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  1. I love this show. It's definitely one of my favourites, and it has been since it started. I adore Stefan and Elena. Their just so great, and beautiful, and all that wonderful stuff put together makes them perfect to me. I do like Damon, he's so mysterious and sexy. I just don't really like the romantic side of things with Elena. I enjoy the friendship they have, but that's all I love about them. I hated him at one point, when I don't really understand how some people think Stefan's boring. Just because he doesn't kill people, and feed on people, they find him dull. He can be vicious, for example I love Alaric, he is daring, protective and so, sexy. I adore the relationship he has with Jenna. And, Damon. I can't wait for season 2 to start in less then a month
  2. He's quite good looking, but I'm sure he'll end up being some kind of creep. I'm already getting those vibes off of him.
  3. I know that Jordan's one is real. I'm not sure on the others.
  4. Grey's Anatomy. I'm watching it at the moment, actually.
  5. ^^ Haha, me too. I'm actually watching old episodes right now. Skate
  6. Aden-13 Alf-7 Charlie-10 Colleen-2 Geoff-23 Harry-5 Irene-8 Leah-7 Liam-5 Miles-0 Morag-6 Nicole-17
  7. I love these two together. I think they've got amazing chemistry.
  8. I still don't like them together as a couple. They haven't grown on me at all. I find them quite afflicting; is it because I can't get over Martha being with anyone else? I don't know. Although I didn't mind her being with some of her ex's. To be honest, I just don't think Martha's interesting and intriguing without Jack.
  9. She has gone through a lot of things for all of this to start.
  10. P.S I Love You. It's definitely one of my all time favourite movies. It's just so beautiful! I think I've watched it about a million times, and I'm still not sick of it .
  11. I love Liam to bits, to be honest he is my favourite character on Home and Away at the moment. I'm only really watching because of him. Hopefully we get to see some good story lines with him in the near future .
  12. ^ Same . I'm watching old episodes. Old Hayden and Loretta episodes to be precise.
  13. Poppa Jack's, fudge and coke. Totally healthy, right?
  14. JM . I'm in love with all of them. The coloring and cropping is just beautiful.
  15. Gah, I'd rather have Colleen and Miles together then seeing Martha and Hugo together. It's just so ... arghh. The only person Martha will ever suit is Jack. So lets just get Paul back for like 1 episode when Jodi leaves the show (if she ever does) and they can leave together. All J&M fans would be happy, I know I would be. Martha isn't an exciting character without Jack, everyone knows that.
  16. Crunchie bar and coke! Yes so healthy .
  17. Gossip Girl, I'm actually watching it on the computer right now.
  18. Happy Birthday Ada, I hope you have a great day !
  19. Wow, I absolutely love the coloring! It's beautiful. The cropping is also damn awesome! My favorites would have to be: the first Dan & Leah one, and #10.
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