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This Week:

Von's future hangs in the balance when she is accused of negligence. Admin decides to run a time and motion survey on the ED during a hectic shift. The Resus Team have a busy day with a hit and run victim and then an unusual and confronting resuscitation. Charlotte fights Admin to find a bed for a patient.

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Looks like it will be soon:

Shadows of the Heart

Episode 9.09 (344)

April 25, 2006

Teaser Spoiler:

The team go into crisis mode when one of their own is found at deaths door. A horrific MVA leaves a man helplessly watching on as both his wife and daughter fight for survival.

Extended Summary:

Eighteen-year-old Jacinta Cosgrove is brought in after a terrible MVA and the battle to save such a young life is stressful for everyone. But it is even more heartbreaking dealing with her distraught father Ian. And that stress hits Frank twice as hard as he struggles to keep his cool in the aftermath of the sexual harassment claim made by Deanna. Something he fails to do as he collapses with a heart attack, revealing more of his personal life than he would like. Newly certified as a Nurse Practitioner, Nelson struggles to diagnose the mystery pain of his first patient, Melanie Sonter. Jack is drawn deeper into his relationship with Deanna as she clings desperately to her place at All Saints in the face of mounting hostility. But it isn't Deanna who finds she can no longer take it.

Just Desserts

Episode 9.10 (345)

May 02, 2006

Teaser Spoiler:

A plan is hatched to oust Deanna who from the Emergency Department. Sean and Charlotte are forced to take unpopular action to save an Ambo's crushed leg. Frank, recovering from his heart attack, proves to be anything but a model patient.

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