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There is a great function on this board called "edit." If you've said something in the thread and then ten minutes later decide to you want to add something, coincidently it's the perfect opportunity to use the "edit" button and thus not spam.

Yes the thread is about Hugo/Martha and yes if you wish to discuss how much you don't like them in comparison to J&M you are free to do so, but be reasonable. If all you want to do is discuss J&M and their memories there is a perfect thread for that. And please remember not to talk about spoilers in here. At this stage


is a spoiler.

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See me using the edit function :)
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^ Thanks for pointing that out. When I see the same poster is responsible for last two or more posts I don't bother reading them as I'm afraid I assume they are attention seeking. The edit function is there for a reason.

I love Martha, but Hugo is a right pain in the backside and a bit of a waster too. At least Jack was a committed, hard working professional, but that's only one of my problems with Hugo. I do believe there is better out there for her and I have no doubt that she will find that person someday.

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I am a big JM fan and have been for a long time. Martha and Jack for me were like the best couple despite their ups and downs however Martha and Hugo do seem to connect in their own way and for that reason I have liked them from the very beginning. I dont want anything to happen to jeopardize their relationship because Martha deserves some happiness.

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I think Martha's last words were ' shut up and drive' and driving will they making life turning decisions like Rachel and Tony on their way to the farm,considered as their wedding present ,so Martha's probably going to need a disguise,perhaps changing her hair color would be a start. I bet blond would make Hugo go wild.. in the back seat of the :wub: yep trowing your life away has its benefits,long live their new life and so on goes their fantasy, pretty exciting !!!!!!

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It's strange, for the first half of the year Martha seemed to be using Liam as a substitute for Hugo. But after he came back, she still seemed just as bad, almost as though she was using Hugo as a substitute for Hugo, that she was pretending things were like they used to be and ignoring what he'd done and what had happened.She became a bit more rational in the last couple of weeks but for much of the time they were on the farm together she seemed less like someone who'd been reunited with her soul mate and more like someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who'd completely lost their grip on reality.It's hard to envisage a happy ending for them, although I guess Hugo's going to be pretty competent at hiding them successfully.They've just thrown what was left of their lives away and condemned themselves to a life of fear, under constant threat of arrest or worse.

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It's nice to see the farmhouse still Martha's way, unlike Belle's room only to never be seen again

knowing Xavier and Ruby's first time, i hope the Walkers did wash the cushions on the couch knowing the previous owners spent their last time one it speaking of (while looking for some screenshots) the spread they had wrapped around them could only have been taken from the bedroom, must have been a long trip from the kitchen to the bedroom and back, back and forward forgetting something else...) but so good to do it over again pretending it never happened..... :wub: still another 50 years ahead

it's was kinda funny the walkers showing Tony and Rachel the farmhouse

and Tony is using the farm for boxing lessons......

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