Home and Away – Jasmine says sudden goodbye to Summer Bay

Tonight’s Home and Away in Australia has seen the sudden departure of Jasmine Delaney, as she left town to help out Robbo’s parents on their family farm.

The episode brought to an end Sam Frost’s 4½ years playing Jasmine. Sam resigned from the series at the end of last year, and filmed her final scenes on Friday 17th December, the last day of Home and Away’s production year.

It was initially announced in November that Jasmine would be written out of the show temporarily, whilst Sam awaited a medical procedure that was preventing her getting vaccinated, but a few weeks later it was announced that Sam had decided to leave the show for good.

Commenting on her decision on Instagram back in February, Sam stated “I quit my dream job at Home & Away to look after my mental health. I needed to take a step back, go home and be with my family. And most importantly take good care of my health and well-being.

“I now spend the days with the people I love, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too busy working

Jasmine’s on-screen exit came as she received a phone call from Ian, the father of her late husband Robbo.

It was revealed that Wendy, Robbo’s mum, had suffered a heart attack. While she was going to be fine, Ian needed help on their farm in Mount Edgecombe, and Jasmine made the swift decision to leave Summer Bay to help out.

While her exit was left open-ended, with the expectation that Jasmine would return once the Shaws were in a better place, it is understood there are currently no plans for the character to return.

The exit came in the middle of a shock new storyline which saw Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) spend the night with Rose (Kirsty Marillier) in the back of her car.

Cash got drunk at the Parata family BBQ, and later invited Rose to join him for drinks. As Cash isn’t a big drinker, just a few beers transformed him into “Fun Cash,” but the fun got a little out of hand when he found himself kicked out of Salt by Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Rose tried to take Cash back to Jasmine’s, but he revealed that Jasmine had never seen him drunk, so he couldn’t go home in his drunken stupor. Rose suggested the pair go for a walk, and in a shock twist, they ended up spending the night together in her car.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) discovered them the following morning, when she found Rose’s car with the windows steamed up, and was desperate to find out who the new cop hooked up with.

Despite the bad optics, it seemed that Cash and Rose didn’t sleep together, and the car was simply a place for them to sleep off the alcohol. However, Cash knew it looked bad, and had to beg his sister to keep the secret from Jasmine.

In the end, Cash’s secret stayed safe when Jasmine got a call from Ian shortly after. She made a swift exit from Summer Bay to head to the Shaws’ Glenwood Park farm in Mount Edgecombe.

She had just enough time for a quick goodbye to Cash and Rose, asking them to look out for each other, before she packed up and headed on the road.

Nicholas Cartwright revealed recently that Jasmine’s exit was sudden, and came during a new Delaney storyline.

Whether there were meant to be bigger repercussions from Cash and Rose’s drunken night together, we may never know, as it seems we’ve seen Jasmine’s character for the final time.

Both Sam Frost and Harley Bonner (Logan) filmed their final scenes in the final week of Home and Away’s production year, and with Logan’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it exit having aired in Australia on Monday, Jasmine’s sudden departure is her final appearance.

As Jasmine says goodbye after 4 1/2 years, we take a look back at her eventful time in Summer Bay.

Jasmine crashed into the show, quite literally, in the 2017 season finale, when she was involved in a car accident with Kat (Pia Miller) and Robbo (Jake Ryan).

The two had gone on the run after Kat released Robbo from his cell at the police station, but Kat was distracted and ran a stop sign, ultimately dying from her injuries.

Jasmine was brought into Northern Districts Hospital where she remained unconscious for a few days.

After learning from Tori (Penny McNamee) that they hadn’t been able to trace any of Jasmine’s family, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) stuck around so she wasn’t alone when she woke up. On coming to, Jasmine was extremely agitated, and later escaped from the hospital.

When Leah tracked her down, Jasmine admitted that at the time of the accident she was running from a man named David Cantrall (Jack Ellis), who had been stalking her since they met on the internet.

The pair went to Colby (Tim Franklin) at the police station in order to take out an AVO, but David immediately broke it and and later turned up at Jasmine’s caravan. He then took Jasmine, Leah and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) captive at the house, before being arrested by Colby after Leah sent an SOS via a takeaway order to Salt.

Jasmine initially took some shifts at the diner, but her nursing background was soon revealed, and when she talked Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger) into returning to study medicine, he in turn convinced her to apply for a nursing job at the hospital.

Oblivious to Mason’s advances, Jasmine had a drink with Colby and the two shared a kiss. They later slept together, but Colby admitted he wasn’t looking for a full-time relationship as he continued the search for his missing sister Bella (Courtney Miller), and the two settled on a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

She bonded with Olivia (Raechelle Banno) after spending an evening having cocktails with her, Roo (Georgie Parker), Leah and Marilyn (Emily Symons) at Salt, and was subsequently invited to move into the beach house.

This was news to Irene (Lynne McGranger), when Jasmine showed up with her bags the next morning, but she agreed to let Jasmine stay and the two staged a huge argument in front of Olivia to teach her a lesson.

The arrangement with Colby soon came to an end, and Jasmine struck up a friendship with Robbo. The two became close, and he impulsively kissed her after learning he’d been successful in buying the gym, but then told her they should spend some time apart.

Jasmine was confused to see Robbo hugging Tori, until Mason told her that Robbo was acting as a sperm donor in order for Tori to have a baby via IVF. Tori encouraged Jasmine to let Robbo know of her feelings for him, and the two eventually got together, as Jasmine did her best to cope with the unusual situation.

Tori’s IVF led to her becoming pregnant, but she ultimately lost the baby, and Robbo felt unable to go through with the process again with a second embryo that was available.

Jasmine moved in with Robbo, Colby and Bella at the pier apartment, and the morning after Colby and Chelsea’s wedding, Robbo proposed to her.

Jasmine later discovered that Tori had gone ahead and implanted the second embryo without Robbo’s permission, and as a result was pregnant again.

Tori eventually told Robbo the truth, but he was devastated to learn that Jasmine already knew. Unable to trust her, he called off the engagement and left town.

Robbo returned unexpectedly for Tori’s 12-week scan, not realising that Jasmine would be there with her. Jasmine presumed that Robbo had only come back for the baby, and drowned her sorrows in a bar with Colby, sharing another kiss with him.

She tried to avoid Robbo but he persisted, and she eventually opened up to him about her history of abandonment. Her mother had died in a car accident when she was only six years old, and her father had left her only a year later, leaving Jasmine to be brought up in foster care.

After seeing counsellor Aiden Wilcox (Socratis Otto), Jasmine and Robbo eventually got back together and made plans for their wedding.

When Jasmine pointed out that she was yet to meet his parents, Robbo took Jasmine to the family farm to meet his mum Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) and dad Ian (Frankie J. Holden).

Wendy made it clear to Jasmine that she and Ian disapproved of her, after learning about the hurt she’d caused by not telling Robbo about Tori’s pregnancy, but Robbo defended Jasmine to his parents and they eventually warmed to her.

Robbo and Jasmine’s wedding came around, but the reception was interrupted by the Robbo’s old AFP colleagues, Lance Salisbury (Angus McLaren) and Scott Larkin (Trent Baines) who took the two of them along with Tori into protective custody.

It transpired that the criminal ouroboros gang who had murdered Robbo’s family had come out of the woodwork once again.

Robbo rejoined the AFP to work on tracking them down, but Jasmine refused to stay in the safe house without him and so both returned to Summer Bay, leaving Tori, and her and Robbo’s unborn child, under police protection.

When Robbo came face to face with gang leader Victor Devlin (Patrick Thompson), who wanted him to track down Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) who Robbo had believed was dead, Robbo attempted to have Jasmine taken out of the country. Scott’s car was ambushed en-route and Jasmine was kidnapped.

After learning of a robbery at a local chemist of supplies that Robbo recognised as being used for a gunshot wound, he was able to track her down to an old power plant and rescue her.

Jasmine moved back to the safe house, just in time to help Tori with the birth of daughter Grace. Robbo returned soon afterwards with word that the gang were now under lock and key and they could go back to their normal lives, but Tori then collapsed after suffering a stroke.

Robbo and Jasmine took care of baby Grace for six weeks as Tori lay in a coma, and after a visit from Ian and Wendy, agreed to move up to the family farm.

Their plans changed when Tori was woken up, and when Tori rejected Grace believing her to not be her child, Jasmine helped by putting together a photo book showing Grace’s development over the past weeks.

Shortly before the trial of the ouroboros gang was to commence, Robbo and Jasmine realised they were under threat again when Lance and Dylan were both murdered.

Whilst Jasmine got caught up in an armed siege at the hospital, masterminded by corrupt AFP officer Jay Myers (Edmund Lembke-Hogan) who had been assigned to protect her, Robbo was shocked to learn that old friend Scott was a mole who had been tasked with killing him.

Although Robbo talked Scott out of shooting him, Scott realised he would never be free of Victor or his men, and purposely crashed the car they were travelling in. Scott was killed instantly, and Robbo critically injured.

Robbo was rushed into surgery and appeared to have turned a corner, but after seeing Grace one last time, Robbo sent Jasmine to collect some belongings from home. On her return, she was devastated to find Robbo had died.

Jasmine struggled at the funeral, and her grief spilled over as she angrily screamed at Robbo’s coffin, calling him a liar after he promised to never leave her.

Unable to face being at the pier apartment, Jasmine moved back into the beach house, and found herself owning the gym after it was left to her in Robbo’s will.

Having discussed having children with Robbo in the days before his death, Jasmine saw a light at the end of the tunnel when she took a pregnancy test which turned out to be positive. Wendy returned again to accompany Jasmine and Tori to her first scan, but Jasmine was shocked to learn that there was no sign of any baby.

Wendy initially accused Jasmine of making it up, before it was explained that Jasmine was suffering from a phantom pregnancy.

Distraught, Jasmine walked into the ocean fully clothed before being dragged out by Tori and Willow. Jasmine then diverted her attentions to Robbo and Tori’s daughter Grace, but began developing a worrying obsession with her.

Jasmine joined an online parenting forum posing as Grace’s mother, posting photos of the two of them together, and also began stealing Grace’s clothing and toys.

She asked Tori’s permission to use Grace in a publicity campaign for mother and baby yoga sessions at the gym. Tori agreed, but was angered to then discover that Jasmine has posed with Grace in the photos herself rather than asking Tori to step in.

When Jasmine learned that Grace had been briefly kidnapped, when Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) had stolen Tori’s car without realising she was in the back seat, she attempted to report Tori to the police for child negligence, before posting exaggerations of Tori’s failings (under the guise of Tori being Grace’s aunt) on the forum for her own validation.

Jasmine was eventually discovered, and Tori was forced to take out an AVO on her, preventing her coming anywhere near Tori or Grace.

Jasmine escaped to Ian and Wendy’s farm, planning to move there permanently, whilst keeping the circumstances of her visit a secret. All was revealed when Colby and Irene came to visit to try and talk Jasmine into returning home.

It was eventually Wendy and Ian who convinced Jasmine to sort things out with Tori, pointing out that if she came to live with them, they wouldn’t be allowed to have their own granddaughter visit due to the AVO.

Jasmine agreed to see a counsellor, on the condition that she was allowed supervised visits with Grace. The AVO was eventually lifted, but Jasmine found it difficult to deal with Tori’s new relationship with Christian Green (Ditch Davey), who Jasmine felt would be a replacement father figure for Grace.

Jasmine decided to try for an IVF baby herself, and had planned to ask Colby to consider being a sperm donor moments before he was arrested for the murder of Ross Nixon.

She joined the celebrations for Grace’s first birthday and planned to give her a bracelet inscribed with ‘From Dad’, but was upset when she realised that Tori and Christian had bought her the same bracelet. She threw her one in the bin, which was retrieved by Irene and given to Tori.

On visiting Colby in prison, Jasmine bumped into an old friend from Uni, Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold). Lewis started work at Northern Districts Hospital, and the two ended up dating.

Shortly after, Lewis revealed that he had encountered colleague Christian before—he had operated on Lewis’s wife Anna following a car crash, but she’d later died, with Lewis holding Christian responsible.

Jasmine observed Lewis’s ongoing hostility towards Christian, and his goading Christian into hitting him, an incident he hoped would destroy Christian’s career.

Unbeknownst to Jasmine, Lewis was also bumping off some of Christian’s patients in the hope that he would get the blame.

The truth finally came out when she and Tori tracked the two down to an abandoned wing of the hospital, where Lewis had strapped Christian to a bed and administered a potassium injection. Tori battled to save Christian, and Jasmine talked Lewis into handing himself in to the police.

Jasmine was promoted to the job of Nursing Unit Manager, and was later caught up in the taco van explosion outside the surf club. After tending to some of the injured, she then collapsed herself and slipped into a coma.

Waking up a few days later, Jasmine temporarily had memory issues and was diagnosed with absence seizures.

She kept bumping into new local cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), but turned down his asking her out, not wishing to date another police officer. After some teething issues, the two eventually got together. Jasmine returned to work after being given the all-clear, and sold the gym to Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) and Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Jasmine was upset to learn that Tori and Christian were moving to the UK with Grace, with Jasmine losing a link to Robbo. She initially couldn’t face attending Tori and Christian’s wedding and farewell, but was talked into it by Cash.

Jasmine was on hand to help victims of the organophosphate attack at the surf club, and later supported Cash as he revealed the truth to sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) about their father’s suicide.

Earlier this year, Jasmine opened up to Cash about her father’s abandonment of her after she refused to celebrate her birthday, and invited Cash to move in with her at the beach house.

Cash later had to inform Jasmine that her estranged father had died, and although she initially dismissed the news, she later broke down as she questioned his motives for leaving her all those years ago.

She was dealt another shock when Xander (Luke Van Os) turned up at the beach house and revealed that he was her half-brother—and that she also had a stepsister in the form of Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

Jasmine’s father, Alexander, had met Rose’s mother whilst she was pregnant with her, and brought up Rose with Xander coming along a few years later.

Jasmine initially wanted nothing to do with her newfound family, but eventually warmed to the idea of having siblings, with the two later moving to Summer Bay permanently.

However, Sam Frost’s decision to leave Home and Away mean we will never get to see a bond fully form between the siblings, as Jasmine leaves them behind in Summer Bay.

Rose and Xander are set to find themselves a bit lost after their sibling’s departure, but Cash takes them under his wing and the trio become good friends.

Jasmine’s final episode will air in the UK on Friday 22nd July.

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Photo Credit: Zelman Cressey-Gladwin

Thursday’s triple bill of episodes also saw the arrival of Tex Wheeler, played by Lucas Linehan.

Tex is one of number of new characters expected over the next few weeks, to bulk up the cast after the recent departures of Jasmine, Logan, Bella (Courtney Miller), Ryder (Lukas Radovich), Mia (Anna Samson) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

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