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Summer Bay High (by Skykat) - comments

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Do you really have to ask? I loved it, from beginning to end. As soon as I read Kit's thoughts about Hayley, I was in fits of laughter. I mean, I thought cliche, but who doesn't love a cliche thrown in the beginning of a teen fic thats obviously going to create more drama and tension that I can begin to comprehend?

I love the cliques that you've set up. Noah and Will would have worked so well with Kim, and I can just imagine him trailing around after Hayley (hmm, sound familar?) but still being addictied to Gypsy. I also could so totally see Hayley, Martha and Cassie being the evil witches that rule the school. I love the way you've written them, I must admit, I instantly hated them, I don't know if it was the desired effect, but it was there for me!

I'll admit, you messed around with a few of my all time favourite couples, but I was prepared for anything when I read it, you gave me the warning, and I think you'll just have to continue *hint hint* so I can either learn to love the ships, or be amazed and confused every time you throw another one into the mix.

To sum up the mega long review, PLEASE CONTINUE, I'll bribe you with... icons... or fictions... or something!

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Definitely, continue. It brought back so many memories and I just loved how the past characters blended with the current ones. I could totally see Cassie and Martha mixing with Hayley. And I reckon Kit and Gypsy could have given those tarts a run for their money together :P I even thought Jack and Gypsy was pretty believable. Along with Noah, Will and Kim's friendship.

Kit and Noah were just great :) Brings back fond memories, and what could've beens!.

I really loved the Gypsy, Will, Hayley, Noah era so I'm really enjoying this. Please continue, it was a great start.

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Great start, Skykat, and, ooh, Hayley has become such a bitch! :P Never mind H&A, I could imagine this as a series in its own right (how does Summer Bay High sound? :D ) I was really laughing at the UK Big Brother Seven style bitchiness ie

"Oh my god did you see what she was wearing? I thought those type of boots went out in the eighties!" manic giggles and sniggers greeted Hayley Smith's exclamation and she smiled, pleased with herself.

"Not really, all the nice guys are either accounted for or have been with Gypsy."

I think there's going to be a Them and Us with Kit and Gypsy on one side and Hayley and the rest on the other? Looking very interesting! And I'm really looking forward to the arrival of bad boy Kane, I just know he's going create big waves in Summer Bay...

Just one small point tho - could you make a few more paragraphs? It’s awkward to read when it's all jumbled together. Other than that, my opinion is that it’s excellent and I’ll definitely read on. And great dialogue too BTW! :D

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