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  1. Sad to see Martha leaving today She's been a great character Love her or hate her, she had some of the best storylines The bay won't be the same without her Am very disappointed she left without saying good bye - especially to Alf
  2. Sorry but Jack has been a core part of Martha's character for the last 4 years since 2005 so its only inevitable that people might like to mention Jack in a thread thats also about Martha. This is a Martha/Hugo thread but aren't we allowed to post in here that we don't like them and that Martha was better with Jack ? and yes there are other places where we can reminisce about J&M but we come in here to say our thoughts about Martha & Hugo which I said that I don't like them as much as J&M. and AnnaB I didn't mean that Martha wasn't good when she wasn't with Jack I just meant that she was better during her earlier years with Jack i.e 2005-2008. I do love Martha and she has some great storylines both with Jack and also on her own and I've enjoyed them all. I would so love to see how strong this relationship would be if Jack made a return to the bay, I am positive that Martha would drop Hugo in a heartbeat. I can't believe that Hugo has got a and never told Martha.Where is the trust in this relationship ? I think that Hugo is jut so accustomed to lying about everything that it just makes sense to him to not be honest. Jack & Martha we're a huge part of the show for 4+ years and we're pivotal parts of each others lives so its hard not to ever mantion Jack again. Of course she would but thats no reflection on her relationship with Hugo or anyone else she ends up with. thats probably true for most people whos loved one dies and their subsequent relationships As for Hugo and Martha, I don't know how they will get through this revelation but as we can see in the promo Martha questions everything she knows about him which is understandable. I am intrigued as to what he will tell her and if they will resolve this because as you say it affects the trust in their relationship Hugo seems to be a 'bury your head in the sand, run away' type of bloke so he seems to have done the same when handling this For the moment I do believe he genuinely loves Martha and just didnt know how to deal with this and didnt want to lose her and new life he has with her...of course he may still loose her now as a result
  3. ^^ I agree I loved Jack and Martha but I have moved on and I like her with Hugo now too I also don't agree about Martha being better as part of J&M She is a really strong interesting character who is involved in great story lines even without Jack Anyway this thread is about 'Margo' who definitely have tough times ahead! Judging on the promo Hugo has no time for his 'wife' so at least its we don't have to worry about him wanting to get back with her But I do wonder how he's going to explain this to Martha!
  4. Oh dear, rocky times ahead for Margo http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/video...d-away-preview/
  5. Loved this character - so quirky and interesting Although I am not sure if I could see him as a long term cast member However they could have kept him on to solve the 'mystery' He would do a far better and a far far more interesting job of it than boring Angelo
  6. hi, not sure if this is the right place to post but I wondering if someone could do an avatar of Jack and Martha for me? I have no idea how to make one and I have seen some fab ones here Is it ok just to take an existing one? thanks in advance
  7. Hey! I added you as a friend - hope that's ok. x

  8. I reckon she is going to run for a position on the council, opposing John Palmer
  9. you have totally summed up how I feel about them Unfortunately it really does seem like they are angling for him to be the 'baddy' in the mystery so i really hope thats just a red herring Although, i really can't figure out who else it can be - there aren't exactly many other characters to choose from!
  10. But....WHY?? Murder his own cousin (who we know he got on well with) just to get close to the wife he doesn't even know??? And why would he want to destroy her life? I can't see it at all. No way. But this is H&A . Anything can happen !! and the fact is there was a 3rd shooter there on the night Jack was killed. Was that ever explained ? No it wasn't so there is always the possibility of someone else having killed him. You can't say 100% definitely that Hugo was not involved with what happened to Jack because this is Summer bay and weirder things have happened. I think its just the Hugo fans here saying that he would never do anything like that just because there Hugo fans and are blind as to blocking out that Hugo could never do anything bad. Only time will tell I guess. Whatever happens I highly don't expect Hugo and Martha to be still together this time next year and also doubt Hugo will still be around. i thought it was confirmed by Police forensics that the bullet that killed Jack came from Angelos gun? Surely that rules out anyone else being responsible for killing him. It was Angelo who killed Jack. But yes there may be more to find out about who else was there that night. I really dont think Hugo is involved in that although I have been wondering recently about the fact that his character description says he worked with Greenpeace - could that be a link to all this and the dump site?? I never thought he was involved in the Abolone thing for many reasons but his profile also says he has worked in conservation so he wouldnt damage the abolone stock by poaching imo. All that is just Angelo getting things wrong and making things personal again. I like him and Martha together, i think they are good for each other. I find him interesting and I am interested in finding out more about him and his background. I also wonder if his and Xaviers Dad might turn up at some point?). But I am not blind to the fact that they may have him involved in this but I honestly don't think how is has been portrayed so far shows he has the character for this - but I could be proved wrong, although i hope not.
  11. I loved how he handled Martha in that! He could have got snarky back, and frankly she'd have deserved it for what she said to him, but I liked how he didn't rise to the bait, as she no doubt expected him to. I think he could be exactly what she needs to grow up a bit! he was great with her! They are good for each other imo
  12. I do too but I am hoping I am either wrong or its something positive! I really hope they don't make him into the bad guy in whatever the 'mystery' storyline is If he is involved in it I hope its for good reasons and not bad!
  13. I liked his banter with Martha today Plus he was a bit of a hero today Made me like him even more:)
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