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^you're talking about the one that's in your avatar???

No... if I was I would be in that thread and sorry to burst your bubble but...

Martha is a whining, self absorbed, obnoxious cow...

all this crap about hating Angelo and that this is her town! <_< get over yourself woman, your not the only person who lost Jack, look at Tony, Rachel, Lucas... :angry:

All Martha thinks about is 'me, me, me' and finally last night, after telling Angelo she didn't want to hate him was the first time I enjoyed her character in a long time!

What a hypocrite!

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I would like Hugo and Martha to get together. I think they will be a great couple. Besides, I like Hugo.

yay finally, somebody who likes him!

I like him too!

And I like him with Martha so far, They seem to get on really well together and have plenty of chemistry.

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I hate this pairing, mostly because I am a huge Jack fan and I'm still ticked off that Martha's grieving lasted all of 3 episodes. <_<

I've probably gone on about Jack/Martha/Hugo before in one of my rants, but Jack's only been dead for like 6 months and even though thats a long time in soap-lala-land it's still only 6 months. Martha should be single for atleast a year before she jumps into bed with her dead husbands cousin.

It's not even about the fact that he's related to Jack, its about the fact that I actually cannot stand Hugo's character, I find him dull and way too serious. All we've really seen him do is get the hots for Martha and take a pee under a tree. <_<

But I may be wrong :rolleyes:

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I am loving the idea of Martha and Hugo because he is the one person who would do anything to avoid hurting Martha's feelings as she battles with her guilt of betraying Jack.
That's right Zetti, even though he's mysterious his love for Martha is real they can't turn him into a bad guy, not anymore that's insane whatever he's got to hide

and we know from some preview he confesses to Martha before he goes on the run from the police that's after Trey's bomb explosion and his brain injury..

meaning??? He'll be getting flashbacks and whoever is on the other side waiting for him will be waiting :D

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Gah I hate Hugo and Martha, I'm not really a fan of Martha - but she's alright. Martha doesn't really know much about Hugo and has suddenly fallen in love with him - purely because (this is the impression I think I've been given) is because she wants to feel close to Jack. I see no chemistry and it makes me sick watching these two I agree with Colleens reaction. It's not right to date his Cousin now he's dead...

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Gah, I'd rather have Colleen and Miles together then seeing Martha and Hugo together. It's just so ... arghh. The only person Martha will ever suit is Jack. So lets just get Paul back for like 1 episode when Jodi leaves the show (if she ever does) and they can leave together. All J&M fans would be happy, I know I would be.

Martha isn't an exciting character without Jack, everyone knows that.

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I have no problem with them becoming a 'couple' in the show, I have never been a Jack, or Jack/Martha fan as such, always found him to be a smug person, and questionable as a Cop, rule bending wasn't a problem for him. Jack and Martha were a on again off again couple, who hooked up with others in the down times, so for me there is no great love story that has to be protected as such. Martha is free, Hugo is free, they are feeling a real attraction for, and feelings for each other, and want to explore that, and see where it goes, but do so slowly.

If I were to have a problem, it is with Martha thinking she is an Electrical and doing wiring at the Farm, and no one, as in fellow characters, thinking that there isn't nothing wrong with that. That is when the show loses the plot a bit.

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