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    They did bring it to Australia when it first started last year, in Blacktown.
  2. Drew

    All Saints

    Gez, that's harsh to get axed when the show is averaging around 1.2 millions viewers, that's still pretty reasonable. I stopped watching a few years ago, and watch it here and now, but it wasn't as good as it used to be, but still, it's sad.
  3. Not sure if this helps for any further locations, but the location of the motel where Aden and Liam had their fight on the roof and what not is The Best Western Colonial Motel, in Richmond... It's one of my work places
  4. I'm 95% sure they're filmed at Vineyard. I work in Windsor and a few months ago I remember a regular telling me they're filming at a farm in Vineyard... But then again it could have been Richmond/Windsor because it's pretty much all the same place
  5. Yeah. there was Mickey, like 2002 or 2003 no exactly sure, but I remember he was there throughout the whole Angie era because of that incident in class Mickey was a great character. And so is Brendan. I've been seriously looking forward to his entrance, the show in my mind is on low speed and it needed something to give it that boost. I think Kain is doing a great job portraying a character like that, but IMO he's overplaying the character just by that little bit. Like, when Mickey was on the show, from memory he wasn't that "in your face" as Brendan seems to be, but however, all disabled people act differently. He's a great addition to the show at the moment. Looking forward to more appearances from him!
  6. I recommend it, it's pretty good. Yeah, the sequels I'll go on the hunt for them on Thursday, ship up and have a reading marathon
  7. What are you studying Jem? Of course Deany I love all fantasy/supernatural stories... But I rarely read... A few people just kept telling me how good the story was, so now I'm reading it... and yeah, it's good... Apprently it's being made into a movie, so have to watch out for it.
  8. Are the readings for something you're studying? Or you just picked random books to read? I'm actually reading an interesting book at the moment, Twilight, about vampires and stuff.. It's pretty cool.
  9. I wish I had time on my hands to do stuff like that. Not that, just something fun haha. My life is just filled with uni and work these days a wonderful life I live haha What are you reading Jem?
  10. Is it an obvious fansite or are you one of those people pretending to make a myspace, pretending to be him? I haven't been on that in yonks... I grew up and started using facebook
  11. Anyone here now ? That's all that seems to be happenign in this place these days
  12. I'm crappy... Home, on a Sat night. lol. How gay. Didn't have a good day today. There was this really bad crash around the corner from my work today, like 2-300 meters, killed two girls and they had a baby in the car... It was pretty bad. Brought my day right down.
  13. Oh, yay. Deany! haha How are yooooou?
  14. Drew

    All Saints

    God, they have had it tough. It's like the show's cursed.
  15. Drew

    All Saints

    I just saw that on the ninemsn thingy... I'm completely shocked. I haven't watched the show in awhile, but he was great. Poor guy...
  16. Go wack him over the head with a frying pan, and then use it to cook something nice I'm writting a story at the moment, and I was telling one of my mates last night, alot of my main plot points have come from dreams... Without them, I would have barely anything to write
  17. :lol: I would love to have a dream about me being on the dark side of any story or film or just some wacked up idea in my head... It'll be a nice change from dreaming good all the time haha. However, as wacky as my dreams are, I use alot of them in my writting, yet twist it around a little for it to make more sense lol.
  18. OK... My dreams are not that weird. lol I had a dream the other night though that I was apart of Dumbledore's Army, and we were having a battle with Voldemort in a supermarket dreams are weird.
  19. It's 10:10 here... I should sleep soon, I'm working tomorrow... But I'm not tired and I'll just stay awake in bed all night thinking... I so hate that haha
  20. Mmmm. That was good icecream. Sprinkles. Nuts. Maple syrup. Whipped cream... I think a heart attack is in order
  21. That's weird... For a time difference... Like really weird. Well, I'm sitting here with my icecream, but gonna watch a DVD hehe... Bye all!
  22. 8:33 ? It's 9:04 here... Are you guys only half an hour behind? That's so odd. lol
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