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All Saints


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Bloody hell.

"an audience shift and increased production costs"

How stupid are they? It's the MRU and the stupid helicopter that's cut the heart out of the storylines and the budget - just get rid of that wannabe-Rush crap and the show will recover, stylistically and financially.

If the producers had any sense, they'd be grovelling at Hallmark's door to be picked up for another series, sans-money-and-soul-draining helicopter :rolleyes:

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This sux a LOT! Rubbish! All Saints is a great drama, last year it was on top form and the ratings were better than they are this year, which suggests, as pointed out, it is the current direction that isn't popular!

This year they seemed to have cut out a lot of the emotional, poignant stuff in favor of boring relationship rubbish between the new staff. Even the background music that helped seems to have lacked that classic All Saints emotional strings-sound. They didn't need to do the MRU to increase ratings, they should have just left things as they were steady and built around the format that WAS working.

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Channel Seven has announced that it has axed Australian medical series All Saints after 11 seasons.

Speculation has surrounded the future of the award-winning series after Seven announced it was cutting the drama's episode order from 40 episodes down to just 22.

Confirmation of All Saints' cancellation has come as a shock to many in the Australian television industry. The series, which premiered in Australia in 1997, is a steady performer for Channel Seven, last week finishing as the 23rd most-watched show of the week with over 1.2 million viewers.

In a statement about the medical drama's cancellation, Channel Seven director of programming Tim Worner said: "All Saints is a show which viewers and Seven have loved. However, an audience shift and increased production costs are behind this decision.

"The cast and crew deserve the highest admiration and respect for what they have achieved. All Saints has made a significant contribution to the rich history of Australian drama."

Filming will cease in August, with the final episode, the show's 493rd, to air in Australia in November.

I watched All Saints for a bit and thought it was quite good , shame its ending

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I'm gutted that they've axed All Saints, i've been a fan since the 1st episode aired over here and love it just as much all these years later.

If high production costs are the reason behind cutting the number of episodes and then axing the show why on earth did the introduce the MRU?????? Surely any idiot could have predicted that needing a helicopter to fly around in would cost a hell of a lot more than just filming in the hospital. What was wrong with just keeping the show based on the wards or in the ED, it worked fine for them for years and kept viewers coming back.

I don't know what i'm going to watch when we run out of episodes over here. Hopefully TV3 will go back and air it from the 1st episode again.

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Gez, that's harsh to get axed when the show is averaging around 1.2 millions viewers, that's still pretty reasonable. I stopped watching a few years ago, and watch it here and now, but it wasn't as good as it used to be, but still, it's sad.

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Are they complete idiots?As others have said getting rid of the MRU will both lesson the cost and increase ratings,not that it's rating badly to begin with.No wonder we have such a limited industry in Australia.They did this to Blue Heelers to,there was nothing wrong with the ratings.

Let me guess,we'll get more American crap to take it's place.Great!

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I am a loyal Claire and Steve fan and when they broke up I thought of a fan fic.

Steve: Who's that girl?

Mike:She's our councillor.

Steve: Why do we need a councillor?

Mike: For the patients, not us.

The councillor, named Mia, is rather interested in Steve but is irratating Jo as she is distracting Steve when they reach a paragliding accident

Jo: Could you two please just do your jobs?

Mia: I will.

Afterwards, back in the office, Mia brings out a baskets of biscuits.

Mia: Bikkies, anyone?

Mia: So why did the red-head nurse refuse to show me where your office was?

Steve: She's my ex-girlfriend. She was assualted and I used to be an alcoholic. She used to live in Perth. She escaped him once, but he found her.

Mia: She's never going to live properly if she has no one. She needs you, Steve. I'll talk to her.

Mia walks up to the front desk, Gabby is behind the desk

Mia: Can I please see the nurse will the red hair.

Gabby: Sure. Claire! Someone's here to see you.

Claire: Yes.

Mia: I'm Mia, the MRU's councillor. You need someone close to you. I've seen women who've just pushed everything away. They've got nothing.

Claire: Thanks.

Claire takes Mia's advice as goes to see Steve in the MRU office.

Claire: Steve.

Steve: What is it, Claire?

Claire: Do we have a chance?

Steve: If you think we do.

Jo and Mia: Yes!

That's my fan fic.

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