And for our fourth update: Those on five and six points!

  • 76. Amanda Vale (6 points)

    Played by Holly Brisley

    Amanda probably left Summer Bay a nicer person than she arrived, although some might say that’s a low bar to clear. A famous actress who somehow ended up teaching at Summer Bay High, before marrying her ex-boyfriend’s grandfather and getting to live in a big house. Also managed to sleep with two brothers and the son of one of them.

  • 76= Angelo Rosetta (6 points)

    Played by Luke Jacobz

    Angelo hadn’t made it into the poll since 2012, but then it’s been a long time since he was actually on the show when a poll was running. With him returning to town this year to investigate Ross Nixon’s murder, it’s a bit of a head scratcher as to how he’s a police officer again, but hopefully he’s learned his lesson about helping people go free.

  • 76= April Scott (6 points)

    Played by Rhiannon Fish

    April seems to be remembered for little more than being Dexter’s girlfriend, which is a shame because some of us felt that was the least interesting part of her character. She came in as a rather feisty environmental campaigner and left as…not much of anything really. Oh yeah, medical student.

  • 76= Edward Dunglass (6 points)

    Played by Stephen James King

    Edward always seems to be found in the lower levels of these polls, which is quite impressive for a character who was on the show for less than a year twenty years ago. He obviously appeals to a certain section of fandom. Whether it was the terminal illness or the interesting fashion choices is another matter.

  • 76= Hannah Wilson (6 points)

    Played by Cassie Howarth

    Hannah’s placed surprisingly highly compared to other members of her family, and may be another character who gets remembered more fondly when people don’t have to watch her. She had an odd choice of men at times (Nate and Andy, really?) but seemed all set to settle down with Chris when she forgot to get that headache checked out.

  • 76= Jack Holden (6 points)

    Played by Paul O’Brien

    Well, Jack’s finished higher than on-off wife Martha, so he’s obviously got some fans out there. At the time, he was considered the worst police officer ever to grace Summer Bay. Given some of the stunts pulled by his successors, he perhaps doesn’t seem that bad now, despite trying to plant drugs on his love rival.

  • 76= Peta Janossi (6 points)

    Played by Aleetza Wood

    Peta somehow finishes on the same number of points as her “husband” so I guess someone must like her a bit more than him and someone must like her a bit less? She was one of that odd subset of characters who got fostered at the famous caravan park even though Pippa wasn’t there anymore, before quitting school to go travelling.

  • 76= Ric Dalby (6 points)

    Played by Mark Furze

    One of Alf’s other grandsons, who you’d be forgiven for forgetting about since that’s apparently what Alf’s done. Surprisingly managed to get double the points of the girl he headed off into the sunset with, so maybe people have finally forgiven him for that unfortunate “cheating on her with an older woman who he got pregnant” thing.

  • 76= Robbie Hunter (6 points)

    Played by Jason Smith

    Robbie has also finished with double the points of the girl Ric headed off into the sunset with, who happened to be his sister, and also a couple more than his one-time best friend. Possibly the only character introduced with glasses who didn’t suddenly stop needing them a few months later. Also got a sunset ending with his on/off girlfriend-turned-wife.

  • 76= VJ Patterson (6 points)

    Played by Various Babies, Cooper Scott, Felix Dean & Matt Little

    VJ and Robbie both married someone who got pregnant by rape and raised the child as their own. They should start a club. Or a support group. Leah’s son is currently hiding out in Cyprus from Irene’s son. It’s what happens when you live in Summer Bay for too long.

  • 86. Buddy Morgan (5 points)

    Played by Buddy

    Buddy’s barely been on screen this year, to the point that people got concerned and started threads on the forum about it. He did eventually manage a handful of appearances, but is mostly hanging out in the backyard waiting for someone to come feed him when the rest of the household need to talk behind their back.

  • 86= Charlotte King (5 points)

    Played by Erika Heynatz

    Charlotte’s had a mini-revival since nearly falling out of the poll last year. She spent much of her time covering for her delinquent son, which somehow ended in him being embraced by the community and her being shot dead and dumped in a rock pool. Sometimes it’s hard not being part of the in crowd.

  • 86= Joel Nash (5 points)

    Played by David Woodley

    Joel has placed higher than his wife again, although they’ve both made it onto the board this time. He started off as a PE teacher then made a career change back to police officer. Actually, he’s another one who ended up bringing up another man’s child. And he was Peta’s foster father. Gosh, the connections just keep on coming…

  • 86= Karen Dean (5 points)

    Played by Belinda Jarrett

    Well, I wasn’t anticipating Karen being more popular than her more famous brother. She’s another one that hasn’t been in the poll since 2012, so maybe someone was looking back at that list for inspiration. Karen started off as a sweet girl and ended up as a jailbird thief with a poor taste in boyfriends. That sort of things usually happens the other way round.

  • 86= Martin Ashford (5 points)

    Played by George Mason

    Ash was absent from the last poll which seems to have prompted someone to vote for him this time. He didn’t seem all that popular during some of his time on the show, with a lot of people having a hard time getting past him indirectly getting Brax sent to jail, but eventually got a more or less happy ending. And I think he still owns half the garage, although it hasn’t been mentioned in a while.

  • 86= Nate Cooper (5 points)

    Played by Kyle Pryor

    Nate also dropped out of the poll last time only to come straight back in. He wasn’t particularly popular with Brax fans either, given that he married his ex and played father to his son. He and Ash both dated Tori at various points. Oh, and Kat. Which if nothing else shows that the people of Summer Bay have eclectic tastes sometimes.

  • 86= Rebecca Fisher/Nash (5 points)

    Played by Jane Hall, Danielle Carter, Belinda Emmett & Megan Connolly

    Donald Fisher’s last surviving child (as far as we know, it’s been a while since we heard from her). Placed between her in-laws Joel and Natalie, Rebecca had a go at being the local foster mum but didn’t last that long in the role as she and husband Travis ran away to sea.

  • 86= Rosie Pritchard (5 points)

    Played by Teri Haddy

    Ah, Rosie. You get characters who are signed up for three years and you can’t get rid of, and then you get characters who we’d gladly have seen three years of and yet they only last a few months. Rosie was one of the latter, the often traumatic best friend of Sasha. Seeing where the rest of that teen group are in this poll, it seems sometimes less is more!

  • 86= Sid Walker (5 points)

    Played by Robert Mammone

    Nate’s predecessor as the regular doctor character, now the father-in-law of April. Sid seemed to get an initial bad rep as a serial cheat but becoming a single father seemed to be the making of him and he turned into a pillar of the community. When he wasn’t being sacked for giving the hospital an extra patient, of course.


  • 86= Tony Holden (5 points)

    Played by Jon Sivewright

    And next to Sid, we have another single father with a few black marks in the womanising stakes. He eventually settled down and started a second family with his second wife, who he followed to the United States. Had a rather varied career ranging from teacher to gym manager.

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