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  1. Happy birthday Rhedz! :D

  2. Well done on 500 pages! An incredible achievement! Your avs are brilliant.
  3. Please can i use one of the Bianca/Liam avs? I'll credit you. Amazing avs btw.
  4. Ever since Rachel left i've been searching for a new favourite.. Tonight it happen! I have really come to warm to Bianca and now that she is with Liam i think it brings out the better side with her... Can't wait to see more of Bianca in 2011
  5. Describe a few memorable pre-Tachel scenes that are worthy of mentioning. When do you think that you saw that first Tachel spark when they weren’t a couple yet? During the Reverend Hall situation.. What were your favourite and least favourite Tachel storylines? Favourite - Wedding, Proposal 1 & 2, Harry being born and all the romance scenes they had together Least Favourite - All the stupid fights! Mention a few of your favourite Tachel quotes. umm.. 'I love you' Describe your favourite Tachel scenes with and without Harry. with Harry - the birth and after Harry being kidnapped being on Tachel's bed all together without Harry- All the seems except those fight scenes. Which was your favourite Harry? Please mention the name of the actor or a scene/storyline that he was involved in. Matthew Lewis - He has so much personality! Without a doubt my favourite Harry. I just loved his cute little faces. That scene were Rachel was trying to feed him.. The way he watched himself clenching his fist and his eyes widened with amazement and then that little giggling fit at the end of the scene. What will you miss most about the Holden family? EVERYTHING!! Have been my favourite. What song best defines Tachel? Fortune and Love - Delta Goodrem If you could re-write any Tachel scene, which would it be and how would it play out? They had some of the most stupid fights like the boxing one for example.. It was just no necessary Are there any storylines which you think could/should have been written for Tachel? Harry's 1st birthday. More Tachel love scenes would have been good there was never enough! If you were given the chance to let the writers know how you felt about the writing of this couple, what would you say to them? Home & Away writer i don't really think you made the best out of Tachel unfortunately... I love Tachel just not the writers.. Any parting words that you would like to express in regards to Tachel? I'll miss them!! Come back soon i hope!
  6. I can't believe they are gone.. Rachel has been my face ever since she arrived I did tell myself once she left haa that I wouldn't watch anymore but I will watch.. Going to miss her so much and tony and Harry too! Sb will def never be the same without them!
  7. Hate you HAA. Harry is now 1 and nobody knows..
  8. Let's take bets that they wont mention Harry's birthday next week which is July 23.. I remember surely HAA can.
  9. I DO NOT LIKE HAA ATM no decent Tachel+Harry scenes.. HAA are nuts! We see prams a lot but any bets there isn't even a baby in it most of the time.
  10. Lol @ they very very clear differance between the two Harry's in tonight's episode.. 1 had big blue eyes the other one had brown..
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