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  1. Happy birthday! Have a great day! :D

  2. bay girl


    Kurt and Blaine have a duet coming up in the christmas episode. It's 'Baby, its cold outside". The recording has already hit the net. Listened to it on Perez!!
  3. bay girl


    OMG I actually screamed out loud when that Bully kissed Kurt. My mum came thundering out of the kitchen wanting to know what she'd just missed. I was so gobsmacked I couldn't speak properly. lol. It was just so unexpected.......but now we know why that guy is such an ass. Loved Kurt so much in this...his cute smiling and happy face just makes me smile so much. Loved Teenage Dream......
  4. bay girl


    I've seen it too. It's so cute!!!
  5. bay girl


    OMG they've released the clip for 'Time Warp' and can I just say......awesome.!!!
  6. bay girl


    Naya used to be a hooters girl before she got into acting. lol.
  7. bay girl


    Have just seen some cast pics from the Rocky Horror episode. Looks so good and i cant' wait. I think this ep will be awesome. In spoiler tags ive listed who was in the pics and who they're playing. I'm so excited for this episode.
  8. bay girl


    I agree. I love that song, but I absolutely hated that version of it. It almost sounded like a new song altogether. Like you said, it was AWFUL. I think it should have been sung normal and by the whole cast. But on a brighter note, I loved Finn's cover of 'Losing my Religion'. It's my fav solo of his, and probably one of my fav Glee songs so far!
  9. bay girl


    LOL. I've just seen the promo for next weeks episode. I cant wait. It looks funny, but with a little sad thrown in. And can i just say, damn Heather Morris (Brittany) can dance. That girl has all the right moves. Way jealous!
  10. bay girl


    I love Puck and Rachel together. They just seem so much better suited together then with the others. Finn fits better with Quinn too!
  11. The days this week have been really nice here on the Gold Coast. Supposed to be 28 tmrw i believe! Nights and mornings are still chilly, but days are lovely!
  12. 1. Gippsland Organic Yoghurt 2. Cadburys chocolate Giant Buttons 3. Strawberries & Cream Glade Candle
  13. The Funeral - Serena Ryder (cover of 'band of horses' song)
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