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It's all over. The montage was obviously the best bit, that and Von saying "Bugger it! Here's to us!" Indeed!

It amazes me that I knew all the old faces. I guess it's not that big a feat - I have only been watching this show for about 3 years, and I got most of that from daily reruns. Still... all the characters WERE memorable, and that's the mark of an exceptional show. Oh why did I have to say "mark"... :(?

It was nice to have little hints of the future too. Gabby and Steve working things out, Bart and... girl... getting engaged, and Charlotte and Adam getting the hots for each other, awww :wub:

Ooh! And the names of the guest characters - Jem and Andy - same as me and my best friend, who is also a huge All Saints fan! I choose to believe that the writers did that especially for us :D I also told him that he should record Charlotte saying his name and use it for his ring-tone, hehe.

I liked this episode. It felt like old times, with a strong focus on the main characters and their relationships. I'm glad they got it right.

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I have finally seen the last episode so Thank You Di for sending me the link to that website that had it.

It still doesn't seem real that the only All Saints that will be shown in Australia is the 2pm replays once they return next year.

The montage was really good too, as was the selection of old faces that we saw. I actually preferred the song that they used in the ad at the end of the second to last episode, over the one which they actually used.

It was good to see some of what was going to happen after Von's leaving party.Gabby and Steve, Bart Homer and Amy, Charlotte and Adam.It would have been good if we had a little bit more insight into what was going to happen to Frank, Bree, Claire, Vlasek....

I'd have also liked to see some form of conversation between Gabby and Charlotte about Gabby's bub.

Favourite Moment(s)...... Gabby realising she wanted to keep the baby, and then checking its heartbeat, Amy and Bart all mushy with the baby that girl had, and... when Von said "You Bastard!" to Frank

I'm so glad that the final 2 shots were of Frank and then Von :)

Jem- it was definitely the right kind of episode, the relationships between characters at All Saints was always extremely important :)

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It was a nice episode, felt very 'classic' All Saints, without the stunts and bombs, just character based stuff for both the patients and the staff which was fitting, but reminded me what a total waste it is 7 axing such a popular show.

The montage was brilliant as was Von walking out of the hospital one last time, turning and looking at the building.

I do feel overall it could have been done better, for a final ever episode etc and it was a bit of a disappointment Charlotte didn't get any sentimental sub plot - but then we are supposed to believe that All Saints continues on, so...

Nice round up of character storylines though! Maybe we will see a return of All Saints some time in the future..

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I never ever saw this show... Maybe i can buy it on DVD?? :unsure:

If its that good?

You can buy seasons 10+11 on dvd and season 12 comes out on dvd in March (I think). Re-runs were on at 2pm weekdays (it stopped partway through season 8) but they should be back in February. The earlier seasons are much almost impossible to get hold of.

Season 12 in its entirety is on YouTube, there are bits of seasons 10+11, and scenes from specific characters.

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