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  1. Happy birthday Rhedz! :D

  2. Well done on 500 pages! An incredible achievement! Your avs are brilliant.
  3. Please can i use one of the Bianca/Liam avs? I'll credit you. Amazing avs btw.
  4. Ever since Rachel left i've been searching for a new favourite.. Tonight it happen! I have really come to warm to Bianca and now that she is with Liam i think it brings out the better side with her... Can't wait to see more of Bianca in 2011
  5. Describe a few memorable pre-Tachel scenes that are worthy of mentioning. When do you think that you saw that first Tachel spark when they weren’t a couple yet? During the Reverend Hall situation.. What were your favourite and least favourite Tachel storylines? Favourite - Wedding, Proposal 1 & 2, Harry being born and all the romance scenes they had together Least Favourite - All the stupid fights! Mention a few of your favourite Tachel quotes. umm.. 'I love you' Describe your favourite Tachel scenes with and without Harry. with Harry - the birth and after Harry being ki
  6. I can't believe they are gone.. Rachel has been my face ever since she arrived I did tell myself once she left haa that I wouldn't watch anymore but I will watch.. Going to miss her so much and tony and Harry too! Sb will def never be the same without them!
  7. Hate you HAA. Harry is now 1 and nobody knows..
  8. Let's take bets that they wont mention Harry's birthday next week which is July 23.. I remember surely HAA can.
  9. I DO NOT LIKE HAA ATM no decent Tachel+Harry scenes.. HAA are nuts! We see prams a lot but any bets there isn't even a baby in it most of the time.
  10. Lol @ they very very clear differance between the two Harry's in tonight's episode.. 1 had big blue eyes the other one had brown..
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