Home and Away promo teases romance for Rose and newcomer Tex

A Home and Away promo currently airing in Australia hints that Rose Delaney is about to find romance with newcomer Tex Wheeler.

And let’s face it, he can hardly be a worse choice than her first love interest!

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os) made a splash when they arrived in Summer Bay at the end of March, as they announced themselves as the siblings that Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) never knew she had.

Fast forward three months and the pair have settled into life in Summer Bay, with Rose now working as an officer with Yabbie Creek Police, and Xander bagging himself a job as a paramedic at Yabbie Creek ambulance station.

However, a scandal has been brewing from the moment Rose arrived in town, when she set eyes on Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) at the outdoor pool. As she checked out his topless physique, she had no idea that the man she was eyeing up was in fact Jasmine’s boyfriend.

When she discovered the truth, all feelings were pushed to one side – Cash and Jasmine were very happy together, and she had no plans to jeopardise that.

That is, until Cash got drunk at the Parata BBQ, and, when everyone else went their separate ways, he called Rose to continue drinking with him at Salt.

A self-confessed lightweight, Cash drank too much and found himself kicked out of Salt. He refused to go home, as Jasmine had never seen him drunk before, so he and Rose spent the night in her car until they had sobered up.

Nothing happened between them, but it left Rose questioning why drunk Cash called on her of all people – maybe he had feelings for her too?

When she confronted him about it, things became beyond awkward. Cash attempted to let her down gently, but when he bluntly explained that nothing would happen between them, it ended up embarrassing her and making the whole situation a lot worse.

As this week’s Australian episodes continue, Rose does all she can to avoid Cash, who simply wants to clear the air between them. After all, it’s a small town – they can’t avoid each other forever.

However, Rose is happy to continue hiding.

“He’s popping up everywhere I turn,” Rose frustratedly explains to Xander. “Trying to be normal around him is exhausting.”

As Cash comes up to her on the beach, simply wanting to talk, Rose quickly gets up to walk away.

“Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous!” Cash tells her, but she tells him that “it’s called having boundaries,” before telling him to back off and leave her alone.

Things get so bad that Rose confesses to her brother that she’s not sure she wants to live in Summer Bay anymore.

It makes sense – Jasmine, the woman they came to town for, has gone, and now things are super awkward at work.

However, Xander is determined that they should stay, and reminds her, “you’ve never been one to run, Rose, so why start now?”

Thankfully, the arrival of a newcomer is about to help Rose forget all about the awkwardness with Cash.

Photo Credit: Zelman Cressey-Gladwin

Enter, Tex Wheelan.

Played by Lucas Linehan, he recently made his debut as the handyman Marilyn (Emily Symons) hired to help at the Bait Shop and Caravan Park in Alf’s (Ray Meagher) absence.

Tex was in for a shock when Marilyn began to rule with an iron fist, cutting short his lunch breaks so she could get him started on his next task. She doesn’t ease up later his week, as she cracks the whip even harder.

Despite Marilyn’s overbearing attitude to management and his empty stomach, Tex has simply got on with the tasks at hand. He’s out in the fresh air, enjoying the work, and, perhaps more importantly, enjoying the view.

Last week, Rose caught his eye as she walked past, and, as his gaze lingered, he whispered to himself: “Nice!”

Now, a new promo shows that he does more than just look, as he makes a move on Rose and invites her for a drink.

The promo recaps our first introduction to Tex, where Irene (Lynne McGranger) presents him to Marilyn as “the answer to your prayers” – is he also the answer to Rose’s?

“He’s handy,” says the promo, as it shows him helping lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) with another beach rescue.

Then, we see the first interactions between Rose and Tex, as Tex walks towards Rose on the beach.

As the promo points out his charm, Rose has a big smile on her face as she stands next to Text’s ute. Tex seems equally happy to be chatting with the off-duty officer, and his beaming smile says it all.

“Didn’t you offer to buy me a coffee?” Rose quips in the next shot, and Tex has the perfect comeback.

“It’s getting a bit late for a coffee… unless you want to keep me up all night?”

We then see the pair sharing a drink at Salt, and things seem to be going well as Rose tells him that he’s “quite the charmer.”

Yet the promo’s voiceover asks whether the handyman is “too good to be true” – does Rose have anything to be worried about with this newcomer?

For now, he’s enough to make Rose forget about her issues with Cash.

“He’s a total breath of fresh air,” she tells Xander.

“What about Cash?” asks her brother, still concerned that her feelings are going to cause issues.

“Cash who?”

Photo courtesy of CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour

Tex’s impending arrival and his romance with Rose has been known for some time, after fans visiting the Home and Away Tour saw actors Lucas Linehan and Kirsty Marillier getting up close and personal while filming scenes at Sydney’s Palm Beach.

However, whether he will be enough to help Rose forget about her crush on Cash once and for all remains to be seen…