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  1. Urghh I know how you feel Nic! Hopefully the exams are going well? Just finished my AS exams! which is the reason I read the last chapter you wrote now and now commenting. I'm actually surprised that I have stayed off bttb for so looong. Well I'm back, so yay hopefully you'll update by the time I come back from doctors after needleeees! so anyway, the last chapter wrote ages ago was brilliant, I feel sorry for Jack lol Martha! stop being silly, who cares what Jack has done/doing, he's hot - thats his excuse - can't be perfect at everything. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
  2. Tashy! I'm back! lol well 'ish'. Got my A-levels on Wednesday & Friday I love it. JnM I also liked the Hugh and Martha friendship Brilliant writing.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm back, haven't been on here in ages and things have changed abit
  4. Alzi I love your av! I just got stung by a wasp
  5. Did you get my pm?!


  6. I prefer early nights I don't like it being so light late lol
  7. ^ I'm happy for you I'm also happy because it's a nice hot day (even if I love winter more) but today has been 'just right' lol Did some meditation on the school field
  8. Do you know what I thought it was but then when I started to think about it, I thought nahhh.
  9. 12 or 13 the oldest. Youngest (who my friend knew) was 10-11.
  10. lol I'm remembering all the tings that were said now Me: Can you not kick the ball by us, please? (walks towards him) Boy: Come near me and i'll grab your mums tits. (LMAO)
  11. I banned them from the house, I don't want those spoilt litle brats in my house.
  12. I am I just found out those boys were my younger brothers mates
  13. Scandalous! Well at least they finally kissed because I remember all the times that they almost kissed... the fishing trip (wow I have a great memory ) Poor Eamon - Jack how could you! Love triangle of the year - who will Jack choose? A)Eamon (Match made in heaven) B)Richard (hot) C)be a greedy bugger and have them both Oops edit- Fantastic writing Nicolelee
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