kristen. Here is Chapter Seven. Chapter Seven On the day of the appointment the physiotherapist called them through. She did a few checks and advised them to keep doing the exercises. “Ok, please don't panic but I also wanted to discuss something else with you. Do either of you have any history of hip problems in your family?” “I lost my own parents at the age of fifteen. They never mentioned hip problems but I guess it's possible.” “I don't really talk to my biological parents anymore than I can help it. I'm not aware of any hip problems though in the family. Is there a problem with Jasmine's hips?” “When I tested Jasmine's hips at birth I could hear a click. I tested them again today and I could still hear a click. I'm going to book Jasmine in for a hip scan. Do I have your permission to do that?” They both nodded and Steven hugged Selina. “I'll support you and Jasmine through this.” “Thank you darling.” - - - - - - Selina was doing the washing up but kept staring out of the window. Steven came over and wrapped his arms around her. “Are you thinking again about Jasmine's appointment tomorrow?” “Yeah. I don't know what's going to happen. I mean I know the basics of hip dysplasia through my training as a nurse. But it's different going through it with our daughter.” “I will be there to support you and Jasmine through it all. We've given Jasmine her bath.” “Yes I remember from my training that if she goes in a pavlik harness you aren't meant to take it off during the day. So we would need to just use a sponge to bath her whilst she has the harness on.” To be continued... Here is the storyline mentioned at the beginning of this fanfic. Also the clue from the title of Part 2, 'Joining Our Lives Together'. I hope I can do this storyline justice.
  12. RIP Ben Unwin. Not one of my favourites but he grew on me over the years. Sorry to hear of his passing. Thinking of all those who knew him.
  13. Thanks @Kristen I am now back from my holiday. Here is Chapter Six. Chapter Six Selina and Steven stared at each other. What was going on? “What's happening? Is Jasmine ok? I would rather you were honest with us. I'm a nurse in another hospital as well as a new mother.” “Jasmine's foot is slightly turned in. I am going to get a physiotherapist to come and look at Jasmine.” - - - - The physiotherapist came along and checked over Jasmine. “Talipes can happen sometimes when the baby is wedged in the side of the womb. This can happen like in Jasmine's case where she is quite a long baby. The physiotherapist did a few checks. “I wouldn't worry too much. This can be corrected. Would you be able to bring Jasmine for physiotherapy?” “We'd be happy to do that.” The physiotherapist looked in her diary. “How about Friday 31st May?” “We'll be there.” “Steven you'll be back at work then.” “Selina, you and Jasmine are my priority and matter much more than work. I'll come to the appointment with you both.” “Ok. I'll give you some exercises to help correct the talipes on the 31st May." To be continued...
  14. Thanks @Kristen I am posting this before my holiday as it was a better place to leave the story. Warning: The disclaimer mentions characters and a storyline shown already in Australia and the UK. Chapter Five In the middle of the night, Selina tried to wake Steven. “Darling we need to get to the hospital. It's time.” “Ok darling. Hope your night shift goes well. Bye darling.” “I mean our little girl is ready to make her entrance into the world. My contractions are every few minutes. I've rung the hospital.” Now Steven was fully awake! “Ok, I'll get dressed. Sorry I didn't realise it would happen so quickly.” “Neither did I! My waters haven't broken yet but things are happening quite fast.” “I'll be as fast as I can.” - - - - - - Selina just made it into the delivery room in time. Jasmine Delilah Matheson was born at 5:15 AM in the morning on Thursday 9th May 2004, weighing 7lb 9oz. The midwife handed Selina her newborn daughter for the first cuddle. Selina and Steven gazed at their daughter in wonder. It was amazing to think that they had created this perfect little girl. “You did an amazing job Selina in bringing our daughter into the world. I am so proud of you.” “It was a lot of pain and hard work but it was worth it. Congratulations Daddy. I love you and Jasmine so much.” “Congratulations Mummy. I love you and Jasmine so much.” Steven had a cuddle with Jasmine next. He handed Jasmine back to Selina for the first feed. The midwife assisted with the breastfeeding. - - - - - - After a few hours of bonding, Selina and Jasmine were wheeled to the ward. Steven and Selina dozed whilst Jasmine dozed. The doctors came round to do the newborn checks. “Your daughter has passed her sight and hearing test. I am just going to check her over.” Selina was still getting used to them saying she had a daughter! They were wonderful words to hear. “Have you heard of talipes?” To be continued... Disclaimer: The baby being named Jasmine is coincidental and is not connected to Jasmine Delaney. I waited for the wedding episode to check they did not have the same middle name. I named this fanfic long before I discovered that Robbo and Jasmine were nicknamed Thick and Thin.
  15. Thanks @Kristen. Here is Chapter Four: Chapter Four Steven and Selina were cuddled up in bed together. It was the night before her 22 week scan. “Selina, do you still want to find out the gender tomorrow?” “Yes if you don't mind. I have an inkling it's a girl already but it's possible I'm wrong. I was convinced with Maddie that she was a girl last time and I don't know if I've just convinced myself this little one is a girl as well. I would like to know for definite if you don't mind.” “I'm happy on a surprise or finding out. Also with any further babies we have.” “Hang on! Let us get this one safely here before we think about any future babies please! Not that I would be against making any more babies with you Steven.” “I just am so amazed that you are carrying our child and going through all the good and bad bits of pregnancy. I will support you through it all and finding out the gender, type of birth etc. I'll support you through it all.” “Thank you darling. I've had a pretty straightforward pregnancy so far. I haven't had any morning sickness, just nausea when it comes to some aromas. Tea and coffee are still a no no! I can't wait to make you a Daddy Steven.” “I can't wait to make you a Mummy Selina. I love you so much.” “I love you so much Steven.” They kissed each other goodnight and drifted off to sleep. - - - - - - Selina and Steven were called through for the scan the next day. “Would you like to find out the gender?” “Yes please. If it's possible and the baby isn't being shy!” The sonographer brought up their little baby on the screen and checked the heartbeat and all the parts of the body were functioning. It was amazing to see their little baby on the screen. “It looks like you have a healthy little baby there. I am now going to check to see if your baby is a boy or girl.” Steven and Selina held hands as the sonographer ran the ultrasound probe over Selina's belly. They looked at the screen. Rona had told them that they had spotted Matthew was a boy straightaway without being told! They couldn't spot the same telltale sign. “Congratulations to you both. I am pleased to tell you are having a little girl.” Selina and Steven were so pleased and overwhelmed that everything was going so well. To be continued...
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