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  1. Watson has made an appearance in the show this week. Maybe in 2011 more of that will be happening. Always seems to be a long time between drinks on such matters.
  2. Charlie seems to be getting less screen time, that could have to do with her DWTS stint being felt, or seemly fairness re other characters/storylines. She's still that one character in the show, probably because of being a Cop, so can cross more storylines, that has a bit to do with most characters in the show, that is sort of rare in the show, they(characters) are usually pocketed in their own little areas of the show as a whole. Charlie - is still interesting to watch and finding out what's new with her, hope she around for a fair while longer in the show.
  3. More than capable actress, an interesting character.
  4. Good to see 'Watson' make another (recent) appearance in the show.
  5. Still liking the character. She is the Sister. The Girlfriend. I think what she needs is a Friend. What they have sort of created with 'Leah and Charlie'. So far they have had Bianca a bit 'removed' from everyone. What HAA doesn't seem to explore is adult-female-gal/pals, they do it with the males but not the females.
  6. I like the character, I find 'difficult' characters like her interesting. So for me, it is a tick for the character, and a tick for the actress.
  7. It was good to see Georgina Watson making an appearance in the show this week, a start of more to come perhaps? The scene made for an interesting one in the ep, the two characters/actresses had a nice scene together, they worked well together in the bit of storyline that played out between them.
  8. re Ruby/Charlie It is hard to say what it is you see going on between them at times. Mutually I don't think it is Mother and Daughter, I see with Charlie it is Mother and Daughter, but with Ruby it is still Sisters, I don't think she has taken the leap, to her she had a Mother, Charlie I don't think is replacing that for her, but more she knows that is who she is to her, but the Sister bond, the Sister closeness is what she knows and is use to being with Charlie. Charlie on the other hand has always known Ruby was her daughter, but wasn't allowed to acknowledge it, now she can, and I think that is enough for her for now. So given all that, the show I think is presenting them well with each other, there shown as having bits of all sorts of feelings going on for each other, but that can't really be labeled with one tag, they are instead a mixture of Mother/Daughter/Sisters/Friends, it all just inter-mingles with itself.
  9. Very much underused, wish they would do more with her, make her more mainstream in the show. She is mostly used as someone for a regular to bounce their lines off. And I don't like that they have Charlie many a time speak quite dismissively to her, Charlie and her by now should have a bit more depth to their association with each other. I think that Watson will stay a background character until they put her in more natural positions with people, as in every day life ones, if she was say in need of new digs for whatever reason, and she took a room at Irene's say, then you would see her in more friendlier type conversations with people, and some real bonds develop between her and the different characters in the show. They keep her so one purpose in the show, I feel sorry for the actress, I think she would be fun as a regular cast member in the show, her status needs to be raised in the show. Her being called Georgina or Georgie at times wouldn't hurt, that someone sees her more than that of being just Watson to them.
  10. I think the character of Charlie, has been progressing along nicely of late, each 'new' thing that comes up for her, she manages to tackle it, and in turn the character is seen to grow that little bit more, you find out a little bit more about her as a person.
  11. I like Charlie, and I think Esther Anderson does a great job with the character, looking forward to what the rest of the year will be for Charlie.
  12. Um...Martha is an electrical.Although admittedly it's been four years since they last mentioned it. Martha is an Electrician, thanks for letting me know.
  13. With Trey, it has gone beyond him being good guy-bad guy, he has become crazy guy, and no longer a victim, but an abuser of others himself instead. I can't see him being a character that can say, ooops sorry, and just stay in the show, and become some reformed bad guy, a line has been crossed, and a price will have to be paid. I can't see how Trey, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer will continue on in the show longterm, I would think the three will leave the show.
  14. Martha-Hugo I have no problem with them becoming a 'couple' in the show, I have never been a Jack, or Jack/Martha fan as such, always found him to be a smug person, and questionable as a Cop, rule bending wasn't a problem for him. Jack and Martha were a on again off again couple, who hooked up with others in the down times, so for me there is no great love story that has to be protected as such. Martha is free, Hugo is free, they are feeling a real attraction for, and feelings for each other, and want to explore that, and see where it goes, but do so slowly. If I were to have a problem, it is with Martha thinking she is an Electrical and doing wiring at the Farm, and no one, as in fellow characters, thinking that there isn't nothing wrong with that. That is when the show loses the plot a bit.
  15. May's first ep-first scene, was being introduced to Miles by Bartlett - ....she will be subbing for us, while Mrs. Hartman is on Maternity Leave.
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