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All Saints


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Poor Nelson, he has the worst luck doesn't he? He is bound to hit the grog again after this.

Will Tammy leave or will she continue to work and bring the baby to work with her?

I like her character.

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Very happy it is returning in two weeks. Yet of course it comes back when uni does! <_< It is weird though, they have promos for the other shows, except Blue Heelers as that returns for a few eps later this year when Prison Break finishes, yet have not seen one of All Saints. Hmmm.

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NOTE: Episode 335 (2005 season finale) will be repeated at 2pm on February 28th.

Episode summaries for season 9 opener.


episode 336

Tuesday February 28, 2006

Rocked by the death of Nelsons fiancé, emotions boil over and conflict brews between Cate and Charlotte. Who will go to jail? Will the team get through this?

Special guest stars SIBYLLA BUDD and JAY LAGA'AIA.

Extended synopsis from Channel 7 website

While the ED continues to struggle with the casualties of the chemical explosion, Nelson exacts revenge on Colin. The question will be, how far is he willing to go to punish his fiancee's murderer?

Von continues to struggle with her grief over Kerry's death, but more importantly, her guilt. Could she have avoided this tragedy?

Meanwhile, Vincent's revelation to Charlotte has thrown her completely, and when a patient refuses life saving medical intervention, she is faced with an ethical dilemma - does she respect the patient's wishes? Or save his life? Cate finds herself at odds with her on the issue.

Dan and Jessica team up to help a man blinded by chemicals. His emotional needs far outweigh his medical ones, and Jessica comes up with a unique solution.

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