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  1. Thanks so much for adding the Chinatown location - it's so familar to me, having spent the Sydney leg of our honeymoon at the Holiday Inn Darling Harbour. Feeling very nostalgic now.
  2. Oh excellent! Thank you! I do wish they had continued with the storyline of Liam doing up that old place to live in and work from - I liked that idea.
  3. I love the location for Liam's place - do we know where it is? What a view it has! Also, good question re. Tony's house. Any idea if the townhouse will be shown again, i.e. Roman's place? Nic owns it, doesn't she?
  4. ^ Phew! Thanks Foxy. This thread was being dragged down. I won't comment on the half truths in the above poster's comments about me, as I would much rather move on now, and get back on topic.
  5. That was one of the places I'd always thought as a possibility - but with them mainly using West Head for Stewarts Point over the years, where you can see the lighthouse in the distance, it pretty much put pay to that one. As much as I love West Head, you do have to question how it's within walking distance for the residents of the bay when it's the other side of Pittwater Was Belle and Aden's wedding on "Stewart's Point"?
  6. I watched Friday's episode after reading your thoughts here, and I have to agree - putting Martha on easily recognisable Pittwater side of Palm Beach and expecting us to believe it was Stewart's Point is frankly an insult to long-term viewers.
  7. What a horrible, condescending post. Having a different of opinion does not give anyone the right to belittle somebody elses. Carwary, you are fully entitled to see the characters how YOU see them, and BTW I agree 100% with your viewpoint.
  8. I watched it with the sound down so missed that bit. It's probably just Charlie's messed up knee-jerk reaction thinking that she has to make up to Angelo for lost time. The poor girl really needs to learn some balance, but I'm hopeful that will come. She's new to proper normal relationships so she's still finding her way I guess.
  9. But that is exactly the point. Charlie has no idea how to react to these feelings she has. She doesn't know that she's in love with him, she can't face up to it. Her going to counselling was a major step in the right direction for her. Surely if she does like you say, and freak out again, then the recent break up, followed by the counselling, will have served no purpose. This show has always been about healing and reconciliation. That is the example they are setting for people in Charlie's position - people who struggle with human relations can get help and learn to have more fulfilling relationships. It's a very positive message, one which I doubt the show would throw away by having her revert to type having come so far.
  10. I thought it was very a positive thing to show Charlie seeing a counsellor about her relationship issues after she and Angelo broke up. Charlie has been going around in circles where relationships are concerned, since she came into the show. Not just with men, but Joey too obviously and also Ruby, and her initial reaction to Morag. She has always been like a square peg in a round hole, not really fitting in properly, or knowing a consistent way to behave. Now, she has actually fallen for somebody, and it has happened over the 2 and a half years she has known Angelo. She has built up a relationship with someone from the ground up. They have both seen each other through their darkest times. She has developed feelings which are unfamilar, but she knows that they are good and she doesn't want to continue on her path of self-destruction. They way she feels with Angelo makes her happy. She went to Michael because she knew that feeling was good and she wanted to work out a way to keep it, to not continue to wreck things. I think it's been a marvellous journey for Charlie, and a marvellous exploration of human beings and human relationships, and I applaude H&A for that.
  11. I haven't been watching lately so I can't vouch for what you're all saying, but I didn't realised they were a) being hyped, b) being set up to a be a golden couple, or c) so unpopular, so your opinions all surprise me. From my reading of the episode summaries, TV week and spoilers, and the odd episode, I have found very little on them and very little focus on their relationship at all really since Charlie's counselling, until this week that is.
  12. I haven't been watchingf H&A for a couple of months but will be tuning in again now that Charlie and Angelo are back on, or at least their love story is back on the agenda. I just love them!
  13. ...and I remember Brad went to see Naomi "in the city", I think to try to get her to withdraw her remarks about his drug past or something, and they were sitting on a bench across the harbour from the Opera House.
  14. Ooh! Thanks! Very prompt reply indeed I thought it was nice to see somewhere "real" i.e. with actual cars driving past at the top of the T-junction in the background. It gave the show a bit of realism.
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