Well, after slogging through the lower stages, we’re finally at the Top 30. Who has made the grade?

  • 21. Angie Russell (20 points)

    Played by Laurie Foell

    Angie continues to be surprisingly well-remembered for a guest villain from over 15 years ago. She seemed to start off as a fairly run-of-the-mill person-from-regular’s-past-with-a-secret but gradually went more and more off the deep end until half of Summer Bay was a suspect for caving her head in.

  • 21= Shannon Reed (20 points)

    Played by Isla Fisher

    It’s even longer since we last saw Shannon but obviously she’s another one that’s made a mark. A fiery redhead with a bit of a vulnerable streak, Shannon seems to be standing out from her teen group. There’s not many people who could try and split up Shane and Angel and still have the audience on their side.

  • 23. Bella Nixon (19 points)

    Played by Courtney Miller

    Bella has the distinction of being the lowest ranked character to have a place all to herself. She probably wouldn’t have placed so high last year, when the general opinion seemed to be that Colby was a good brother to her and she was a troublemaking brat. The events of this year… seem to have given people a new perspective.

  • 24. Casey Braxton (17 points)

    Played by Lincoln Younes

    Casey continues to hold his own in the upper places of the poll, even if he isn’t in the Top 10 these days. He started off as the most vulnerable of the Braxton brothers who Brax was trying to keep out of trouble. This didn’t entirely work, as he seemed to end up in jail as much as the rest of them before running off on an ill-planned rescue once too often.

  • 24= Christian Green (17 points)

    Played by Ditch Davey

    A high placing for a character who’s only been on the show a few months. It’s not quite clear whether Christian works at Northern Districts Hospital or not, but he’s developed into a decent foil for Tori while still managing to keep her in line. Good sense of humour too.

  • 26. Heath Braxton (16 points)

    Played by Dan Ewing

    The Braxtons might not be the driving force that they once were, but Heath’s another one of the family who continues to be more popular than most. He’s almost become separate from the Braxtons thanks to his marriage to Bianca, turning him into someone who turns up at Irene’s place every now and then.

  • 26= Hunter King (16 points)

    Played by Scott Lee

    It’s perhaps kind of appropriate that Hunter’s on the same number of points as Heath, since they’ve both managed to earn themselves a fan base despite an unpromising start. But for some of us, it’s hard not to dream of a parallel universe where Zac had a DNA test done in the first place and then sent the twisted firestarter packing.

  • 28. Dexter Walker (15 points)

    Played by Tom Green & Charles Cottier

    Dexter’s another one who remains in the mind even if he’s not as far up there as he was in previous polls. He seems to have become synonymous with April, his wife of one episode, even though he had some pretty good stuff with his family as well.

  • 28= Jett James/Palmer (15 points)

    Played by Will McDonald

    Jett continues to seem closer to the current cast than a lot of departed characters, although we haven’t seen any on screen reaction from him to John and Marilyn’s latest marital difficulties. He’s one of the few characters to end up in a wheelchair without making a miraculous recovery, although he did have to leave town soon after.

  • 28= Noah Lawson (15 points)

    Played by Beau Brady

    Noah’s another one that continues to appear highly despite not having appeared in donkey’s years. Even though they kept breaking up and seeing other people, the show obviously decided that he and Hayley were the golden couple, so they got married just so that she could be widowed a short time later.

  • 28= Roo Stewart (15 points)

    Played by Justine Clarke & Georgie Parker

    Roo was down in the lower fringes with six points last time, so she’s obviously done something in the last couple of years to improve her standing. She’s still more likely to be out of the Bay than many of the cast, but she’s managed to hang around long enough to romance twin brothers and cope with the problem of working at a school that we don’t see anymore.

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