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  1. It was great to read all that again. It really doesn't feel like 3 years ago since you were posting those articles.
  2. Somebody's opinion is never wrong Dan. Isn't that constantly being preached to members in the discussion forums? Thanks for fire-fighting the damage which some of your staff caused on page 153. It was in the context of those comments that I made my comments. The comments about not doing certain updates because they don't get thanked had left me so disgusted, but your more rational, diplomatic explanation has reassured me. You are probably BTTB's best asset, and I trust you believe you have the best possible team around you. Negative feedback should be given the same voice as positive fee
  3. So departure features are not being produced because staff don't have the time to do it? That's understandable, however the earlier reasons given on page 153 seemed to suggest more that because staff weren't getting recognition for it from forum members, that they spat the dummy and decided not to bother. You might not be getting paid, but you are still staff, and that means you take on the work and produce the website that not only the members and fans deserve, but also that I believe a show like H&A deserves. This website it a wonderful resource, and staff agreeing amongst themselves wh
  4. Hello! Don't shoot me - this is just a simple question and not pressure, but will the episode summaries be resuming, i.e. the official ones, not JosieTash's ones? As I don't always catch the show any more I was relying on these to keep me updated. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks Dan! Such a shame the boat got smashed up, after all it symbolised and all the work Tony did on it.
  6. ^ Phew! Thanks Foxy. This thread was being dragged down. I won't comment on the half truths in the above poster's comments about me, as I would much rather move on now, and get back on topic.
  7. What a horrible, condescending post. Having a different of opinion does not give anyone the right to belittle somebody elses. Carwary, you are fully entitled to see the characters how YOU see them, and BTW I agree 100% with your viewpoint.
  8. I watched it with the sound down so missed that bit. It's probably just Charlie's messed up knee-jerk reaction thinking that she has to make up to Angelo for lost time. The poor girl really needs to learn some balance, but I'm hopeful that will come. She's new to proper normal relationships so she's still finding her way I guess.
  9. But that is exactly the point. Charlie has no idea how to react to these feelings she has. She doesn't know that she's in love with him, she can't face up to it. Her going to counselling was a major step in the right direction for her. Surely if she does like you say, and freak out again, then the recent break up, followed by the counselling, will have served no purpose. This show has always been about healing and reconciliation. That is the example they are setting for people in Charlie's position - people who struggle with human relations can get help and learn to have more fulfilling re
  10. I thought it was very a positive thing to show Charlie seeing a counsellor about her relationship issues after she and Angelo broke up. Charlie has been going around in circles where relationships are concerned, since she came into the show. Not just with men, but Joey too obviously and also Ruby, and her initial reaction to Morag. She has always been like a square peg in a round hole, not really fitting in properly, or knowing a consistent way to behave. Now, she has actually fallen for somebody, and it has happened over the 2 and a half years she has known Angelo. She has built up a relation
  11. I haven't been watching lately so I can't vouch for what you're all saying, but I didn't realised they were a) being hyped, b) being set up to a be a golden couple, or c) so unpopular, so your opinions all surprise me. From my reading of the episode summaries, TV week and spoilers, and the odd episode, I have found very little on them and very little focus on their relationship at all really since Charlie's counselling, until this week that is.
  12. I haven't been watchingf H&A for a couple of months but will be tuning in again now that Charlie and Angelo are back on, or at least their love story is back on the agenda. I just love them!
  13. That's big news about Ray. 6 months is some break. Thanks for the info.
  14. ^ I think Marilyn's return is realistic. It ties in with all that Alf has always said about the Bay, and Sally too when she was leaving, that the Bay is always home and that it spellbinds people. Marilyn explained too that she felt drawn back to it.
  15. We need to drag this one back on topic guys. So, what do you think we will see with Mazza now that she's back? What is her secret that she alluded to over dinner with Alf? She said that a few things had happened to her and she didn't want to talk about them. Is she a runaway bride or something?
  16. I hate to stray off topic (again!) but when was the "Golden Era"?
  17. That would have been Chas, they weren't exactly the best of friends. Thanks! I must admit, it's not a a show I like but did go through a phase of watching it about 5 years ago.
  18. I'm really liking Justin, and the actor too. Something very natural and honest about the way he portrayals the character. There is no big drama or angst for a change, which is refreshing in a new character. I hope he sticks around and is not just a short-term guest.
  19. Did people see Emily's interview on Sunrise? It is up on the official site. I had to laugh at her description of Emmerdale. I don't think I ever saw Louise interact with a sheep all the time she was on it! Also her comment on it sometimes being minus 4 degrees! It seems so normal to me to be going to work in minus 4 temperatures, but it must have been hard for her, being from Australia. I love how she has slipped back into the character of Marilyn. There is no hint of Louise Appleton in it, and there was no hint of Marilyn in Louise either. I only make the point because Marilyn is such a
  20. Haha! Just reading all the replies now, since my post on 12 March, and I am sorry I said anything I love them together PRECISELY because they are pretty and lovable, and I couldn't give a toss how few dimensions Angelo might have to his character! It's the same reason I adored Jack and Martha. I rely on Eastenders for my "soap character development" fix. H&A serves other purposes for me: 1) It's always sunny (which when you live in Ireland, seeing sunshine, albeit on TV is a huge factor in the enjoyment of the day); 2) it has such an idealistic view on love, life and redempt
  21. Do people think they will find their way back to each other?
  22. ^ Thanks Dan. Will head off to read them now.
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