Ziggy Astoni

Sophie Dillman

Ziggy Astoni (2017-present)
Sophie Dillman
Episodes: 6681-present

Date of Birth: 28th March 1998

Parents: Ben & Maggie Astoni
Sibling: Coco Astoni

Occupation: Waitress; Garage Admin/Apprentice Mechanic

Ziggy first appeared running into the toilet at a community centre in the city and asking Brody to hide her. It turned out the person she was hiding from was her father Ben, who had had the police in touch saying Ziggy had stolen a neighbour’s car. Ben had covered for her but was frustrated to learn that Ziggy and her boyfriend Jarrod actually had taken the car for a joy ride. Ziggy had refused to go to uni after leaving school and been fired from a job as a waitress for hitting a customer that she insisted had groped her. Ben and her mother Maggie decided the family needed to go and visit Maggie’s mother Diana. Ziggy tried to refuse to go but acqueised when Ben threatened to tell the burly Mr Anderson what she had done to his car.

Ziggy met Brody a second time when they stopped at Summer Bay, filling him in on her situation. When the car broke down, they were forced to stay at the caravan park. Ziggy dragged her sister Coco out to Salt and stole Kat’s wallet to pay for their meal, only to be arrested when it turned out Kat was a police officer. She was let off with a warning. Ben had to stick around for a week to repair a water tank he had damaged and, eager to avoid one of Diana’s lectures about the proper way for a lady to conduct herself, Ziggy voted to stay with him.

Ziggy was less than thrilled when Maggie insisted she and Coco join her on a tour of the town with John and Marilyn, especially when she found out John had recently been convicted of arson. When Ben and Maggie decided to stay another week and Jarrod failed to answer her calls, Ziggy stole the Salt van to get to the city, unaware Brody was asleep inside. When he woke up, he refused to drive her to the city or let her hitch-hike but did cover for her with Kat and talked her into going back to the Bay. With the rest of the family wanting to stick around for the rest of the school holidays, Ziggy accepted she could go a bit longer without seeing Jarrod and went for a swim with Brody.

When Ben and Maggie announced they were buying the farm house and moving to Summer Bay, Ziggy refused to stay with them and asking Brody to drive her to the city. She planned to stay with Jarrod but found him in bed with another girl so returned to her parents. She spoke with Brody about a job at Salt and, when he tried to tell her about his past, said it didn’t matter and kissed him. However, when Ben and Maggie told her Brody had a drug problem, she agreed to stay away from him, although she objected to Coco spying on her. After Mason questioned her cutting Brody dead, she told Brody she couldn’t get past his drug use. Nevertheless, she went to the hospital on hearing he had been in a car crash but he sent her away. She befriended Olivia after opening her car for her when she locked the keys inside, then began spending time with Brody as a friend despite his drug relapse.

She made a half-hearted attempt to find a job then stole Ben’s credit card to go for lunch with Olivia, Hunter and VJ, ending up at odds not just with her parents but also Coco, who had a crush on VJ. The incident caused her to try and grow up, presenting her CV to local businesses and getting a part-time admin job at the garage. She immediately annoyed Ash by promising a car would be fixed but pointed out he’d forgotten to put it in gear. She was then approached by Brody’s old dealer Will Zannis, who ended up kidnapping her. He took her to a motel where she was threatened into luring Brody there so he could be captured too. Zannis planned to kill them both with drug overdoses and make it look like an accident. They were rescued by Kat and Robbo, but the experience prompted Ziggy to distance herself from Brody again.

However, she began having panic attacks and flashbacks. She told Ben and Maggie she was going to get counselling but instead talked it over with Brody and then kissed him before consummating their relationship in her car. She confided in Irene and Olivia, also helping Olivia set up her design website by acting as a model, and continued seeing Brody in secret. They were then caught out by Justin. Brody told her they needed to tell Ben and Ziggy asked for a week to lay the groundwork. She kept putting it off but Ben and Maggie worked it out anyway and a blazing row resulted in Ziggy leaving the house and spending the night at the Morgans’. She was willing to stay away from home until Ben accepted them but Brody refused to break up a family and ended their relationship.

When Coco tried to get the family to air their feelings, Ziggy was unable to be honest then went to her room and looked at clippings about Maggie being attacked years earlier. Irene tipped her off to the fact Brody was in court over thefts he had committed during his addiction and she went there to support him. After he got off with a suspended sentence, she suggested they be friends again but he felt it was best they keep their distance. She was furious with Raffy when she gave Maggie a scare at school, making Coco suspicious. Coco forced her to admit that she was one of a group of students that had broken into their old school after hours and it was her then-boyfriend Pete who had injured Maggie; however, she emotionally blackmailed Coco into keeping quiet.

When she learned that Coco was hiding something from their parents and Leah knew, she used it to apply more pressure, then learned the secret was that Coco was bulimic. Coco told her that keeping quiet about what she’d done had put more pressure on her and she wasn’t going to do it anymore, prompting Ziggy to skip town. She ended up in a bar in the city where a stranger, Curtis, spiked her drink. She refused to leave with Olivia when she tracked her down, then Curtis took her into an alley to assault her. She was rescued by Brody but when Ben saw her in a state he punched Brody, resulting in both him and Curtis being charged. Ziggy finally confessed to her parents about her role in the break-in. She wrongly blamed Brody when Ben was charged with assault. Ziggy explained the situation with Maggie to Olivia and hit on the idea of buying an olive tree for her on the grounds she’d need lots of branches. They arrived home to find Mick Jennings in the house but Ben threw him out. She and Maggie then bonded by planting the tree together.

She immediately had to deal with Diana turning up, having to give up her room. She tried to help Ben organise an anniversary surprise for Maggie despite Diana constantly pre-empting them and helped Mason out at the garage by fixing a loose exhaust, then found money hidden in the car. She wanted to keep it until they also found a gun, at which point she convinced Mason to put it back and let the customer, Judy Lawson, take it, although Justin ended up finding out about the money. She received a scare when she was approached by an erratically behaving Mick, knocking him down and running to the Diner. She was horrified when Diana planned to move to Summer Bay and begged Coco to stop her, having to give Coco her iPad and do her chores in return.

She had a cooking lesson with Brody, which Mason and Raffy ended up gate-crashing, and helped Brody fix the oven at the Diner with him volunteering to cook dinner for her family as a thank you. Despite being tense, the incident earned Maggie’s approval and helped convince Justin to give her a job as an apprentice. Then Jarrod turned up and Ziggy arranged for him to hide at the motel. He convinced her to take Willow’s old Triumph for a “test drive” with him but she pulled away when he tried to kiss her. Olivia confessed that she had cheated on Hunter with her boss Axel Boyd, and when Ziggy learned that Hunter was planning to propose to Olivia, she threatened to tell him if Olivia didn’t. Olivia responded by ending their friendship and when Hunter asked her to take part in the proposal video he was planning, Ziggy simply told him they’d had a falling out. She avoided Jarrod but was frustrated by her lack of choice in relationships, and tipped Coco off to the fact that Ryder liked her. Shetried to get Olivia to be honest with Hunter before he proposed and let Jarrod accompany her to the re-opening of Salt but told him nothing would happen between them, having realised she loved Brody. After she helped Brody get the party going after Hunter’s failed proposal, Ben gave his blessing for them to be together.