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  1. those two girls are so beautiful and this storyline is so exciting hehe
  2. hey where's the fanfic i want to read it That might actually be one of mine:Family Matters, link's in the sig, although Ruby doesn't actually show up until Chapter 14. hehe oooo i read the bit about Aden and Ruby kissing, interesting
  3. hey where's the fanfic i want to read it and I also hope Nicole and Ruby's relationship isn't forgotton and it's a strong one to stay
  4. Yeah i like Ruby and Nicole as friends they go better together than Ruby and Annie
  5. Yeah i think he may not look at her because of her age but we'll see what happens in the future
  6. although I'm still hoping for him and Nicole... Aden would be a great guy for Ruby if him and Nicole don't get together. Although Charlie would never approve. Xavier is just too bland and dumb, I can't believe she finds him at all interesting. Jai has more personality than Xavier and Jai is basically a pinapple. That's interesting I didn't think of Ruby and Aden, that would be a great couple and your (oscartg) comments on Charlie are funny hehe
  7. I liked them when they were together and I think it's great they're together in real life but her and Angelo on-screen is hot too hehe
  8. I'm from the UK and he hasn't left yet but i know I will cry when he goes I shall miss him dearly <3
  9. Totally agree and that whole Belle and Aden thing aggravated me it was so unfair how he was treated. Also Martha needs to get over herself, Angelo is innocentttttt and he's a lovely guy who jus happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time
  10. Charlie is so gorgeous, I'm a straight girl but i fancy her LOL
  11. Eeeee it makes me sick. I guess I can see why she has fallen for him, he's a connection to Jack but still
  12. i love Angelo and Charlie together they are so hot hehe
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