And today we have those on seven and eight points, meaning at least some of these had more than one person vote for them!

  • 63. Alex Neilson (8 points)

    Played by Zoe Ventoura

    It had been ten years since Home and Away had last attempted a same sex relationship, so Alex’s romance with Willow was always going to attract some interest, even if the fact she was only a guest character stopped people getting too involved. And she was a good doctor to boot, as her handling of Raffy demonstrated.

  • 63= Ben Astoni (8 points)

    Played by Rohan Nichol

    Ben was down in the first update with one point last time, so making the Top 70 earns him the title of this poll’s biggest riser. He didn’t make a good first impression, but his support of Maggie during her cancer battle and his own battle with depression managed to increase people’s opinion of him, before he realised he’d be a lot happier somewhere else.


  • 63= Denny Miller (8 points)

    Played by Jessica Grace Smith

    Denny obviously did something right, given that she’s ranked above most of her extended family. She had a lot of potential but spent far too much of her time mourning a guy she dated for five minutes. By the time it came out that her cousin was responsible for the robbery that led to her death, everyone seemed to have forgotten about her.

  • 63= Flynn Saunders (8 points)

    Played by Martin Dingle-Wall & Joel McIlroy

    The only guy who actually managed to marry serial fiancée Sally, so he must have had something going for him. Came in as a youth counsellor and ended up as a doctor, while following Sally as she inevitably ended up taking over the caravan park and fostering loads of kids.


  • 63= Jai Simmons (8 points)

    Played by River Jarvis

    UK viewers went on their Christmas break with a Jai-centric cliffhanger, although voting had closed by then so I guess he got his points mainly down to being cute. The son of Dean and Amber, which could be considered a curious pedigree. He should probably meet Darcy to exchange notes on staying out of that River Boy stuff.

  • 68. Chris Harrington (7 points)

    Played by Johnny Ruffo

    Chris has dropped out of the Top 20, but remains popular four years after his departure. He was a perennially unlucky-in-love character who always insisted he was one of the Diner ladies, to the point of insisting on being one of Leah’s bridesmaids. Sadly, he didn’t have to wear a dress.


  • 68= Curtis Reed (7 points)

    Played by Shane Ammann

    I thought we’d seen the last of Curtis after he disappeared last time round, but it looks as though the 90s fans have struck back. Curtis wasn’t the most memorable of that era’s teens but seemed a decent enough bloke. Left to become a pro surfer with the double of his dead girlfriend.

  • 68= Evelyn MacGuire (7 points)

    Played by Phillipa Northeast

    Someone started a forum thread a while back about who had the most people die on them on the show. Having lost both her parents, both her siblings and her aunt, Evelyn must be pretty high on the list. She did eventually get a happy ending by heading off into the sunset with the other member of her teen group left standing.

  • 68= Kit Hunter (7 points)

    Played by Amy Mizzi

    Kit has always seemed to be quite popular with a certain section of fandom. Her time as main cast lasted less than a year, but she obviously chimed enough with those behind the scenes to keep making dramatic entrances for over three years later. Who said she wouldn’t be memorable?

  • 68= Liam Murphy (7 points)

    Played by Axle Whitehead

    Another returnee to the poll, Liam had one of the oddest introductions ever, as a world-famous rock star who somehow ended up working a minimum wage job in a glorified pizza parlour. Maybe somewhere there’s a parallel universe where he was the one that kept coming back with Bianca.

  • 68= Michael Ross (7 points)

    Played by Dennis Coard

    The renaissance Michael suffered when his episodes were repeated, and people remembered he was actually quite a good character, continues to show its effects. He took a while to get the hang of that fostering thing, but his firm but mostly fair approach got results in the end. Even with Jack Wilson.

  • 68= Paris Burnett (7 points)

    Played by Rhett Giles

    The young high school principal is probably a hit with older women still thanks to his romance with Irene. He replaced Don Fisher twice but didn’t stick around that long either time. He still managed to fit in getting stranded after a boat sinking.


  • 68= Romeo Smith (7 points)

    Played by Luke Mitchell

    Romeo was having trouble making a career choice, switching from lifeguard to being back at school to running a charter boat business to being a professional surfer to running a gym. He had similar troubles in his private life: He and Indi were married less than two years and still managed to split up and get back together.

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