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  1. ~Rosey~

    All Saints

    I just met John Waters! Aka Mike. He was at my church tonight doing a reading! Me, him, and my Dad spoke about heaps, how different the show is next year and how his 2 year old twin children wake him up at like 5:30 but he loves his job.
  2. ~Rosey~

    All Saints

    Farrr out. I cryed so much tonight. Poor Erica...omgg. Rip Mark <3
  3. ~Rosey~

    All Saints

    Ahh I haven't been here for a billion years but poor Mark What is going on with this show? As much as I love it, everyones leaving.
  4. Okay, so maybe it hasn’t exactly been 2 years yet but I’ll say I’m pretty damn close to it. And plus, its school holidays. On the 8th July, I probably wont even have time to come on here, so I thought what’s better then to post this topic. Plus, by the time I post it, it shall be July 8th tomorrow so hey, I’m close enough. I’m not sure if some of you actually remember me, or whatnot, most people I know and remember probably don’t even visit anymore. I’ve barley visited this forum this year, so I’ve missed a heap of stuff. Haha. So I guess this thread is just to say what an wacky 2 years it has been on this forum. I still remember joining up here and getting all obsessed with the fanfics and typing lyk diz <3. I was only 13. Haha. How times have changed. I doubt these people still visit anymore butttt a big thanks to - The –dead- JM Crew: Becky, Kat, Sam, Rach and Me And I think Tasha was also in it, am I right?. All the late night chats on them two characters and everything else that went on - To Sam – for being the amazing friend you are and you’ll probably never se this but so what. - Aaron: Having spoken to you in like a year now, and I dunno where you went to off my msn list, and I doubt you’ll see this but its worth a try. Haha. Loved your artwork when you used to actually post it. Haha. And oh my gosh. Did you know, the one reason I joined this forum, was before I saw your fanfic? Cant remember the name but I was really in love with it haha - Sian: Gosh. The first person I ever started talking to off the internet. You were the one that told me about bttb. Haha. Talking with you in the General Chat thread was the best. I came on as a guest the other day and was reading posts form like a year ago and they were the funniest things ever. Hahha and your obsession with … was it Corey? Pretty sure it was. Good times. Haha and theres probably so many other people I can thank but they probably don’t really come on. Ohh wait, Lauren =D Back in the days where we used to PM each other all the timee. Eek .I’m sorry I havnt replied, but yeah I’m never on here anymore. Or if I am, it’s as a guest. Had so many memories on here in the past 2 years, how could I forget. From my obsession with Rachel, or Rachie as I used to say, to the anger of post counts being removed, to some stuff I don’t even want to think about, and then to the never ending competitions. You know, I still watch home and away, just some parts of it I cant stand! Haha. Hhaha and back in the days where my user name was like HomeAndAwayFan or something Then it was <3AmyMathews and now its thisss. Ahh so yewah. This thread is just to point out and reminisce some of the moments I've had on here and to say thanks.
  5. ~Rosey~

    All Saints

    I'm going to drag her back to the show if I have to. No!!! Ahhh, no!
  6. im taking it that means something along the lines of if i ever come to the uk ill probably freeze? lmao tis still cold
  7. FREEZINGGGGGGGGG. i walked out of the door this morning and almost froze andi just checked the weather thingy and its only 15. asdfgfhjklgkmdf firstday back at school after 3 week break and im ready to die
  8. Hey

    how are you?

    <3 Kristen

  9. ^^ I didnt get any. My g\family doesnt belive in that over Easter. && I'm with them on that.
  10. Happy Birthday ....have a good one.... enjoying being 15 while u can!!

  11. Hey Rosey :)

    Just dropping by to say Happy Birthday, and hope you have a great day.

  12. Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta!

    34 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MUM GOT TICKETSSS!!! DAD JUST MESSAGED MEEE. SECOND ROOOOOW., Seee happy thread for the tickets I'm on about
  14. Hahah no Aaron, I had to go to my next class Hooome now. Better keyboard
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