And appropriately, the second update is those with two points!

  • 115. Adam Cameron (2 points)

    Played by Mat Stevenson

    A long-serving character from the early days, Adam spent the best part of five years hanging around Summer Bay coming up with money-making schemes that inevitably ended with him out of pocket and in trouble with either the law or a fist-waving Alf Stewart. He also dated Marilyn for a bit.

  • 115= Axel Hay (2 points)

    Played by Trent Dalzell

    Axel’s doubled his points since last time, so maybe his appearance in the lower fringes left someone inspired. A short-lived in every way teen character from the late 00s, Axel started out as Aden’s sidekick, only to get beaten up by him, then struck up a partnership with Jai Fernandez, only to be knocked off a bike with him.

  • 115= Joey Rainbow (2 points)

    Played by Alex O’Han

    Joey’s also got one point more, despite coming from one of the least remembered periods of the show, as demonstrated by a distinct lack of his peers from the late-mid-90s teen group. He was a somewhat eccentric teen taken in by Irene, who proceeded to develop a mental illness that caused him to see his dead father talking to him out of a computer screen. These days, we’d just think he was on Zoom.

  • 115= Maddy Osbourne (2 points)

    Played by Kassandra Clementi

    It’s always nice to see Maddy in this poll, even if she has taken a bit of a dip from last time. She never seemed particularly popular during her time on the show, with her getting a reputation as a “princess” thanks to Alf constantly bawling her out for not tidying up. But her cancer battle gained her a few more fans and despite having her arm amputated, she still had one of the happiest exits of 2016!

  • 115= Max Sutherland (2 points)

    Played by Sebastian Elmaloglou

    The cousin of Dani, Kirsty and Jade continues to be surprisingly memorable, despite getting a rather feeble exit in the middle of the Great Sutherland Exodus of 2004. He pretty much kicked off the late-00s teen group but didn’t actually meet any of the famous ones apart from Matilda, and spent much of his time hanging around with Colleen.

  • 115= Natalie Nash (2 points)

    Played by Angelica la Bozzetta & Antoinette Byron

    Well, this is possibly the biggest shock of the year: 20 years after her last appearance, Natalie Nash has picked up her first points ever! After a rather bland first year as a slightly overbearing parent, a recast and a move to Summer Bay House saw Natalie become the show’s new earth mother, until a rather bizarre exit storyline where it was announced out of nowhere that she was pregnant by another man.

  • 115= Robert Robertson (2 points)

    Played by Socratis Otto

    Last year, fans got in a tizzy about the prospect of a Robert Robertson return, which was somewhat dampened by the realisation that Socratis Otto was playing a random counsellor called Aiden instead. He could have been an ideal choice to investigate Ross Nixon’s murder, but his old nemesis Angelo got that job instead. And didn’t hide a listening device in a stuffed bear.

  • 115= Sasha Bezmel (2 points)

    Played by Demi Harman

    Sasha has taken exactly the same dip as contemporary Maddy, a character that she had a very similar taste in boyfriends to. The late arrival Walker half-sibling managed to liven up the household somewhat with her banter with her family, then spent a year living with Irene for no particular reason during which she at least managed some similar banter with Chris.

  • 115= Sophie Taylor (2 points)

    Played by Bridgette Sneddon

    Sophie’s retained her two points from last time, suggesting she continues to get the sympathy vote for having to be married to Nate. Knocking out Hannah and keeping Nate tied up whilst threatening to set him on fire were things a lot of people dreamed of doing, after all.

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