Brody Morgan

Jackson Heywood

Brody Morgan (2016-)
Jackson Heywood
Episodes: 6442-present

Birth Name: Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Lee
Parents: Coby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Tori & Mason Morgan

Occupation: Restaurant Owner/Chef

Brody was first seen trying to stop Justin having a go at Ash when he accidentally forced the three brothers off the road as they arrived in town. Reunited with sister Tori, the family soon moved into their new house, the latest of many moves. Brody was frustrated at having had to give up a good job as a chef for the move and upset Leah on his first visit to the Diner with his frank criticism of the food, prompting her to throw him out. He met Phoebe after she’d spent the night with Justin and invited her to stay for breakfast. He later found her having troubles managing Angelo’s, having just lost the chef, and volunteered his services when he found she could only serve charcoaled pizzas. He broke up a fight between Justin and Mason at the restaurant.

He and Tori talked about settling in Summer Bay and he used the family’s savings to buy the restaurant, telling Justin and Tori he wasn’t going to run again. He quickly clashed with Phoebe when she kept disappearing from her shift to check on Billie but eventually let her go. However, he was reluctant to continue employing Josh when he got out of remand after being charged with covering up Andy’s murder of Jake Pirovic. He began working with Phoebe on ideas to rebrand the restaurant but was quickly distracted when he thought someone was following him, unaware that it was Spike Lowe, who he had briefly met at the restaurant. The family, who were in witness protection after a drug syndicate murdered their parents, were told to stay in town.