The waiting is over as the Top 3 are finally announced!

  • 1. Sally Fletcher (121 points)

    Played by Kate Ritchie

    After the shake-up two years ago with the tie for first place, normal service is resumed: Sally finishes fifty points above the character she shared the top spot with last time, and over twenty points ahead of her nearest competitor. She spent twenty years pretty much embodying what the show was about, but like Pippa, the unthinkable happened and the show has actually managed to carry on without her.

  • 2. Morag Bellingham (97 points)

    Played by Cornelia Frances

    Up one place from third last time round, despite a conspicuous lack of mentions during that period. Some people consider the show leaving Morag in limbo, following the death of Cornelia Frances, to be somewhat disrespectful. But maybe there’s a comfort to be had in believing that she’s still out there, failing to stop innocent people going to jail but getting them out again on appeal after about two weeks.

  • 3. Alf Stewart (71 points)

    Played by Ray Meagher

    After tying for first last time round, Alf slumps a lot, but can take comfort in the fact that he’s the highest of the current cast. This year, Alf managed to have his second wedding in the show’s lifetime, over thirty years after the first. He’s pretty much taken up the baton from Pippa and Sally as the one insisting Summer Bay is there to give a home to anyone that needs it. But only if they’re on a long-term contract.

  • 4. Irene Roberts (69 points)

    Played by Jacqy Phillips & Lynne McGranger

    Irene actually rises a place and picks up a few more points from her showing last time round, helping to push Donald Fisher down to the previous update. It’s hard to remember much of what Irene’s done this year, but she’s being put to good use. Given that her attempt to look after Bella was fairly disastrous, perhaps the show’s finally stopped pretending she’s only one generation on from the teens!

  • 5. Dean Thompson (67 points)

    Played by Patrick O’Connor

    A phenomenal rise for Dean, who was right down in 37th place last time round but more than triples his point score to make it into the Top 5. Whilst he’s never quite shaken off the mantle of the new River Boy, his popular romance with Ziggy and cute scenes with his recently discovered son have even managed to win John Palmer over, along with the forum members!

And that’s your lot! Hopefully we’ll all meet here again in two years to see if Liam Tanner, Charlotte Adams or Harvey Ryan has made the Top 10.

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