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  1. Urghh I know how you feel Nic! Hopefully the exams are going well? Just finished my AS exams! which is the reason I read the last chapter you wrote now and now commenting. I'm actually surprised that I have stayed off bttb for so looong. Well I'm back, so yay hopefully you'll update by the time I come back from doctors after needleeees! so anyway, the last chapter wrote ages ago was brilliant, I feel sorry for Jack lol Martha! stop being silly, who cares what Jack has done/doing, he's hot - thats his excuse - can't be perfect at everything. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
  2. Tashy! I'm back! lol well 'ish'. Got my A-levels on Wednesday & Friday I love it. JnM I also liked the Hugh and Martha friendship Brilliant writing.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm back, haven't been on here in ages and things have changed abit
  4. Alzi I love your av! I just got stung by a wasp
  5. Did you get my pm?!


  6. I prefer early nights I don't like it being so light late lol
  7. ^ I'm happy for you I'm also happy because it's a nice hot day (even if I love winter more) but today has been 'just right' lol Did some meditation on the school field
  8. Do you know what I thought it was but then when I started to think about it, I thought nahhh.
  9. 12 or 13 the oldest. Youngest (who my friend knew) was 10-11.
  10. lol I'm remembering all the tings that were said now Me: Can you not kick the ball by us, please? (walks towards him) Boy: Come near me and i'll grab your mums tits. (LMAO)
  11. I banned them from the house, I don't want those spoilt litle brats in my house.
  12. I am I just found out those boys were my younger brothers mates
  13. Scandalous! Well at least they finally kissed because I remember all the times that they almost kissed... the fishing trip (wow I have a great memory ) Poor Eamon - Jack how could you! Love triangle of the year - who will Jack choose? A)Eamon (Match made in heaven) B)Richard (hot) C)be a greedy bugger and have them both Oops edit- Fantastic writing Nicolelee
  14. my (helpful) friend said to me come on lets speak to them, so we got up, just two of us and started to walk towards them. As I (my friend stopped walking) got closer to the annoying one he started walking backwards. lol I felt quite bad but then he was saying crap like my mum will knife you etc. I was like 'ok, go and get her' and got the response 'why don't you go get her...' So to be nice, when they left we left like 2 mins later We were hungry. Fun day How was your day Alzi?
  15. He realy annoyed me lol Just to wind him up, my friend was like we should do this more often He said nothing to me but I think he muttered some nasty things. His face though! I laughed so much, he thought he had gotten the better of me(us) !
  16. I just got back from the park, where some kids (11+) were annoying me and my friends The gobby one of about 5, was saying 'Do you play prosititues?' and 'Do you slit your wrists?' and 'Are you an Emo?'. He even went to one of my friends (who wears glasses) 'your glasses are bigger then my mum penis' (and he wears glasses...) then I was like why has your mother got a penis? Then he was kicking the ball over out heads and I said if that ball hits me I'll burst it and he went well my mum will knife you to death you f**king b**ch. About 10 mins later they gave up and started to walk off
  17. Bryan Adams - Never Let Go From the film The Guardian
  18. lol The thing on msn is keeping me amused
  19. Believe me I heard it! Hey Aaron!
  20. I heard noises from outside and then I switched the light on and no-one was there. I told this to Aaron and he said 'what if they were hiding?' and i'm now to scared to look.
  21. I'm scared I think I'm going to cry
  22. Ohh lol No I don't think any of them go on here. Just in case I'm not Sian and I'm not from South Wales
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