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  1. The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl willow smith - whip my hair new 2010 Blur - Girls And Boy The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
  2. House, house was like in the bathroom hurt his arm somrrrerr and cuddy was like Last week was to weak to remember atleast the patient
  3. Tenacious D - Master exploder Deutsche version Britney Spears- Toxic
  4. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  5. Great to read everyone's thoughts, Roman's getting bit nervous there That's great Tele
  6. Wow that was really an eventful surprise should i say, somthing big is about to happen i feel it this is first class writting from what i know
  7. I Dreamed Of Africa, just after i had a fight that movie always grips me when her son gets bitten by a deadly snake.
  8. What happened to the police station, the courtroom has been will be shown occasional seeing what's coming and making good honest choices is what Morrag stands for she's no cheater that's for sure and she doen't take the defend on their weakness if it's got nothing to do with the case itself, she has her standards what makes her so good and in the end always wins or takes the best of it atleast.
  9. Feel empathy for Nicole couldn't say the same from the episodes although i'm glad it's not like the 'Wonder Years. this is really big good stuff deep
  10. Funniest chapter, think might look back a few pages just to be sure great variation
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