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  1. May I please request a banner for my fic "Diaries of A Buckton Mother"? Any pics of Charlie confessing to Angelo that she was raped in ep 4914, Charlie and Angelo in bed, Ruby and Xavier in bed, a baby girl in an incubator (boy or girl, it dosen't really matter), a diary and a baby scan photo. Any text you feel fits. Thanks
  2. Haymaiden

    All Saints

    I am a loyal Claire and Steve fan and when they broke up I thought of a fan fic. Steve: Who's that girl? Mike:She's our councillor. Steve: Why do we need a councillor? Mike: For the patients, not us. The councillor, named Mia, is rather interested in Steve but is irratating Jo as she is distracting Steve when they reach a paragliding accident Jo: Could you two please just do your jobs? Mia: I will. Afterwards, back in the office, Mia brings out a baskets of biscuits. Mia: Bikkies, anyone? Mia: So why did the red-head nurse refuse to show me where your office was? Steve: She's my ex-girlfriend. She was assualted and I used to be an alcoholic. She used to live in Perth. She escaped him once, but he found her. Mia: She's never going to live properly if she has no one. She needs you, Steve. I'll talk to her. Mia walks up to the front desk, Gabby is behind the desk Mia: Can I please see the nurse will the red hair. Gabby: Sure. Claire! Someone's here to see you. Claire: Yes. Mia: I'm Mia, the MRU's councillor. You need someone close to you. I've seen women who've just pushed everything away. They've got nothing. Claire: Thanks. Claire takes Mia's advice as goes to see Steve in the MRU office. Claire: Steve. Steve: What is it, Claire? Claire: Do we have a chance? Steve: If you think we do. Jo and Mia: Yes! That's my fan fic.
  3. Haymaiden

    All Saints

    I love that fan fic. CAS forever.
  4. Hi Ryleigh. Hope you can get the money for IVF. Having a baby is magical.

  5. May you please upload this Jolie one for me. I will credit. Thanks
  6. I wrote to Ella Scott Lynch and Jodi Gordon with replies the next week!
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