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  1. Fiiiiinally saw Red Billabong last night! It wasn't GREAT but it was GOOD and it was fun watching Dan running around fighting monsters and such He really outshone the rest of the cast, who weren't bad at all, they just weren't at his level. I'm not watching Home and Away anymore, but I'm sure he's got a lot of fine scenes left in him as Heath. I personally am looking forward to him doing more movies. I think he's well and truly outgrown the Bay, but if I was an actor I wouldn't say no to steady work close to home either. I think he's got a bright future ahead of him
  2. For some reason I pictured her coming back to stay with Irene. I can't actually remember now if Kit ever stayed with her before, but Kim did, and since both Kim and Kit's mothers are dead, I think Irene would make a good surrogate if Kit felt overwhelmed with Archie and needed some motherly advice and help.
  3. Thank you Dan! Literally just in time! He'll be able to sleep tonight!
  4. Road tripping with my bff and he NEEDS to know the story of "On the Crest of a Wave" (something about a book by/about Fisher's dead son??) because he can't remember the details and says it's driving him crazy. It's not my era so I thought I'd throw it out to the forum. We're heading into an internet black spot for several days in a couple of hours so time is an issue aaaah!!!!
  5. You got off the roller-coaster too soon I usually tell people to try to make it to 5 because that's my favourite hehe. Also, Julie Benz is in it. Julie Benz, people!! I haven't seen VHS but I must look into it. Sorry for hijacking your fic, Ludub
  6. No no it WAS original!! There are like 30 traps in those movies and without seeing a single one, you came up with something new, as compelling and horrific and traumatising as any of those and I just think that's brilliant I have seen A LOT of movies and TV shows with scenes of horror and violence so I wasn't expecting a Home and Away fanfic to actually scare me but yours did so cudos Thankfully I have avoided the whole centipede unpleasantness lol.
  7. Ohhh you MUST watch Saw. DO NOT LISTEN to people who tell you it's nothing but gore. That's what I did for years because I don't like pointless gratuitous violence either. I thought that's all it was so I watched the 2nd one under sufferance at a friend's place and I hated it because, out of context, it IS just gore, but IN context... Oh my god... I always feel super creepy being SO into these movies lol but the twists!! The twists I tell you!!! I even tell people to fast forward the gory bits if you have to, because that is so not what it's about (well it is, but there are reasons). The first movie doesn't even have many gory bits, it's 95% psychological. You can (and should!!) watch that one without getting your eyes too bloody. But if you like that, and you decide to take the journey... Oh my god... This is the second conversation (sermon?) I've had like this about Saw within a week lol. I swear I should be getting a cut of the royalties Or at least looking over my shoulder for the men in white coats... Seriously though, this fic reads exactly like a Saw script and it is AWESOME!! You even built an original "Saw trap" for Andy (i.e. a tough psychological choice with even tougher physiological consequences) and you didn't know it! How cool is that?? Another great movie is "Se7en," but do NOT get me started on the similarities... Let's just say, if you like Se7en, there's a REALLY good chance you will like Saw. I see it as a loving tribute that takes things way too far... And they're already too far in Se7en so... yeah o.o Having said ALL of that, I get that reading and writing dark stuff is very different to seeing it acted out by actual living breathing humans, even when you know it's all fake. I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did
  8. Wow No more "Saw" movies for you!! Or, if you haven't seen them, go watch them all immediately (consecutively!! That's very important!!) because you will LOVE them! (Ok no one likes the 7th and we all wish it never existed but it does and it's the "final chapter" so just try to get through it as best you can.) I swear I was picturing one of the doomed cops from that series when Kat entered the warehouse... *shudder.* You lured me in with promises of psycho Hunter and you did not disappoint!! But I have to be honest, I enjoyed Andy's descent into madness the most. I could picture every vivid moment of it, and the ghosts were amazing. I am actually quite angry after having read this that they didn't do something like this with Oscar and Hannah's ghosts - what a waste!! (Well maybe not the creepy-sex stuff for a PG show lol). Poor, poor Josh... Not pretty anymore?! But pretty is all he had!! At least you didn't mention his hair. I'm going to choose to believe that Hunter DIDN'T pull it out strand by glorious strand, because that would just be TOO distressing for me. I know I told you I'd read this tomorrow, but I ended up wanting to watch something late on TV so I had a couple of hours to kill before hand. I really, really wish I had've waited until tomorrow. I am ALONE in this house! Thanks for the nightmares!! (If I sleep at all lol.) WELL DONE!! PS: OMG THE SONG THAT DOESN'T END HAHAHA!!!
  9. I pictured Liam Hemsworth for my fic but this also works
  10. Hah. The fools left this thread open for me to dabble in. I just reread it all (and looked at all the pretty pictures ) and it's so amusing, as I sit here now watching The Avengers on DVD, how concerned I was back then about Chris Hemsworth movies getting a cinema release! (Update on the "Ca$h" saga - I was able to buy it on DVD and I enjoyed! More recently, "Blackhat" got pulled from a scheduled cinema release here, which I was NOT happy about, but then I got it on DVD and could see why... You can't win em all.) Nowadays we could talk forever and a day about the success Chris has had (I'm still not convinced that this isn't some crazy dream I'm having), and Jason has been keeping busy closer to home (he's got his own radio show on Nova! ), but the reason I came in here today and dug this thread up is because I went to the movies last night and saw the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie... ... and OMG you guys.... ROBBIE AND KIM HAD A BABY!!!! I was under the impression that his part in this movie was only a cameo, but he's an actual character (one I am CERTAIN Chris was coached on by Jason!) and I am SO looking forward to seeing it
  11. Then I have completely misunderstood you and you have completely misunderstood me. I don't read the Phoebe thread because I have no appreciation of her and no business being in there. You asked a question, I answered it, and then you laughed at me for doing so and still accuse me of double standards when I have explained over and over again what my standard are, but you choose to ignore that so you can go on making assumptions about anyone who happens to like any individual Braxton. Here's a freeby for you, my favourite actual Braxton was Heath, and that was purely and unashamedly because I thought he was the best looking. I can't remember a single thing he ever did, except have a couple of kids and then leave town. Oh yeah, he also made a nice cameo at Casey's grave. Wow, I remembered two whole things about him. My all-consuming Braxton obsession knows no bounds!!
  12. I was just imagining what it would have been like if they'd left Ash with Denny, which was a sweet and beautiful relationship. Imagine if they'd been happy together, but as the anniversary of Casey's death approached, Denny decided that she needed to do something big to truly let him go. She had to take that trip to Europe they had planned together, and she had to do it alone, to say goodbye. Imagine if Ash understood, and let her go... And then Denny never made it to Europe. Imagine how much more devastating that would be, to have someone who was truly waiting for her to return, and would truly mourn for her when she didn't... *sigh.* It's not just Kyle who has suffered from these pointless developments, we have ALL missed out on some potential greatness.
  13. I guess I'm too young... I do LOVE an uber bitch who OWNS her bitchiness. My biggest problem with Phoebe is that she is always playing the long-suffering victim, and only admits fault if it will lead to immediate codling, which it ALWAYS does. My all time favourite H&A character was Robbie Hunter, and Amanda Vale tore his family to shreds. He ended up having to kill his own grandfather because of her cruelty and greed. (She was keeping the old man on life support when he was already brain dead because there was some issue with his will that meant she'd lose his money if he died.) I bring this up to illustrate that I LOVED Amanda. She was FANTASTIC! You may have noticed that I've been praying for Charlotte to turn out like her, that's how much I miss her antics. I'll defend the characters I love, but I won't spew bile at the characters who hurt them as a matter of course. The difference between Amanda and Phoebe is, although Amanda played the victim and craved sympathy and reassurance that she wasn't really THAT bad, the writers, the other characters, and the majority of the audience knew that, yes, in fact, she really WAS that bad. I proved your point because your point was valid; of course I'll defend a character I like and try to explain why I would want to defend him. Isn't that kind of the whole point of what we're doing here? Let me ask you a question, though. Why don't you defend Phoebe and Ash just as passionately, if you believe in them so much? Why don't you explain to us why our hatred of them as characters is so wrong and unfair? Why don't you tell us who they REALLY are, how you see them, how you're truly invested in their relationship and why you MUST see it survive? These are genuine questions because these are the kinds of posts I want to read and the kind of discussions I want to have. You're talking to someone who fell in love with Ash the moment she saw him. Tell me how I can get back to that place, and I'll follow you there.
  14. Ahhh I'm bored. I might as well bite So what are you asking, exactly? If Kyle needed a kidney and took one from Ash, when Ash didn't know that Brax was alive and also compatible, would that be okay? No, I don't think it would. I think that would be very dark and unsettling. Would I continue to like Kyle at a character? Probably. If he OWNED what he had done, and felt guilty for it, and struggled with the lie. If Ash needed the kidney, and Kyle offered it to him instead of calling Brax back to the Bay, would that be okay? Well, yes, probably. I'd probably be saying what a great guy Kyle is for making that sacrifice to save the man his ex is "in love with". Would I be okay with Kyle keeping the secret from Ricky when Ricky was having a complete breakdown over Brax's "death"? No. I would not be okay with that. Would I find some excuse for it? Yes, probably. Or maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I wouldn't be able to forgive him for doing that to her when he is supposed to be her family, and supposed to be taking care of her and the baby. Anyway, the situation cannot be reversed. Ash is not Brax's brother. Ash is not effectively Ricky's brother-in-law. Ash is not Casey's uncle. Ash has not loved Phoebe for years, or proposed to her, or been very open about wanting a family with her. Kyle did not let Brax tag along on a roadtrip to find his long lost sister, and then get caught up in a murder plot, and then allow Brax to go to jail on his behalf. Kyle did not hit on Denny after Brax expressly asked him not to, in honour of Casey's memory (not something I actually agreed with, incidentally, but this led to...) Kyle did not dump Denny to then hit on Ash's girlfriend. Kyle did not kiss Ash's girlfriend. Kyle did not sleep with Ash's ex-girlfriend the same day (if not the same hour) she broke up with Ash. Kyle did not complain about not being allowed to express his love for Phoebe because everyone was against them, you know, on account of how they got together by cheating on Ash behind his back... I doubt any of this is getting through so I'll just end it there and shrug.
  15. I think there's probably a very old thread for Drew in the archives, but since you brought him up, perhaps you would like to know that he will be at Supa Nova in Sydney next weekend Also Aden! I meant Home and Away Aden - Todd Lasance - but I've just remembered that Bobby Morely's character in Neighbours was also named Aiden Drew was never my favourite character but he was among a heck of a lot of brilliant ones, and he definitely held his own. I think he probably was selfish and immature, but sometimes those are the best characters to watch. Amanda was pure selfishness and spite she was awesome. There was a lot of hate for Jazz too I think, but I genuinely liked her. It's blowing my mind a bit right now to remember that Amanda and Jazz were Belle and Drew's mothers. What talented and charismatic families!
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