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    Soaps, Classic love stories like The Poldark Novels, I like writing my own stories, I enjoy reading, and I LOVE English, Liverpool FC, Steven Gerrard and England. <br /><br />I have my own little family now, Dom and his son Dwaine!

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  1. When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
  2. How do I live without you - Leanne Rimmes.
  3. Moving on up - M People Don't ask mum and I are having a bit of a cheese fest to today.
  4. Hi iam Natasha. Thought i'd leave u a comment lol. xxx

  5. I want to be the only one - Eternal
  6. They weren't living together at the time when this happened. Flynn was living in a caravan at the time with his his sister Ashley, while Sally was living in which is now the Hunter/Holden house with Gypsy. They were boyfriend and girlfriend when it happened, but Sally wanted to cool it down because she didn't want Flynn to be obliged to stay with her because of the cancer and the not being able to have kids. They obviously sorted it all out. Hope this helps!
  7. Wow they are stunning I love the last one!
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