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Bart entertained Charlotte's kid, and freaked out his girlfriend in the process by telling her he planned to have a whole house full of kids in five year's time. Also, helicopter skank was still trying to get her boyfriend tested for whatever's going on with his brain (making him drop stuff and go numb etc). He said he didn't want to have his stunt career taken away from him, so he didn't want anything confirmed. At the end, helicopter skank decided that she'd been putting off her own issues for too long, and decided to get tested for the Hodgkinson's gene. Meanwhile, that waxy-looking intern woman had her post-traumatic stress incident published in the newspaper, and so now everyone understands why she left Adam to die.

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Thenks Jem!

Season 10 & 11 come out in September according to TVW.Another company owns the rights to 6,7,8 & 9 but hopefully we'll get them eventually.

I can't believe we finally see Charlotte's kid and i miss it!

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Just comparing All Saints repeats to the current show because I'd forgotten how brilliant it was - I think the format during these repeats was perfect, it had been modernized, looked a lot more filmic and fresh yet the central characters were SO much more rewarding to follow. I love the atmosphere, it feels really fast paced and energetic, whereas currently it kinda feels a bit flat in terms of direction and storyline potential. They also seemed a lot more controversial and clever in their storytelling - take for example the last storyline involving that Catholic mother and son, really powerful scenes and dialogue used throughout.

I also notice how we NEVER see the cast out and about in front of the hospital like we used to do all the time. We see them in front of the Emergency entrance, but never in front of the actual main hospital anymore (where that wall of windows is for example).

Charlotte has been really under utilized too this year which I'm not a fan of and the current cast feels smaller. I wish they'd just go back to this format, but they'd be wasting their time with Channel 7 shoving it in a later time slot when Packed to the Rafters is on. They should try it out on another day at 8.30, but I don't think they could/would due to their other dramas. It's frustrating though.

Packed to the Rafter's has the potential to go on for another 2/3 years before I can imagine the younger cast especially decide to move on (maybe it wont happen?!) but if that is the case I cant see it remaining on screen for another 10 + years, and when the ratings die down maybe All Saints will make its return? And if so will it have lost its core audience?

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