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  1. at the moment, the BTTB website says that SBHigh is filmed at the Graduate College of Business at Macquarie University, so has that changed since?? It would be quite cool if it was still there, since i go to Macq uni, and the Grad school is just a few minutes walk from the campus.
  2. I don't think we've ever talked haha... But Happy Birthday! :)


  3. Really hot, (31 degrees), with clouds coming around, due for a storm later on. And its quite windy out too. But its really hot nonetheless
  4. They were so sweet tonight. The hug was And they finally said 'I love you' after so long. I especially loved how Roman said that Martha doesnt have to know that he is loaning the money, but Jack still went and told her. Its shows that they are grown and are not keeping secrets from each other
  5. I never noticed the freckles on Jodi before until tonight. Theyre so cute.
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  7. Penelope- Good enough movie. James McAvoy though
  8. Life on Liberty Street- really good movie, Ethan Embry is amazing in that, big difference from his Bobby Rae character in Sweet Home Alabama
  9. ^ Love that song Leona Lewis- Im you
  10. Britney Spears- Why Should I Be Sad
  11. black and white Everlast gym pants, and a black Cotton On tank top...bum clothes
  12. Beyonce- If I were a boy Loving this song right now
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