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All Saints


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OMG, there are past people returning! The promo proved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH so excited lols.

Sorry Dean, there are no past characters returning for the finale. Those scenes you saw were of Terri's farewell dinner. They were misleading though as they mixed Von's dinner with Terri's for the promo.

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I think i saw one new scene with Terri in it but besides that it looked like all old clips to me.

I really hate this.Have they ever heard of the saying ''If it ain't broke don't fix it''?Then they bring in a stupid helicopter and cry about budget cuts.Get rid of the stupid helicopter and there would be no problem people!

Oh well.Pointless rant now,i'll miss it though.

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I don't know if Scottie tied up, shirtless, in a jail cell would appeal to everyone... :huh:

Well It would to me :P

I really enjoyed that Finale promo, the switching between next weeks ep and Terri and Mitch's party (s6ep11 "The last supper"- one of my favourite AS episodes) was quite good.(I still haven't seen the rest of the ep, I need to have a YT catch up!)

I still can't get over the fact that in a few days All Saints will be an Aussie drama of the past :(

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