Gardy’s dangerous side becomes more apparent. Nicole and Trey’s relationship heats up – but with unexpected consequences. Geoff and Claudia tell Annie about the baby.


Roman rescues Nicole and Trey from Gardy. Claudia considers terminating the baby. Irene admits to Belle she’s been drinking again


Tony starts being friendly with Angelo, to everyone’s surprise. The old attraction between Aden and Belle re-emerges. Ruby starts to think Martha might have the hots for Hugo.


Hugo returns and Martha has to deal with her feelings for him. Angelo discovers a clue which could help Irene. Aden admits he still has feelings for Belle


Ruby and Xavier figure out the truth about Hugo and Martha. Geoff comes back and delivers Claudia an ultimatum. Tony may have a secret agenda with Angelo. Roman confesses to Miles about Gardy – and puts Miles in danger.


Miles’ family is threatened, and Roman’s life is in danger, when Gardy realises he’s been doublecrossed. Nicole and Trey take their relationship to a new level.


Annie is shocked by what Irene does when she’s released from prison. Charlie mounts a search to find Roman before Gardy hurts or kills him. Roman and Gardy face off in a final showdown.


Roman is shot and Xavier’s life is threatened. Charlie closes in on Gardy. Annie and Irene’s relationship is deeply fractured.


Roman reveals all and says his good-byes. Irene has to make a decision about her drinking. Rachel is beginning to doubt Tony’s commitment to their baby.


Nicole struggles with life after Roman, and moves in with Miles. Kirsty and Jai hate the thought of Trey hanging around the house. Tony’s burgeoning friendship with Angelo shocks Martha.


Rachel is taken to emergency as the life of her child is threatened. What is Tony’s plan with Angelo? Due to her growing feelings, Martha continues pushing Hugo away and out of her life.


As doctors struggle to save Rachel’s baby, Tony holds Angelo’s life in his hands – will Rachel ever be able to forgive him? Martha and Hugo give in to temptation.


Martha tries desperately to put a stop to her affair with Hugo. A defiant Nicole allows Trey to spend the night in her bed. Annie is shocked to discover her kissing scenes in Jai’s short film.


With Ruby and Xavier preparing to take their relationship to the next level, Annie is feeling awkward around Jai. Donna causes Irene to miss Lou’s funeral. Trey sinks to a new low to prove himself.


Geoff struggles with the onset of fatherhood. Irene discovers who was setting her up. Jai is shocked to discover a sex tape of Nicole.


Jai tells Xavier about the sex tape. Aden decides to propose to Belle. Irene starts to think Donna may have had a hand in Lou’s death.


Nicole finds out about the sex tape. Aden’s in trouble when he finds himself unemployed. The mystery of Lou’s murder is solved.


Charlie is jealous of Angelo’s relationship with May. Trey tries to apologise to Nicole. Lachie comes between Geoff and Claudia as he makes a shocking claim.


Kirsty is annoyed at Miles telling people they are thinking of having a baby. Claudia seems to be having doubts about her and Geoff. Hugo and Martha can’t fight their attraction to one another.


Aden resorts to desperate measures. Tony gives his blessing to Hugo and Martha. Ruby tells Charlie about her plans to sleep with Xavier.