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  1. Yes if only Jodi wanted to finish too they could have left together. But lets face it. Jodi is still young while Paul having turned 30 needed to move on.
  2. It is Tim Campbell's birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday Tim!
  3. Hey Paulli..what is your myspace addy? I shall add you as a friend!
  4. Yes he does. So does Mark. I think Jess has one but having doubts that it is actually her since she has like 90 friends. Tim Campbell recently made one too! It mentions it on his official page so it must be legit. I would post the links but I don't think we can do that here.
  5. I think it is Kate's birthday today? If so then happy 29th Kate!
  6. Yep friends with Mark and Christie...she has even replied to my comments a couple of times! Also friends with Caitlin and Christian. Oh and Sam Clark but only his music one...he only accepts ppl he knows on his normal one. I think Kyal, Eliza and Ben etc only accept ppl they actually know that is why their profiles are private.
  7. Yeah that is the one I am talking about! If they appear in a celeb's top friends or friend's list overall then they are 100% real.
  8. Yeah Mark Furze, Christie Hays and Rhys Wakefield all have official pages. Jason Smith too I think.
  9. I got fancards today from Bobby, Jon, Jessica and Nic today when I met them! Some of the fan cards already had an autograph on them but they just signed over it which is good...kinda defeats the whole purpose of meeting them.
  10. OMG so Rhys is 2 days and 2 years older than my sister who absolutely loves him! I can't beleive he is 18 soon. Looks so much younger!
  11. Happy belated birthday to Jessica. I am starting to warm to Belle now...didn't like her at the beginning but Jessica is a great actress.
  12. Yeah I knew that...12 days after mine and 8 days before Tim's! Although on imdb it says October 7 1969 but I beleive he was born in 1973?
  13. The most important day on Wednesday....it is Tim Campbell's 31st! Have a very happy birthday Tim! He is highly unlikely to read this but will post it anyways. I arrive in Sydney on his bday so I might be able to see him around while I am there...though quite unlikely. Happy Birthday Tim for Wednesday!
  14. I beleive it is Nic Bishop's birthday tomorrow! So Happy Birthday Nic! I hope to see you on screen again soon.
  15. It was Chris Hemsworth (Kim) 23rd birthday on Friday and I think it is Kate Ritchie (Sally) 28th birthday tomorrow. So happy birthday to both of them!
  16. Happy 16th for yesterday Indianna! I can't beleive a 16 year old, well 15 at the time has got such a great dramatic storyline at the moment! She is doing so well...I hope she gets nominated for a Logie again in the future. She is a great actress.
  17. It is Bec Hewitt's 23rd birthday today! Hip hip hooray! She is in LA with Lleyton and Mia as he has a tennis tournament there. I read in New Idea that the night of her birthday they were going out to a really posh restaurant. Feel free to move if in wrong forum.
  18. The only one obviously that I know of is www.timcampbell.com.au
  19. I got some from TV Week well at least I had them...But usually if you write to them you will get a signed one back I think. You could also get them when H&A cast are at promo events.
  20. Very happy it is returning in two weeks. Yet of course it comes back when uni does! It is weird though, they have promos for the other shows, except Blue Heelers as that returns for a few eps later this year when Prison Break finishes, yet have not seen one of All Saints. Hmmm.
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