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  1. Eh? If you're referring to me and Superman, we WERE talking about Bernard. As if we'd be able to go off topic when we're being reminded every nanonsecond to stay ON topic.
  2. It's a very cute scene when they finally...erm...get around to it! Haven't watched it in a while though, might have to get the DVD out again!
  3. Hi! Been a while! Did your Puppy DVD get to you? What do you think?
  4. Seriously, does every Martha-Hugo discussion have to turn into a 'we prefer her with Jack' discussion? I DO like Martha and Hugo and am frankly fed up with seeing Jack this and Jack that any time Martha-Hugo come up, especially in the Margo thread. Surely there are other places to wax nostalgic about Martha/Jack? Really not meaning to offend anyone, but it's so frustrating.
  5. <<he likes European girls>> Good boy! We European gals rock. :cool:
  6. Wife? I thought she was girlfriend? I've not seen Satisfaction, damit.
  7. LOL He can keep the singing, I'm more interested in the acting. Oh, and since he ran away with the circus, I'd love to see what skills he picked up there!
  8. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, of course! Although maybe not so much of the rock and roll.
  9. Enjoy! I'm sure you will if you don't mind a bit of bad language and..er...obvious other stuff.
  10. I bought it from Amazon. It came from the US, but was only about £8 all in (not sure what the conversion rate is). Luckily I have a multi-region DVD player too. I'm afraid I've no clue if it's online anywhere, so your best bet might be to just buy it. Definitely worth a bit of hassle getting hold of though!
  11. I wouldn't object to her leaving the bay if it was with her mafia boyfriend.
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