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  2. chair

    Joining Our Lives Together (Part 2) (by chair) - comments

    Thanks @Kristen. I forgot to add I was tempted to make the wedding song a certain Abba song! Then I reminded myself that Steven and Selina would have been unlikely to choose it themselves.
  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I've appreciated them all. The vicar's advice - I borrowed that from someone I knew. I hope that I have got the parts right for an Australian wedding and it's not completely different. I'm sorry for the delay in posting this. I've had a very busy week with two family birthdays (including my own). I didn't want to post this important chapter until I was satisfied with it. I hope you all enjoy it! This is the final post for Part 2. I will be back with Part 3 as soon as possible. The spoiler is still to come! Chapter Eleven Chloe, Sally and Shannon gathered at Selina's house on the morning of the wedding to help her get ready. They all agreed that Shannon should lead the bridesmaids as she was Selina's best friend. “It's a shame you're not getting married at the local church as it would be a much shorter journey. It's a lovely idea though that you're getting married at the same church as Steven's parents.” “Thanks Sally. Also so many things go wrong when the wedding happens at that church so I thought I would try and avoid those disasters!” The girls all laugh as Irene pops her head around the door. “Don't you look lovely?! Ready darl?” “Ready as I'll ever be! Let's go so I can marry the man of my dreams.” - - - - - - Steven was pacing nervously at the front of the church. “You'll be fine mate. She'll turn up.” “Thanks Danny. I know that. I just want her to arrive so we can start our married lives together. I'm not enjoying this waiting!” “She'll be here soon.” The vicar came over. “You'll be fine. Look just one more word of advice before Selina arrives. When she's walking down the aisle you can either stare at the altar or you can watch Selina come down the aisle. I know which one I would choose.” Steven knew he would prefer to watch Selina walk down the aisle. - - - - - - The wedding march started up and Steven turned to look at the back of the church. Selina entered the church looking stunningly beautiful on Irene's arm. Steven's heart swelled with pride as she walked up the aisle towards him. He was so happy that Selina had agreed to become his wife and she was heading towards him ready to marry him. Selina reached him and turned to face him. Her face was one big beaming smile as she looked at him with so much love. He could see it in her face and just all over how much she loved him. He also loved her so much. - - - - - - Selina entered the church on Irene's arm. She could see Steven standing up at the top of the aisle. As she headed down the aisle she gazed at Steven. She was so happy that she was marrying hhim today. As they met at the top of the aisle Selina gazed into Steven's eyes. She saw his love for her pouring out of him and she knew just how much he loved her and she loved him. They continued to gaze into each other's eyes as the vicar began to speak... - - - - - - “... I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Selina and Steven shared a kiss as everyone clapped and cheered. They walked over to sign the register. Steven signed his name. Selina signed her name for the last time as Selina Roberts. Irene and Pippa were the two witnesses. Then they walked outside for the photos. - - - - - - Everyone gathered for the reception. They had a sit down meal and then the speeches began. Irene spoke then it was Steven's turn to speak. “Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us on our special day. We are delighted to have you with us. I would like to thank Irene for giving Selina away today. Thank you for doing such a brilliant job of bringing her up. As some of you know Selina and I didn't have the most conventional of starts to our relationship. But through all the tough times Selina remained loyal to me. I love her for her loyalty, kind heart, honesty - she is never afraid to speak her mind! If she isn't happy about something I know she will be honest with me about it. I'm glad Selina e-mailed me to join her in England – it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The other was asking Selina to marry me – as you can see she said yes! Shs be looks so beautiful always on the inside and outside – but especially beautiful today. I love Selina with all my heart and wish to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank you to Danny and Kris my best men. Thank you to Shannon, Chloe and Sally for being our bridesmaids. So please stand if you are able and share with me a toast to Shannon, Chloe and Sally.” Selina felt so happy enjoying this day with their friends and family. She didn't want it to ever end. - - - Selina and Steven headed the dancefloor with their particular song, 'The Way I Made You Feel' by Ed Kuepper. They were looking forward to their two week honeymoon in Bali. “I love you Mrs Selina Matheson.” “I love you too Mr Steven Matheson.” They shared a loving kiss. “I'm looking forward to our wedding night and spending the rest of our lives together.” “So am I. I can't think of anything I would want more.” End of Part Two Comments
  4. chair

    Quick Questions

    Thankyou @Luigi Severus Fletcher
  5. chair

    Quick Questions

    Did Selina officially change her name to Roberts or was it still officially Cook please? I know everyone called her Selina Roberts but I don't know if it would have been Cook on her passport etc.
  6. chair

    What would you like to see in 2019?

    I can but hope - an update on what Steven and Selina are up to now. Mason to find someone long term. Bella to settle happily into Summer Bay. To learn more of Jasmine's backstory, family, where she grew up. For someone who's been in the show for a year we don't know much about her family etc which is unusual.
  7. chair

    Darius Perkins (Gary Samuels) Dies

    RIP Darius Perkins. I never saw him in Home and Away but I have seen him in Neighbours. Thinking of all his friends and family.
  8. Thanks for the lovely comments - they are all really encouraging. Here is the next part. Also in this version Pippa's travels happen a few months later so she can be at the wedding. Here are the wedding preparations: Chapter Ten Selina enveloped Shannon in a hug as she and Mandy arrived at the airport. “It's so great to see you! I hope you don't mind staying at our friends Rona and Kris's house as you recover from jetlag. There isn't much room in our flat.” “It's not a problem Selina. Don't worry. It's very kind of them to put us up. I can't believe is an old friend of Steven's!” “I know! It's great Steven is back in touch with his friends from when he used to live in Sydney. Also Steven has asked Danny and Kris to be his two best men as he gets on about all the same with the guys he works with. I did ask Rona to be a bridesmaid but she decided not to as she's already married. She's going to do a reading instead.” “I cant believe my best friend is getting married on Saturday! Let's get these wedding preparations started!” - - - “G'day Pippa.” “Steven and Selina! You're here! It's so good to see you. Come in. I'm just planning all the food for Saturday.” “I'm looking forward to meeting Ian and giving him a grilling.” Steven! He's not that bad!” “I know – only teasing. Now I have a couple of guests here who wanted to say hello.” “But Carly isn't meant to be arriving – Oh my goodness! Shannon! Mandy! This is a surprise! Why didn't you tell us you were coming?” Shannon and Pippa share a hug. “Because we wanted to surprise you Pippa. Don't worry about finding accommodation for us – we're booked under an alias.” “When Steven and Selina told us the date it worked out perfectly. I was coming back to promote my new book – the signing is on Thursday. So we combined the trip with the wedding.” “Pippa Selina has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I have my dress – Selina sent over the pattern. Could you help with a couple of alterations.” “Of course I can. Step this way!” To be continued...
  9. Thanks for the lovely comments. Here is the next part. Sorry it's long but I am wanting to move onto the actual wedding. Chapter Nine Steven was looking forward to the dinner as he drove home from work. He looked forward to getting to know Rona better and meeting Kris. He turned his key in the lock and opened the door. Steven looked, blinked and looked again. He thought his eyes were deceiving him! “Kristian? Kristian Taylor? Is it really you?” “Yep, that's me. But people usually call me Kris this days. How are you mate? Long time no see.” “It's good to see you too. Hang on, you're Rona's husband? Did you know about this already?” “Hello darling. We only worked it out about ten minutes ago when I happened to mention that I used to live in Summer Bay. There's the timer for the lasagne to be done so I'll go and serve up.” They all sat down to eat together. Steven and Kris enjoyed catching up. They chatted away as if ten years or so hadn't passed. Rona and Selina chatted between themselves. Eventually they all chatted together. “A few of us are getting together for a school reunion next month Stevo. You should come along. All your friends will be there. Danny, Ed, Andrew.” “I haven't seen any of them, especially Danny since before I left Summer Bay. It will be good to see them all again. Will they mind me tagging along seeing as I left back in Year Nine?” “Course they won't mind you going along. Your name has been menntioned many times over the years but we just managed to lose touch. I won't let that happen again mate. It's at the White Horse Pub. I'll give you the details before I leave.” - - - - - - “Wow. That was a great night. You didn't have to wait up for me darling.” “I didn't mind. I couldn't sleep anyway. How was it seeing everyone, especially Danny?” “It was good to see them. I talked to Danny about his family and various stuff. His parents are still living in the same house. I don't know if I could go back to my old road. Maybe one day.” “I'm here for you darling through everything.” “Thank you. I can't wait to make you my wife.” “I can't wait to make you my husband. I'll add Kris and Rona to the guest list.” “If you don't mind I want to add Danny as well, maybe my other friends from back in the day. Now I'm back in touch with them I don't want to lose touch.” “That's ok. Night Steven.” “Night Selina.” Selina was pleased to see Steven so happy after a night out with his old friends. She had worried that painful memories might make him hesitate about going to the reunion but he seemed to have enjoyed the night. - - - - - - Rona came over to get ready to go to the dance. Selina was wearing a long dress and Rona had a medium length maroon dress on. They painted each others nails. “Let's go and boogie!” Steven drove them all to the dance. Steven and Selina walked in together to the dance. “He can't make your grades go higher now!” “I thought they were over ages ago!” Selina and Steven ignored the comments and just enjoyed the night together. The people making the comments were silly and ignorant and not worth bothering about. To be continued...
  10. chair

    Moving On

    Thanks for starting this. I like all the characters so far. I didn't see much of Martha and Hugo but I preferred Martha and Roman to Martha and Hugo. I hope Hugo and Martha can talk things through.
  11. chair

    Undenying Love (by sallyandflynnfan) - comments

    Thanks for the update. Good they got a happy ending.
  12. Here is the next Chapter: Chapter Eight Selina and Rona started on their course. They were posted to different hospitals but they still met up for coffee. They became good friends. Selina was grateful to have a good friend as Shannon was now in Paris and Chloe and Sally were back in Summer Bay. She could talk to Steven of course and he was always good for having a male opinion but it was good to have friends apart from Steven. She got on with the other people from her course but Rona became her closest friend. - - - - - - I'm glad you and Rona have become good friends Selina. How about inviting Rona and her husband round for dinner one night?” “That sounds a good idea. I'll arrange an evening with Rona and Kris to come round. One other thing I wanted to ask you. There's a dance coming up at the uni. Would you take me to the dance?” “I would love to take you to the dance. What about the comments from the uni students who used to go to Summer Bay High?” “I don't care about them. All I care about is you and I. The rest of them can chat but it's not going to bother me.” - - - - - - “Kris and I used to work together when I was waitressing a few years ago. How did you and Steven meet?” “You might as well know because some of the uni students will realise at the Ball and the gossip doesn't bother us. Steven used to be my Maths teacher. We got together when he was still my teacher and he ended up losing his job, it was the talk of Summer Bay. We got back in touch when I was travelling and got back together.” “Fair enough. As long as you're happy that's what counts.” “Thanks Rona. Also I wanted to invite you and Kris round for dinner one night.” “Love to. When are you free?” They checked their diaries. The only free evening for both of them would be when Steven finished a bit later than usual. They scheduled it in anyway.” - - - - - - “Right guys. The lasagne's in the oven and Steven should be home soon. Shall I open some wine?” “Sounds a good idea Selina. It's been a long day but I'm grateful for someone else to cook! Thanks for inviting us.” “No problem Kris. What do you do?” “I'm a Health and Safety Officer. Not that exciting but someone's got to do it. What were you doing before uni?” “I did some temping and travelled for a few months after school. I wanted a break from studying. I could have commuted from Summer Bay where I used to live but I decided to move in with Steven.” “Summer Bay hey? I had a friend who moved to Summer Bay with his foster family. They bought the Caravan Park.” Selina was starting to get an idea where Kris's conversation was leading! “Frank or Steven?!” “Steven. Hang on – you mean your Steven is the same Steven I was close friends with?” “Yes! But he's talked about his friends before – I don't recall him ever mentioning a Kris.” “That's probably I was Kristian at school.” “It's a small world! I always imagined you were a Christopher.” “Most people do. I can't wait to see Steven after all these years!” To be continued...
  13. chair

    Would You Rather..?

    Brody Would you rather be a student or teacher at Summer Bay High?
  14. chair

    Joining Our Lives Together (Part 2) (by chair) - comments

    Thanks Kristen. What I'm trying to say is these characters have been planned as bit players since before the beginning of Part 1. It's good to finally introduce Rona - Kris will turn up in the next part. (I'm not very good at explaining things which is why I don't attempt to write fanfics very often.)
  15. All comments are greatly appreciated. Here is the next part. Rona and Kris has been involved in my fanfic - even in the alternative fanfic I had in my head about S&S before I changed to this story for S&S. Chapter Seven Selina moved her stuff into Steven's flat. “Thanks Steven for making more space so I can fit in all my stuff.” “It wasn't a problem Selina. I want this to feel like home for both of us, a brand new start.” I like that. I'm also relieved now that Irene has had her cataract operation and all went well. I'm also looking forward to starting uni. I wonder if any of the people I knew from the year below will be in my year or on my course. Also I hope I get on ok with nursing.” “You'll be fine darling. I know you can do it.” “Thank you Steven. Your support means everything. - - - - - - “Excuse me do you know if enrollment is this way please? “I believe it is. I'm just following the signs. Which course are you signed up for?” “I'm signed up for nursing. I'm Rona, Rona Wilson.” “Hi Rona. I'm Selina Roberts. Nice to meet you. That's lucky – I'm signed up for nursing as well. I don't know the place that well. Quite a few people are living in halls. My boyfriend and I have got a place so I didn't need halls.” “Neither did I. I'm married to Kris and we were living with my Nan as she couldn't manage on her own. She died a few months ago and left the house to us. I'd always wanted to be a nurse and Kris has encouraged me to go for it. I decided to sign up for nursing so here goes!” “I've been travelling for a few months last year. It was good to get to see the world before more study. We're getting married later this year so I've got an exciting year ahead.” “Sounds like fun! I love hearing about wedding plans!” To be continued...

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