Brody Morgan

Jackson Heywood

Brody Morgan (2016-)
Jackson Heywood
Episodes: 6442-present

Birth Name: Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Lee
Parents: Koby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Tori & Mason Morgan; Raffy Morrison (half-sibling)

Occupation: Restaurant Owner/Chef

Brody was first seen trying to stop Justin having a go at Ash when he accidentally forced the three brothers off the road as they arrived in town. Reunited with sister Tori, the family soon moved into their new house, the latest of many moves. Brody was frustrated at having had to give up a good job as a chef for the move and upset Leah on his first visit to the Diner with his frank criticism of the food, prompting her to throw him out. He met Phoebe after she’d spent the night with Justin and invited her to stay for breakfast. He later found her having troubles managing Angelo’s, having just lost the chef, and volunteered his services when he found she could only serve charcoaled pizzas. He broke up a fight between Justin and Mason at the restaurant.

He and Tori talked about settling in Summer Bay and he used the family’s savings to buy the restaurant, telling Justin and Tori he wasn’t going to run again. He quickly clashed with Phoebe when she kept disappearing from her shift to check on Billie but eventually let her go. However, he was reluctant to continue employing Josh when he got out of remand after being charged with covering up Andy’s murder of Jake Pirovic. He began working with Phoebe on ideas to rebrand the restaurant but was quickly distracted when he thought someone was following him, unaware that it was Spike Lowe, who he had briefly met at the restaurant. The family, who were in witness protection after a drug syndicate murdered their parents, were told to stay in town.

Having accepted Justin’s suggestion of renaming the restaurant Salt, Brody supervised a successful launch only to be promptly told they had been discovered and had to leave town. He initially refused to go, with Tori having to talk him round, and even then continued trying to make plans for the restaurant despite being told he’d never see it again. They were taken prisoner by Blaine Varden, their parents’ killer, who revealed Justin had been aware of their father’s dealings. When the family fled, Brody was separated from the others and attacked by Spike Lowe, who pushed him down a slope. He was rushed to Northern District Hospital but soon discharged. Like Tori, he was angry with Justin for hiding things from them and ignored Phoebe’s attempts to make peace between them. When he and Tori did get talking to Justin, they began to forgive him until it appeared he’d been hoarding money. He also warned Justin off Phoebe when he realised they had slept together. He briefly feuded with Chris, who accused him of stealing his burger recipe, but ended up shaking his hand and ending the disagreement.

He went along on the plane trip to celebrate Tori’s birthday, ignoring Justin’s attempt to contact him. When the plane started to crash, Brody tried and failed to give Justin their co-ordinates and was thrown overboard, meaning he was nowhere to be seen at the crash site. He wandered around in the bush, hallucinating seeing his mother Katie and Tori and Justin as children, before the visions led him over a cliff edge. He was given emergency treatment by Nate and Tori before being taken to hospital where he came through surgery despite warnings he might need an amputation.

Brody began having flashes of seeing his mother arguing with a man when he was a boy. Like the rest of the family, he began to mistrust Decker, who had not taken Spike’s threat about the plane crash seriously. When he spoke to Decker and Decker used the same phrase as the man in his flashbacks, Brody realised it was him, meaning Decker had been around the family eight years earlier than they had thought. When Decker was run off the road, Brody tried to talk to him in hospital but all he managed to say before fitting was “Sparrow”. When Decker’s nieces Hope and Raffy turned up, Brody quizzed them but all they could offer was that it was Raffy’s nickname. He witnessed Hope smashing her phone in anger and backed Phoebe up when she told Justin Hope had lied about John doing the damage. Phoebe offered to let him set up a vegetable garden at the farmhouse and he ended up in a manure fight with Evelyn, which resulted in Mason, who had had a friends with benefits arrangement with Evelyn, finding them in a state of undress, jumping to conclusions and attacking him.

He was nervous when a critic, Richard Legrande, came to the restaurant but was left with a different problem when Richard wanted to do a feature on him. Even though he knew it would expose the family, Brody was upset at having to turn the offer down, telling Phoebe that the restaurant was a tribute to his mother, who had always wanted to do something similar. When Decker came round, Brody interrogated him again and Decker confirmed he’d had an affair with Kate while working undercover to investigate the syndicate. Brody then realised Raffy was Decker and Kate’s daughter on seeing her wearing Kate’s old necklace and Decker confirmed it. He shared the information with his siblings and he and Tori found evidence in the hospital records, then took a DNA test to confirm it. He was in favour of telling her and frustrated when Hope told Raffy not to trust them. When Justin employed Hope at Salt, Brody was willing to let her steal from the till if it meant Raffy, who now knew the truth, sticking around, until she stole the whole lot and Phoebe called the police on her.

After initially declining to take part in a charity volleyball game, Brody was smitten with one of the players, Jeannie Wood, and donated $1,000 in return for being allowed to partner her. They met up again shortly after and arranged to meet for a drink. When they both ended up at Salt, she accused him of following her and he had a hard time convincing her he was the owner. He gave her a job as a waitress only for her to announce she couldn’t date a work colleague. During her first shift, she gave him mixed messages, alternating between flirting with him and then shutting him down when he responded. When she finally pushed him into a table after he returned her kiss, he ordered her out. He allowed her to resign quietly but when Evelyn gave him the details of the youth centre where she volunteered he tracked her down and she agreed to both carry on working for him and date him, with them sharing a drink. He invited her round for dinner but she turned up with her bags saying her father had thrown her out. They ended up spending the night together but next morning her father Randall turned up in an aggressive mood. Brody managed to mollify him by claiming to have slept on the couch. Jeannie privately admitted to him that her parents were doomsday preppers and she had taken the job because she was hoping to save up and move out of home. Brody decided to keep on seeing her but Randall told him they were taking her away for a bit since she needed to be with someone who shared their beliefs and could protect her.

Brody tried to make Raffy feel like part of the family by teaching her Kate’s old recipes but ended up having to join the rest of the family in telling her about Kate’s murder and the witness protection. When Jeannie returned, he picked up where he left off with her but she had trouble breaking her old habits. Randall caught them kissing and Brody told him he needed to let Jeannie make her own choices. Randall agreed but Jeannie felt Brody had been rude. After they continued to clash over their different attitudes to life, they agreed to break up and Jeannie took another job in Yabbie Creek.

He rejoined the family in the aftermath of Decker’s murder and joined them in hiding out at the farmhouse until the syndicate were arrested, after which he pondered the chance to go public with the restaurant. He gave Justin a pep-talk about how he should treat Phoebe and had to put up with Salt being vandalised by locals when the press reported on their witness protection and made it sound like they were involved with drugs. His van was torched but he managed to serve food at the Summer Grooves music festival, where he convinced Mason to talk to Olivia and Phoebe to perform without Justin being there.

He left the festival to get supplies and returned to find road blocks set up because of a bushfire near the festival. When he learned Mason was missing, he went to look for him and was furious when he and Olivia turned up oblivious to the worry they’d caused. He scared off Mick Jennings when he went to see Irene and also helped Kat catch Ranae when she tried to kill Justin, dismissing her excuse that Koby had caused her father’s death by framing him for his involvement in the drug syndicate. He informed Phoebe of what had happened to Justin and pointed out to Justin that he was being pathetic when he relied on Phoebe and the family during his recovery. However, he then found out Phoebe was waiting for Justin to call so prompted him to do so. He helped Tori prepare a picnic for her date with Riley but began to grow uneasy when he saw Riley chatting to Evelyn at Billie’s wake, warning Tori that he may have been flirting with her. He was wary of Phoebe moving in, given that they worked together, but fell into line when the rest of the family agreed.

He arranged a night at Salt for uni students but it came to an abrupt halt when he caught Lena Ascot dealing drugs. However, when Lena came back the next day, he agreed she could keep coming in if she left the drugs behind. He advised Justin and Phoebe over the former’s proposal. He employed Lena at Salt when a staff member let him down and, while he initially blasted her for taking drugs at work, not only did he turn a blind eye later but he took some cocaine that she gave him. With a reviewer due in, he used drugs to stay up all night doing work and had sex with Lena in the store room but was then snappy when Justin asked him about an engagement party for him and Phoebe. Wired when food critic Terry Diamond visited, he ended up insulting Terry when he claimed there were too many flavours in his over-prepared dishes, then spent the night with Lena. Justin confronted him about the drugs and he insisted they were a one-off. He sacked Lena when a girl came into the restaurant looking to buy drugs from her, but continued to buy from her himself. He yelled at Mason and Raffy to stay out of his room when they were setting up the house for the engagement party and ended up having to take drugs to get through the party.

When Mason unknowingly caused him to drop his stash, he called Lena for more drugs and instead she sent William Zannis to supply him. Before he could take them however, he had to give Raffy a lift. When he saw Kat doing spot checks ahead, he sped off in the other direction. Although Raffy convinced him to pull over, he hid his drugs in her bag. He managed to pass a drug test but admitted the truth to Justin, who got rid of the drugs. However, he continued trying to contact Lena, resulting in Justin, Tori and Mason staging an intervention. When he refused to listen, Justin cancelled his credit card and deleted Lena’s number from his phone. However, he stole the money from Zac’s bill and got the number off Hunter. Since he didn’t have enough money for cocaine, Zannis gave him ice instead, while he played the reformed character with Justin and Tori.

He then stole money from the tips jar and went to Zannis, who gave him a large quantity of drugs and told him to either use it or sell it and give him the money later. However, most of them ended up being eaten by Buddy. When Raffy found the wrapper, Brody insisted it was an old one. Desperate for money to pay Zannis back, he tried to sell the Xbox but was caught by Raffy, then stole money from the backpackers staying at the caravan park and claimed to be looking to book a van when Roo came across him ransacking the house. However, it still wasn’t enough and Zannis took him for a drive, before dumping him in the bush beaten up. He went home and tried to act normal but Mason realised something was wrong and took him to hospital. When a test for cocaine came back clear, Tori gave him the money to clear the debt but he asked for $100 more than he needed, which he used to buy more drugs.

He convinced his family to give him back his cards, but when they failed to show up, he stole Raffy’s necklace and tried to pawn it. The pawn shop owner, Tony Stoilov, only offered him $10 so he began smashing up the shop with a hockey stick, demanding more. Tony locked him out of the store and called the police, so he jumped into Scarlett Snow’s car and told her to drive. She pulled over, gave him her bag and asked him to leave her alone. When Mason promptly gave him his new credit cards, explaining Raffy had hidden them, Brody tried to return Scarlett’s bag but she knocked him out and tied him up. He explained the situation and had Zannis pretend to be Mason in order to convince her his family were helping him. Zannis gave him drugs and told him he owed him a favour.

However, Kat identified him as the one who vandalised the pawn shop from CCTV and he was arrested. Tori and Justin found out about his ice addiction and Justin threw him out of the house. He refused to go home with Tori and was found by Scarlett sleeping on the beach. He agreed to stay at her house and handed over his drugs to her. When he began to feel ill, he insisted it wasn’t withdrawals and he wasn’t an addict but then he began to hallucinate Kate and ran out of the house. He was found by Mason and Raffy and accepted he was having withdrawals after all. Justin offered to let him move back in but he told him it was the pressure of the family that caused him to turn to drugs so he needed to stay away from them for a while.

Zannis told him to move a shipment of drugs he had coming from abroad through Salt but Brody refused. He convinced Mason to let him start back at Salt, then learned Zannis had poisoned Tori so accepted the shipment. He bluffed his way through a visit from Kat and afterwards Zannis gave him a free sample. It was found by Scarlett and Justin locked him in a bedroom when he became aggressive. After Justin and Scarlett had gone, he apparently called Zannis to let him out, then stole money and a bracelet with a locket from the house. He turned up at home and told his family and Kat that Zannis must have done the robbery. He then disappeared, abandoning his phone along with the bracelet for Scarlett to find.

Justin and Mason found him in a drug den and forcibly took him home but he refused to take any responsibility for his actions and, paranoid, insisted they were trying to control him not help him. Justin called the police and Brody was arrested. Forced to move back in with his family as a result of his bail conditions and knowing they’d lose Salt if he did a runner, he initially resented them but eventually told them he wanted to change. He tried to go to Salt but was stopped by Alf and ended up scuffling with him, with Kat having to step in. Justin convinced him to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the city but he felt uncomfortable and showed more interest in hiding Ziggy Astoni from her father Ben. However, when Tori was angered by his attitude, he went to another meeting and confessed to being an addict.

He was angry when he found that Justin had kept Ava being in town a secret from him, then started hallucinating Kate again. She urged him to contact Zannis and he messaged him then went to sleep in his van. He woke up to find Ziggy had stolen it and, with his bail sign-in due soon, he refused to drive her to the city or leave her out in the bush, missing the sign-in by staying around to convince her to go back to town. He made up an excuse with Kat but told his family about the hallucinations. He pulled out of the deal with Zannis when Ziggy invited him for a swim.