Shots fired in promo for Home and Away’s Mid-Season Return

Home and Away has released a promo for its Commonwealth Games return, and one favourite is left fighting for their life as a police operation goes badly wrong.

The show is taking a break in Australia for the duration of the Commonwealth Games, and this week finished with a huge mid-season finale in which Tane (Ethan Browne) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) united to bring down Tex’s bikie gang.

The show is now off the air for the duration of the games – and, with Neighbours having aired its final ever episode down under, it means Aussie viewers will be without either soap until Home and Away returns on Monday 8th August.

To build excitement for the return, the show has released a promo for the drama in store after the games – and someone’s life is on the line after gunshots ring out!

In the final epsiodes, Rose approached Tane and asked her what he knew about Tex (Lucas Lineham). She recently figured out that her new boyfriend is hiding something, and her suspicions were raised further when she tried stalking him on social media and couldn’t find a single thing.

Tane, meanwhile, was concerned as there’d been no sign of Tex in days. Tex and his gang of bikies are looking for revenge after Ari stole from them in an armed robbery over a decade ago, and now they’re looking to make Tane pay.

They’d agreed that this was the week that a job would go down, with Tane using Summer Bay Fit to launder the money, so the silence made Tane suspect that the gang was toying with them.

When Tane called for an update, it prompted Tex to return to the bay and filled him in on the latest development – they were sending him a new employee to work at the gym, a ‘bookkeeper’ named Geneveve who would be handling everything to do with the money laundering.

Tex also reunited with Rose and appeared as besotted as ever. However, Rose used his return as an opportunity to run a check on his car, discovering that it was actually registered to a bikie named Lee Wheeler, not the Tex Wheeler her fling has been masquerading as.

She confronted him about it, but he made out that being a bikie wasn’t a big deal. He claimed that he’d developed genuine feelings for her and wanted them to continue their relationship, even if it had to be in secret. While Rose pretended to be okay, and kissed him, she went straight to Tane and told him that she knew who Tex was, and wanted answers.

Eventually, Tane – who’s been known for his distrust of the police – made a surprising move as he confessed to Rose that he’s being blackmailed by Tex and his gang of bikies.

The Mid-Season Finale ended on a cliffhanger, with Rose and Tane working together to bring Tex down.

At the police station, Tane confirmed that he was ready to do whatever it takes to bring Tex and Marty down. He then headed to the gang’s headquarters – the location of which Rose figured out from Tane’s phone history – ready to put their plan into action.

Meanwhile, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) was distraught back at the Parata house, telling Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that she was worried about why Rose and Tane had been talking, and why he’d left without an explanation that morning.

The final scenes saw Tane being dragged in front of Tex and Marty (Ben Wood) by one of the gang’s heavies, but it was the promo for the show’s return that gave us the real drama.

The promo shows the dramatic aftermath, as things go horribly wrong.

Who gets shot in Home and Away?

The promo begins with a shot of Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

The Senior Constable has had his own troubles to deal with of late, as he discovered that Jasmine (Sam Frost) had no intention of returning to Summer Bay. However, he’s about to become roped into the Tex drama, and by the looks of it, is going to come off pretty badly.

From the back of a police van filled with audio equipment, Cash, Rose and an audio specialist listen in to what’s happening inside the warehouse.

They hear Tane say to the bikies, “I didn’t wanna get mixed up in this but now I am.”

“I just wanna make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Will the leader Marty believe he’s just there to chat business, or will he be suspicious of how Tane managed to track them down?

As we cut back to the police van, Rose says “this wasn’t part of the plan.”

Lots of things are about to happen which aren’t part of Rose’s plan, as Tane and the gang get an unexpected arrival!

“Get off me,” shouts Nikau – yes, Nik has somehow managed to find his way to the gang’s warehouse hideout, hoping to help his brother out.

“Look who it is, your mini-me,” says Tex. Australian viewers have recently seen Nikau get more and more agitated with Tex referring to him as “kid,” so we suspect he’ll be even less of a fan of this new nickname.

Later in the promo, tane isn’t impressed that Nikau has got himself involved, as he pleads with Marty, telling him that Nik is “just a kid.”

Nikau isn’t the only innocent party to get caught up in things.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Felicity talk from opposite sides of the bars at Yabbie Creek Police Station – what exactly has Felicity done to find herself in custody?

Or is this Cash’s clever way of keeping his sister out of danger while they launch their stakeout?

“Dean, I’m scared,” says Felicity, as Dean begs her to tell him everything she knows.

Dean has recently spotted the tension between Nikau and Tex, and, in true Dean style, he’s about to get involved to help his friends out.

Back on the beach, more residents of Summer Bay discover that something big is going down.

“Hey, we’re not about to have a River Boy / bikie gang war, are we?” asks a concerned John, as Dean walks off without giving him an answer.


Is that exactly what we’re about to see?

Back at the gang’s hideout and we see the police storming the complex, most of them in full riot gear.

From inside the warehouse, the gang, Tane and Nikau hear the commotion going on outside.

“What have you done?!”

Some of the gang try to escape on their bikes, but officers jump in front of them.

Then, the real drama begins, as the promo tells us that shots will be fired – and, it seems, someone is set to get hit!

But who?

Marty puts his hands up as Rose draws her gun.

Behind her is Cash – in civilian clothing – also brandishing a weapon. Is his decision not to wear a bulletproof vest about to host him?

The pair start making arrests, but as they get Tex handcuffed, it gives Marty a chance to make a run for it.

Cash goes in pursuit as we see him jump over a wall, still wearing nothing but jeans, boots and a shirt.

Not a great outfit when there are about to be bullets flying about.

We then see Rose and numerous other cops running through the forest.

Are another Summer Bay favourite and a newcomer about to get caught up in things? We see Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Lyrik’s lead guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland) trapped inside a rural building, the corrugated iron door locked from the outside.

They bang on the door from the inside, as Ziggy screams “let us out.”

Is this related to Rose, Tane and Cash’s drama, or another exciting storyline set to unfold when Home and Away returns?

After a card reading ‘A friend will fall’, we again see a shot of Cash running. Is he the unlucky one?

A shot of Rose standing behind an ambulance as it drives away – did her mistakes cause this?

At Yabbie Creek hospital, Flick looks distraught.

Then, her anger comes out. She explodes at Rose, pointing in her face and screaming “you did this!”

Rose breaks down in tears in a locker room, terrified that Cash, her colleague and the man she’s in love with, won’t survive.

In his hospital room, Felicity says “I’ve got you” to what we assume to be her brother, nodding insistently as she struggles to hold back the tears.

Will Cash survive?

The show’s return will also bring with it a new character in the form of Dr Bree Cameron, played by Juliet Godwin.

Dr Bree has been described as laid-back, kind and caring – and a surfer! She’s joining Northern Districts Hospital as a new doctor, following the recent departure of Logan Bennett, and her on-screen arrival just after the mid-season return suggests she may play a part in Cash’s treatment.

Like all fresh faces in the Bay, there’s more to Bree than meets the eye, and she has her own story and past which viewers will see play out over the coming months.

Home and Away returns to Australia on Monday 8th August, 7pm on Seven.

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