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  1. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I wonder if Frankie has an agenda. It does sound plausible about her parents. What was Angel's backstory? I know her parents threw her out because she was pregnant but was there more to it? Were they very religious or something?
  2. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I wonder how Frankie will react to Shane and Shannon. Hope Steven and Selina can sort things out.
  3. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 for the update. I hope Dylan gets to see his grandmother more regularly even though he lives with Shane.
  4. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I did wonder if Shane could have found a restaurant where he didn't have vivid memories of Angel for a first date. Then I realised there probably aren't many local restaurants. I'm glad that Sally and Curtis talked this through and didn't rush into things.
  5. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I'm glad they were honest about their feelings. Dylan took the news in a very cute way.
  6. Rebekah who played Sophie is now on Neighbours. Maybe you could ask her on Instagram or Twitter if she's on there whether she would have liked to resolve the story at the time.
  7. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I'm glad they managed to talk things through and are together now.
  8. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I'm glad the dinner went well.
  9. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 I'm glad that Donald wasn't judgemental and talked it through with Shane and Shannon.
  10. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 That was a lovely scene. I'm glad Dylan was ok about Shannon moving in.
  11. In the show Sally would be Y11. Sally isn't repeating or advanced in school years (apart from Maths.) Is she probably 16 as I think Selina and Shannon are meant to be 17. Sorry to be awkward, it's just I used to think the average age for Y12 is 18 but apparently it's 17.
  12. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 I was thinking that Shane was Shannon's first but I shouldn't have just assumed that. I'm glad they've talked this through and Shane is going to support her. Curtis and Shannon were adopted by a woman elsewhere (brought up as brother and sister but not blood related.) The woman died in a car crash when they were 15. They wanted to stay together or close by Shannon was fostered by Pippa and Michael, Curtis was fostered by Alf and Ailsa as neither had room for them both at the time. (Isla Fisher played Shannon. She has since appeared in a few movies including The Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic. She is married to Sacha Baron Cohen in RL. Not sure what happened to Shane Ammann who played Curtis.)
  13. He did say he had married Linn. When Chloe returned in 2005 she said that Steven and Selina were working things out and Linn wasn't mentioned.
  14. Yes in 2005 when Chloe returned. Steven returned in 2008 but didn't mention Selina.
  15. Thanks for the update @Red Ranger 1 I wonder how Shane will react to the pregnancy.
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