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Wow, i will feel like a total idiot if it was just something i made up myself. LOL.

But for some reason, when he first came into it, it thought it was mentioned that he was like her secret son or something. Maybe i am wrong. LMFAO if im imagining it.

EDIT. Okay, now that i think back, i think it may have actually been my mother who told me he was Vons son. I missed a few of the episodes at the time, so thats why i wasnt sure. But i have a feeling now, that my mum may have misunderstood something, and just simply came to the conclusion that Adam was Von's son. LOL. And he actually isnt. I think i need to have a stern talking with her. haha.

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Ohhh wait a tick. I think I know who he is. I'm watching classic All Saints at the same time as the current series. I *think* that Adam is a kid who Von took in for a while, but then he went to jail or something... maybe :huh:

EDIT: Just did a Google search and found this on another message board:

Years ago in All Saints when Mitch had the drug clinic etc. A woman suffering from heroin addiction came to the clinic with her teenage son, his name was Adam. Von tried to help them out, and he smashed up her car, then eventually Von got thru to him a bit. I have a feeling that its the same Adam, all grown up and now a Doc! The woman who played Adams Mother (addict) was the woman suffering from emphasyma in last nights episode. So, maybe thats how they're going to tie it all in. :-)

So there you go!

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I have no idea what series we have showing here in Ireland, but I'm currently watching an episode where and Irish patient is getting a concrete cast taken off with an angle grinder!! The joke seems to be that only an Irishman could be so stupid as to get his leg encased in concrete :lol:

Can anyone remember this episode in Oz? I just want to know how far behind we are.

Anyone? Cheers!

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