And as we edge ever closer to the top of the poll, here’s those on nine and ten points!

  • 48. Billie Ashford (10 points)

    Played by Tessa de Josselin

    Billie has slid down a bit from the last two polls, but ten points is nothing to be sniffed at. Billie seemed to be keeping Northern Districts Hospital in business all on her own at times, yet still they didn’t notice she had terminal cancer until she was coughing up blood. For some reason, the show waited until right after she’d died before bringing her oldest brother back from the dead.


  • 48= Chloe Richards (10 points)

    Played by Kristy Wright

    Another reasonably tragic character, having been brought back just to be accidentally killed by one of her old friends. It’s telling that Chloe’s in the poll 15 years later, while her daughter who was a regular just a couple of years ago is nowhere to be seen. A late arrival to the 90s teen group, to the point that she hadn’t even made it onto the opening titles when the 7TWO repeats ended.

  • 48= Colleen Smart (10 points)

    Played by Lyn Collingwood

    Colleen’s still picking up points seven years on from her last visit to attend niece Roo’s wedding, where she managed to wind up both Morag and Celia to the point Alf asked them all to leave. Her appearances stretch right back to the early years of the show, although she was absent for most of the 90s. Sadly didn’t get a reunion with Detective Risotto this year.

  • 48= Kyle Braxton (10 points)

    Played by Nic Westaway

    It’s hard to think past the fact that Kyle had one of the worst departure storylines in recent memory (although not as bad as Billie’s), but we’ll try. The late arrival to the Braxton clan started off staking out his brother (who he turned out not to be related to at all) in the desert, but managed to develop past that to often seem like the only sane man. Except where Isla was concerned.

  • 48= Nick Smith (10 points)

    Played by Chris Egan

    After making a surprise return to the leader board last time, Nick has actually managed to double his points. He spent a few years living with Irene and dating both the Sutherland twins (but then they seemed to share boyfriends quite a bit) before getting a departure storyline that included him appearing on a reality show.

  • 48= Sarah Lewis (10 points)

    Played by Luisa Hastings Edge

    That Olympic cliffhanger of Sarah holding half of the Bay hostage must be seared in people’s minds given how often she pops up in polls. Sarah was something of a novelty at the time. Nowadays, it seems at times that you can’t move in Summer Bay without coming across a gun-toting psychopath.

  • 48= Selina Cook/Roberts (10 points)

    Played by Tempany Deckert

    Selina sits comfortably on the same number of points as her one-time housemate. She and Chloe could be at loggerheads at times, mainly because they were another pair who seemed to share boyfriends quite a bit. She may or may not have eventually married Steven: Following their off-screen relationship needed a diagram at times.

  • 48= Sophie Simpson (10 points)

    Played by Rebekah Elmaloglou

    Sophie finishes above both Blake and Karen, somewhat surprising given that she didn’t seem all that popular among 7TWO viewers. Maybe seeing her in Neighbours has made a few people feel nostalgic. Last seen in the 2005 reunion episode and probably grateful that she didn’t accept a lift from Chloe that night.


  • 48= Stacey Macklin (10 points)

    Played by Sandie Lillingston

    One of those characters who wasn’t a regular but stuck around long enough that she might as well have been. Stacey was actually Martha Mackenzie’s aunt, but only merited a passing mention during her time on the show. She spent a year or so hanging around in the early days getting engaged to whoever she was dating this week.

  • 57. Colby Thorne (9 points)

    Played by Tim Franklin

    At the time of the last poll, it seemed like Colby might put his dodgy past behind him and settle down to being a worthwhile member of the community. A few days into the new season, he’d shot a man dead in cold blood, so that didn’t go too well. Might have got a few more points if he hadn’t spent the last few weeks desperately trying to cover up that murder.

  • 57= Matt Page (9 points)

    Played by Alec Snow

    Another Mangrove River ex-pat sits alongside Colby. Matt was a bit of an anomaly since he didn’t seem to have anything to do with the River Boys, but was portrayed as coming from the wrong side of the tracks anyway. Unlike many of his old neighbours, he did actually manage to stick at turning his life around and heading off to help his sort-of-wife help underprivileged children.

  • 57= Miles Copeland (9 points)

    Played by Josh Quong Tart

    Sally’s spontaneously introduced twin brother arrived in town just in time to take over running the caravan park, fostering children and having an odd couple relationship with Alf. Miles’ time on the show ended with a bit of a whimper after an ill-judged romance with Leah, but remains one of that era’s best additions.

  • 57= Peter Baker (9 points)

    Played by Nicholas Bishop

    A rare successful Summer Bay police officer, in that he didn’t end his tenure getting killed, arrested or thrown out of the force. Well, actually he did get killed but it didn’t stick. Instead, he ended up marrying his one-time sister-in-law who had also slept with his son and sailing off into the sunset with her.

  • 57= Phoebe Nicholson (9 points)

    Played by Isabella Giovinazzo

    Phoebe has actually managed to increase her points from last time. Her popularity continues to be a bit confusing for anyone who remembers her time on the show, but she did at least make an attempt to keep the Braxtons in line. She’s now off having a singing career even though her singing seemed so-so at best.

  • 57= Shane Parrish (9 points)

    Played by Dieter Brummer

    Shane once again proves a lot more popular than his wife, although he’s still only just scraping into the top half of the poll and not managing double figures. Like Angel, he’s probably always going to remain half of Summer Bay’s most iconic couple, no matter how many generations grow up not having a clue who they were.

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