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Sorry, but I hate this pairing (only because I hate Hugo). Martha's better off single for now (until she properly gets over the death of her hubby).
Coming from you a major Jack fan,when will it be okay? When Jodi's contract ends? Can you put a date on it?( :P )

Anyway.. i saw the sneak peak with Ruby was saying Martha likes Hugo because he's quite similar to Jack. And Hugo likes Martha because she's like his girlfriend who died in that car accident.

:lol: Wouldn't that be a coincidence!!

Anyway.. i can still see the difference between Jack and Hugo not only by their looks. -_- ( :( )

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I don't like Hugo, and my like for Martha comes and goes. However, I hated her tonight. She's an unbelievable hypocrite. I don't care if she moves on from Jack, because she has to some time, but making out with his cousin on his birthday seems like the epitome of bad taste. Especially since I don't like Hugo!

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I like these two as a couple, I think they're good for each other.I think Martha's moved on from Jack and I don't think Hugo's really involved in anything dodgy.Martha's obviously not going to remain single for long, no-one ever does in soap world, so I don't have a problem with this relationship.

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^you're talking about the one that's in your avatar???

Just because Hugo is Jack's cousin doesn't make it worse if she's ready to move on then it makes no difference if it's family of Jack or a stranger.

No one will ever replace Jack, Martha realizes that. If she falls for a stranger similar to Jack or if it's his cousin, it's not something you can program. the type of guys you're falling for is, though.

I hope they don't hisitate too much after a kiss yesterday and that they can finally be a couple.

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I like these two. I think they are going to be good for eachother. You can tell that Hugo really likes Martha. I know she will never be able to get over loosing Jack but she has to move on sometime and I dont mind that its with Hugo. I just really hope that Hugo isnt dodgy and is going to end up hurting Martha.

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