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  1. I love the thought of this. The Miriginni ferry was a great storyline featuring many former old- school characters and I believe that a mini series starring the older characters would go down a treat.
  2. Bobby can't remove Frank as Sophie's foster parent - It's not her place to do so.
  3. I just thought that there might be a bit of interest in the fact that 'Back to the Bay' was an answer on 'The Chase Australia' on Friday. So the site is famous!! Everyone already knows that, though!..
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  5. It's been pretty obvious that Emma has been pregnant for quite a while now.
  6. I think June would have made a fantastic regular. I loved Marilyn with Donald, but also loved June with Donald and there were so many avenues and storylines available for Rowena Wallace as June.
  7. Love this story, Summer Bay - Your characterisation is spot on!
  8. Happy 3 Years, Summer Bay. Congratulations on committing to this story and taking us on this journey with you. As someone who watched the show from the very beginning, I enjoy following the antics of the early year characters very much.
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  10. Things are looking up for Frank and Bobby again, which is wonderful to see!
  11. Ray Meagher, who portrays the irrepressible Alf Stewart has had another health scare, his heart playing up just six months after he first had a triple by pass. The Daily Telegraph has an article about it. Take care, Ray! Look after yourself and we look forward to seeing you back on our screens as soon as we can.
  12. I am disappointed to find it has finished, Red. Any chance of a sequel featuring the same characters?
  13. It is really crap the way they (the powers that be) treat their long termers. It sucks - Indeed it does.
  14. I am really enjoying this story, @redranger. As always, you capture the essence of the characters really well and it makes such a difference to the flow and the quality of the story.
  15. I didn't know about Bobby's death until it happened on screen. And as a youngster at the time, it was a real shock and had a massive impact on me at the time as she was a favourite of mine.
  16. I am really enjoying this! Love seeing the old characters again and you write really well too.
  17. I hope Nick and Julie get their acts together soonly.
  18. I definitely don't think that they needed to break him and June up. The producers could have had them still together and had Don still offer Marilyn emotional support with her treatment over the phone or via letters and email.
  19. Yeah, I remember something about that when it was originally screened.
  20. I thought the way he returned, saying he had broken up with June was pretty crappy too.
  21. I would have loved that. Rowena worked really well with Norman and I loved Don and June's character arcs together.
  22. From what I remember, he did have a guest role in something fairly recently. I know that it was this year but I can't think of what it was.
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