Jasmine Delaney

Sam Frost

Jasmine Delaney (2017-2022)
Sam Frost
Episodes: 68107815

Parents: Alexander Delaney & unnamed mother (both deceased)
Siblings: Xander Delaney (half-brother)
Step Siblings: Rose Delaney

Marital Status: Robbo Shaw (2019-2020, deceased)
Step Children: Grace Morgan (former)

Occupation: Nurse; Waitress; Gym Owner

Jasmine made an explosive entrance when she crashed into Kat and Robbo’s car after Kat drove through a Stop sign in front of her, resulting in her being taken to hospital unconscious. After a few days lying there, she came round in an agitated state and soon disappeared from the hospital. She was found by Leah who took her to the Diner, where she was horrified to learn Kat had been killed in the crash. She explained her family were overseas and she had come to town because she was being stalked by David Cantrall, a man she had met on the internet. Leah convinced her to go back to hospital before letting her move into the caravan park. When Jasmine charged up her phone and found it full of messages from David, Leah took her to file a complaint with the new senior constable Colby Thorne. She took out an AVO against David, who immediately broke it by sending her a threatening text and was charged. She had a boxing session with Mason but returned to her van to find David waiting for her. He tried to get her to come away with him but Jasmine convinced him to let her drop off the keys at the house. Leah then invited them both to stay for dinner but David got suspicious and took the two of them and Ryder hostage. They managed to stall him until they were rescued by Colby and David was taken into custody.

Jasmine began working part time at the Diner but revealed her nursing knowledge by advising Ben about being around Maggie with a cold while she was having cancer treatment. Starting to settle in the Bay, she talked Mason into going back to studying medicine and he returned the favour by convincing her to apply for a permanent nurse’s job at the hospital after she did a casual shift there. She had to put up with Tori being snappy while treating Ash, learning he was her ex. Mason invited her to accompany him to Ziggy’s birthday party to get to know the locals. However, while waiting for him, Jasmine had a drink with Colby and, unaware Mason thought it was a date, took a rain check when he turned up to collect her. She then kissed Colby but he said because they met through his work they couldn’t be together. However, when she went to check on him while he was searching for Ava Gilbert, they ended up sleeping together. Afterwards, she found a set of clippings about a girl named Bella. Colby threw her out but later confided in her that Bella was his half-sister and that he hadn’t seen her since his stepfather Ross took her and his mother out of town years earlier.

She befriended Olivia while having cocktails at Salt with her, Leah, Marilyn and Roo, resulting in Olivia inviting her to move in with her and Irene. Irene was taken aback when Jasmine turned up with her bags the next morning but they were soon getting on well, even staging an argument to teach Olivia a lesson. Olivia began to get jealous, deliberately letting Jasmine break the house’s no alcohol rule, but they smoothed things over. Olivia encouraged her to pursue Colby, despite her gaining a rival in the shape of Ebony Harding. Olivia sent a text from Jasmine’s phone inviting Colby over and they agreed to a friends with benefits arrangement. She acted as Willow’s confidante when she got together with Dean but became jealous when Colby began spending time with Ebony and tried to warn Ebony off, which resulted in Colby ending their arrangement. Jasmine let slip to Leah that Colby was once a River Boy; Colby thus blamed her when the news reached the papers.

She caught Willow stealing from the juice bar and learned she was short of rent money, lending her $200. However, she was horrified when Willow promptly stole and sold some gym equipment to pay her back. She realised Willow had a gambling problem but Willow slapped her when she called her an addict. She helped treat Colby when Ebony injected him with a muscle relaxant and he suffered an allergic reaction and roped Mason into helping her retrieve CCTV footage showing Ebony stealing the ampoules from the hospital, also helping Robbo sneak in to see Colby. When Colby insisted on discharging himself, she agreed to look after him at his home. Irene and Olivia teased her about working close with him but they agreed they just wanted to be friends. She helped Olivia out by modelling a wedding dress for her and was with Colby when he received a message from someone claiming to be Bella which in fact was Ebony. She was left frantically waiting for news when both Robbo and Colby went after her until she heard Ebony had been arrested.

The incident sparked her interest in Robbo and she set out to befriend him. After her initial attempt to engage him in conversation failed, she set up a punchbag for him to take out his issues on. He ended up getting worked up so she convinced him to talk about losing Kat and his family with her and to accept the help of people in town. They began having dinner and going for runs together, prompting Irene to tease her about liking him. When Robbo told her he had feelings for her, she said she only saw him as a friend. They managed to carry on as before and Jasmine encouraged him to buy the gym, only for him to impulsively kiss her after his offer was accepted. This caused her to realise she did have feelings for him after all, but before she could tell him, he told her they shouldn’t spend time together anymore.

She was still cautious of Robbo employing Willow after she had stolen from the gym in the past, but the two women made up when Willow moved into Olivia’s old room. She managed to convince Robbo to be friends again. She supported Mason when his one night stand Dempsey Blackwood fell pregnant, getting Dempsey to talk to him before leaving town and having an abortion. She planned to tell Robbo about her feelings only to come across him hugging Tori. She assumed the pair were a couple, especially when they went away together, but Mason explained they were planning to have a baby together by IVF. She supported the arrangement but Tori convinced her to tell Robbo how she felt. He initially felt his commitment to Tori precluded the relationship but later changed his mind and they got together.

Robbo arranged a sunset cruise for their first proper date but was called to the hospital when Tori had an ultrasound moved forward and Jasmine ended up spending hours waiting for him at the Diner. They ended up going for a picnic the next day. Jasmine did her best to be comfortable with Tori and Robbo’s closeness as Tori had her eggs harvested and helped Mason with his revision as a distraction while Robbo went with Tori to have an embryo implanted. She was annoyed when Robbo hid the fact he had been in the room with Tori at the time but they made up after admitting they loved each other. Jasmine called Robbo when Tori was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains and checked the test results which showed she was pregnant. Soon after, Robbo stayed over at Jasmine’s for the first time. She began planning a holiday for herself and Robbo and asked Tori to help her fit it in around the pregnancy dates. She decided to buy a book of firsts for the baby, but when she went round to deliver it she found Tori in the middle of a miscarriage. She accompanied her to the hospital and then had to break the news to Robbo.

Robbo told her he couldn’t carry on with the IVF and she encouraged Tori to listen to him. Tori tried to get her to change Robbo’s mind but she refused. She began planning a holiday again but Robbo was spooked by her plan to go to Fiji, since he had had his honeymoon there, instead asking her to stay with him temporarily while Colby, Chelsea and Bella were away. She suggested Robbo move in with her, but since Colby was planning to leave, he suggested she wait and move in with him instead. She helped Chelsea, Willow and Bella get ready for the wedding and the next day Robbo proposed to her and she accepted.

When she saw Leah, Tori and Justin having a toast in Salt and they were unable to explain why, Jasmine looked up Tori’s details on the hospital computer and discovered she was pregnant. She confronted Tori, realising she had used a second embryo without Robbo’s knowledge. Tori asked her to keep quiet about it until after the first trimester and she reluctantly agreed. However, Tori then told Robbo anyway and, when Jasmine admitted she already knew, he ended the engagement, saying he didn’t trust her. Jasmine slapped Tori in anger, then used looking after Willow, who had been shot, as an excuse to shut herself up in the house and avoid Robbo. She was bitter towards Tori and tried to get her to return the engagement ring to Robbo, although Colby ended up convincing her to keep it and fight for him. Instead, she found Robbo leaving town.

She was concerned when no-one heard from him until Colby admitted Robbo had called him and might not come back. Irene’s return managed to get her out of the house but she ended up announcing Tori’s pregnancy during an argument in the Diner. She and Tori cleared the air when they had to co-operate at work, getting a patient an urgent scan and then treating a drug addict who kicked Tori in the stomach, with Jasmine looking after her in the aftermath. Colby called her for help when Dean was going cold turkey from sleeping pills and she agreed to rehydrate him on the quiet. She also stopped Willow taking Bella out of town, then deleted Robbo’s number. She helped Jett come to terms with being confined to a wheelchair.

She insisted on accompanying Tori to her twelve week scan but both of them were shocked when Robbo turned up. Jasmine quickly left and, although she agreed to meet Robbo later, she continued to believe they were over. She went out clubbing with Willow, Colby, Dean and Ziggy to avoid him and had an awkward drunken kiss with Colby. She agreed to meet Robbo at Salt but left without really saying anything when Colby interrupted. When Robbo came to see her at the house, she ended up having a panic attack and was helped by Tori. She overheard Robbo asking Irene if she thought he should leave and insisted on interpreting it as him wanting to leave, before confusing things further by saying she spent years waiting for him to come back. She worked heavily in order to distract herself and, when Robbo joined her on a run to try and talk to her, ended up collapsing. After she sniped at both him and Tori, Irene convinced her to talk to Robbo. She told him that her mother died in a car crash on the way to pick her up from school and a year later her father also left her at school and disappeared; she grew up in foster care and never saw him again. She said she was used to people leaving her like Robbo had but didn’t know how to handle them coming back, hence her lack of interest in him.

She asked Tori to find her a counsellor and made an appointment with Aiden Wilcox. She asked Robbo to take her but he initially claimed he had to work, before changing his mind at the last minute and telling her he loved her. Aiden invited Robbo into the session and Jasmine realised he found out about Tori’s pregnancy on the anniversary of his family’s murder. She suggested she and Robbo get back together but he felt they needed to sort out their issues first so she ended up getting drunk with Willow and comparing family history. She told Robbo she still wanted to marry him and they got engaged again.

Tori arranged for them to have a weekend away together. On their return, she found Bella was staying in the house and tried to break the stand-off between her and Irene, after which she and Robbo set a wedding date. She was thrown to find Robbo making a cradle for the baby, pointing out Tori would probably want the child at home with her, and even more so when he suggested using it for their own children. She admitted that, while she was happy being stepmother to Robbo and Tori’s baby, she had no interest in having children of her own and Robbo accepted it. She accompanied Robbo and Tori to the next scan and supported Robbo after they received the news Tori was in danger of premature labour. She realised she knew nothing about Robbo’s family and wanted to meet them before the wedding. Although she backed down from calling off the wedding, she was pleased when Robbo decided to take her to their farm. However, she received a less than warm reception, especially from his mother Wendy, who made it clear they didn’t approve of her or the marriage, feeling she would hurt him like she did when she kept Tori’s pregnancy from him. However, after she helped with a fence and Robbo stuck up for her, they softened and invited her to stay for a roast.

After they returned, Jasmine was open to Tori’s offer to move into the cottage at the Morgan house but Robbo decided against it. After a pre-wedding party arranged by Colby, she admitted her disappointment that none of her family would be at the wedding. Robbo suggested they could look for her father after the wedding but she decided not to. She married Robbo but the wedding reception was cut short when the two of them and Tori were taken into protective custody by Robbo’s old colleagues Lance Salisbury and Scott Larkin: The people who had murdered Robbo’s family had re-emerged. Jasmine refused to stay at the safe house without Robbo so they returned to the Bay together. However, she found herself holed up in their flat and forbidden to talk to their friends. When she wanted to see Irene after she was charged with assault, Robbo refused to let her leave the flat. He eventually relented enough to allow her to go to the gym for a private session with Mason, only for them to be sent photos of her, and Jasmine was left concerned as he became intense again. With Colby wanting the flat back, they had to move into a motel and were soon bickering in the enclosed space. After Robbo disappeared for a while, she told him to forget about her and concentrate on finding the people after them.

She was shocked to hear Robbo had gone to meet their hunters alone, which resulted in him up injured, and became increasingly frustrated at their isolation so Robbo told her to go out. She was quickly unnerved about the idea of being watched and went to Willow and Mason at the gym. Robbo agreed to her returning to work with Scott as her bodyguard and moving the evidence out of their room. Shortly after starting back at the hospital, she was given an insight when one of the ouroboros gang’s enemies, Sean Coulson, was dumped at the hospital and died, having to explain the situation to her new boss, Alex Neilson. Alex suggested hypnotherapy to jog Robbo’s memory and Jasmine convinced him to try it. When they learned Dylan had been injured, Jasmine suggested someone must have stolen medical supplies. She initially argued against Robbo’s insistence she leave the country until she saw how affected he was by his family’s murder. However, as Scott was taking her to the airport, they were ambushed. Scott was shot, along with one of the thugs, Lenny, and Jasmine was kidnapped. She convinced the thugs’ boss, Des Hendricks, to let her help Lenny and attempted to tip Robbo off by having his colleague Fitz steal the same medical supplies she had previously told him were needed to treat a gunshot wound. However, Des moved her before Robbo could find them. Robbo and Colby later raided the plant where she was being held and Jasmine managed to get away from Des and Fitz and join them. She was reunited with Willow, after which Robbo decided to take her out of the country. After chatting with Willow about the fact Alex had kissed her, Jasmine realised Robbo was missing and discharged herself in order to question Colby. He and Lance arranged for her to stay with Tori at the safe house.

She was on hand to help out when Tori went into labour. Robbo arrived soon after and revealed the ouroboros gang had been arrested and they could go home. Before they could do so, Tori collapsed from a stroke and ended up in hospital on life support. As a result, Jasmine and Robbo ended up taking baby Grace back to the Bay to live with them. Jasmine was prepared to help out but Robbo sent her back to work. When she found Robbo let Irene look after Grace but not her, she questioned him and he reminded her she said she didn’t want children. Jasmine managed to convince him things had changed and bought a pram so they could take Grace out. She was amused when Robbo rushed Grace to the doctor on hearing Bella hadn’t been immunised, less so when he had a go at her for taking Grace out while he was asleep. After a chat with Irene, she told Robbo he needed to move on.

Jasmine had no problem going over the details of her kidnapping when AFP lawyer Yvonne Craig came round but when it was Robbo’s turn he ordered Yvonne out. After initially refusing to discuss it with Jasmine, Robbo explained he didn’t want the case invading their home and decided they should go to the AFP office to go over the statements. When Ian and Wendy visited and suggested Robbo, Jasmine and Grace all move to the farm, Jasmine was quite happy with the idea and they planned to move in four weeks. She inadvertently prompted a showdown between Robbo and Justin by saying Justin’s plan to move Tori to Northern Districts was risky but was there when Tori came round. She and Robbo realised their plans had to change. When Tori initially failed to recognise Grace, Jasmine helped her with a memory book full of photos of Grace’s development.

She was then picked up by Scott and taken to the flat, where she learned Lance and Dylan had been murdered and they were under threat again. She delivered Grace to Tori and had Robbo come home to spend the night, where they considered having a child together. Next day, Jasmine was at work when a group of gunmen invaded and held her and several others hostage. She was chosen to speak to Colby on the phone and managed to give him some information. She witnessed Mason being killed and, on spotting one of the gang’s tattoos, realised they were the ouroboros gang. Pointing this out to the AFP officer assigned to protect her, Jay Myers, he was then revealed himself to also be working for the gang. She was freed by the police along with the rest of the hostages but no sooner were they recovering from that than Robbo was brought into hospital, having been in a car crash that had also killed Scott. Thinking he was going to recover, she went to get his thing only to be informed by Colby on her return that Robbo had died.

She was reunited with Ian and Wendy for Robbo’s funeral but broke down during the service. She became increasingly suspicious of the fact no-one was mentioning Scott and questioned Colby who eventually admitted Scott had been blackmailed into working for Des and Victor, who were now under constant guard. She decided she couldn’t stay on at the flat and moved back in with Irene. She learned Robbo had left her the gym but wasn’t sure what to do with it, since Willow was planning to leave town with Alex. When Willow and Alex instead broke up, Jasmine became obsessed with getting them back together before finally accepting it and having a farewell lunch with Alex. She decided to return to work with Tori and, although she froze up when a car crash victim was brought in, was convinced it was right for her. She went for a drink with her work colleagues but felt out of place. After feeling sick, she realised her period was over a month late and told Irene she was pregnant, which a test confirmed. She delayed telling Tori when Mason’s ashes arrived but told her after the burial and then spread the news around town.

Full of energy, she opened up the gym when the trainer didn’t turn up but crashed out afterwards. She arranged for Tori to accompany her to her scan but was reluctant to tell Robbo’s parents, although she finally found the courage to do so after seeing Grace’s nursery, which included photos of Robbo and the rest of Grace’s family. Wendy returned to accompany Jasmine and Tori to the scan but it turned out to be a phantom pregnancy. Jasmine was initially so distraught that she walked out into the sea and had to be retrieved by Tori and Willow but then began focusing on Grace. She turned up at the house unannounced to relieve Justin and Leah looking after her, sticking around even after Tori came home. When she heard Tane Parata had stayed the night at Marilyn’s, she took Grace from there, even though Tane had gone. Justin went to retrieve her once Tori found out and turned Jasmine away when she came to the house, telling her to stay away from Grace and Tori. She was left convinced everyone was trying to keep her away from Grace and went along to Colby’s divorce party, where she got drunk and kissed Colby. Although they cleared the air afterwards, he said they should have nothing to do with each other since he felt he was bad for her, and Jasmine ended up having a panic attack.

She made plans to leave town and go and stay with Robbo’s parents but Tori asked her to stay. Jasmine insisted she wouldn’t stop trying to protect Grace but, when Irene pointed out Tori could stop her seeing her, apologised to both Tori and Marilyn, although when she thought she was alone she declared no-one would keep her away from Grace. She holed herself up in her room and, when she learned Willow had asked Colby to speak to her, ended up laying into Willow in front of Leah and Justin. She went to see Tori and offered to look after Grace while she slept but was dismissed by Justin when he got home. She then started filling a family photo album with pictures of her and Grace. Tori brought her back to the house and left her looking after Grace when she was called into work. Jasmine promptly took Grace back to hers without telling anyone, playing innocent when Justin finally tracked her down after she’d ignored his calls, and joined a forum for new mothers. When Colby tried to get her to make up with Willow, she instead fired her and forced her to move out. However, after a talking to from Colby, she reversed both decisions the next morning.

She asked advice on the forum for helping Grace with her teething, claiming it was for her own child. She was advised to try getting her to chew on raw carrot, but when she tried it without asking, Tori panicked that Grace could choke. Although Tori quickly apologised, Jasmine posted on the forum that her “sister-in-law” thought she knew better for her child than her. When looking after her for the day, she posted a photo of herself and Grace claiming Grace was hers. She began stealing a collection of Grace’s things like toys and socks and asked Tori about using her in publicity photos for a mother and baby yoga class at the gym. Although Tori assumed she would be in the photos, Jasmine had Willow take photos of herself and Grace. She was concerned when Melissa, one of the other mums from the forum, turned up after recognising the gym from her photos and got rid of her by saying her husband was an undercover cop.

When she learned Grace had briefly gone missing, after Tori’s car was stolen when she stopped to help John, Jasmine tried to report Tori to the police for negligence and contacted a lawyer, insisting Grace was in danger. She went into a rant in Salt and began posting a slanted version of events online for validation, as well as keeping a list of exaggerated offences by Tori and her family. She tried to stop Tori looking after Grace after a night shift and passed the photos of herself and Grace advertising the gym off as a misunderstanding. However, when Colby told her to take them down, she ended up yelling at Tori and Justin and scratching Colby’s face when he intervened. With her online posts and theft of Grace’s things coming out, Tori told her to stay away from them. Jasmine felt everyone had betrayed her and ended up being escorted from the Morgan house by the police, then spent the night sending Tori a constant stream of texts. Tori tried to set up a mental health plan for her but Jasmine saw it as false when she was promptly served an AVO telling her to stay away from Tori and Grace, and left town after giving Tori a serve, taking indefinite compassionate leave from the hospital.

She went to the Shaws’, throwing herself into working on the farm and talking about moving there permanently whilst keeping the details of her departure from them. She was frustrated when Irene and Colby tracked her down and the pair convinced Ian and Wendy that she needed to go back and sort things with Tori. On returning to Summer Bay, she was immediately confronted by Tori and Justin, who had been summoned by Colby. She initially walked away and, when Tori spoke to her later, refused to discuss anything other than seeing Grace again. After an argument with Willow, she agreed to see a counsellor in exchange for supervised access to Grace. She initially only saw the counselling as a means to see Grace again, but accepted Robbo’s death had brought up her abandonment issues and gave Tori the album she’d made up of photos of her and Grace. She was initially annoyed that Willow stayed off work to check on Colby and Dean after Ross Nixon’s body was discovered, but after a talking to from Irene she cleared the air with her.

She nearly abandoned her counselling when she was advised to attend Robbo’s grave but Tori convinced her to make the journey with her and Grace. She demonstrated her salesman abilities by convincing John to give gym members a loyalty card for the juice bar and befriended Taylor Rosetta, who started working as a masseur out of the gym. Despite their past differences, she was a support to Justin and his family when he had an operation to remove a spinal carcinoma. Whilst she was taking Justin a takeaway, he left her looking after Grace while he went for a scan, to her discomfort since the AVO was still in force. However, the incident prompted Tori to withdraw it. Jasmine had dinner with new colleague Christian Green, upsetting Tori who liked him, so tried to set them up. She also helped Ryder get Bella and Nikau back together to locking them in the gym to talk things out.

Despite her earlier support, she felt uncomfortable on seeing Christian with Tori and Grace, realising he could replace Robbo as Grace’s father figure. She admitted to Tori how she felt but said she’d get her head around it and just asked Tori not to confide in her about the relationship. She looked after Grace for the day when Justin was taken back to hospital which led her to conclude she also wanted to have a baby via IVF. She told Irene she had the perfect candidate for a donor and invited Colby to dinner, only to see him arrested for the murder of his stepfather Ross moments later. She was convinced Colby was innocent and put the gym up as collateral for his bail but was stunned to hear that Willow had testified against Colby and he had pleaded guilty as a result.

She bought Grace a bracelet inscribed “From Dad” for her birthday but was put out to learn Christian was at the party and Tori had bought Grace an identical bracelet. Jasmine binned her gift, although she did end up looking after Grace when Justin was rushed back to hospital. She was confused when Tori approached her about the present and learned Irene had retrieved it from the bin. She was initially unhappy that Irene hadn’t trusted her judgement but quickly decided she was pleased Grace had it. She acted as Taylor’s confidante as she repaired her marriage to Angelo and was convinced by Irene to visit Colby, where she was pleased to see he seemed like this old self. At the prison, she met Lewis Hayes, an old uni friend who had also lost a partner in a car crash, her old friend Anna.

Jasmine was shocked when Colby was brought into hospital after being beaten up in prison and smuggled Dean and Bella in to see him over the guards’ objections. Roo convinced her to interview her brother Kieran for the manager’s job at the gym and Martha convinced her to employ him despite his lack of experience. Lewis got a job at Northern District but quickly informed Jasmine he blamed Christian for Anna’s death: Christian had operated on her after their car was hit by a tree in a storm and she later died as a result of a secondary bleed. Jasmine tried to convince Lewis to let it go but he pointed to one of Christian’s patients dying as evidence he was a danger. She okayed Lewis applying for the nurse unit manager job and Irene teased her about being interested in him, after which they shared a moment but decided to take it slow. She also learned Kieran had disappeared, leaving her without a manager.

After a dispute between Christian and Lewis over Christian wanting to operate after having a sip of champagne, Jasmine told Tori the whole story and asked her to keep it quiet. She was delighted to be reunited with Willow, who agreed to return as gym manager temporarily. She shared a first kiss with Lewis after he and Christian had apparently cleared the air, after which she removed her wedding ring. Even though Lewis remained hostile towards Christian, Jasmine invited him back to hers, shooing Irene and Willow out of the house so they could sleep together. She tried to support him at work, leading her to clash with Tori who saw her as undermining Christian. She witnessed Christian punching Lewis after he made a snide remark about Christian being drunk, with Lewis confident he could end Christian’s career. Jasmine was worried Lewis reporting Christian would just cause more trouble but Irene and Willow convinced her to support him. However, Lewis abandoned her in the middle of a date to chase up the autopsy report on one of Christian’s patients, leading her to realise he was only interested in revenge. She shared her fears with Tori and they realised the two men were missing, finding Lewis trying to kill Christian. Tori rejected Jasmine’s offer of help in treating Christian but Jasmine did convince Lewis to turn himself in. Things became more tense between her and Tori when Lewis confessed to killing three of Christian’s patients, prompting Christian to bring them together. She also struck up a good working relationship with Mia, who Irene had chosen to replace Willow as gym manager.

She was supportive of Christian’s belief that he could remember what happened while he was being resuscitated, had a tarot reading with Marilyn, and got drunk with Mackenzie. She dragged Christian into the sea fully clothed as part of a sobering up exercise and annoyed Tori by rambling about tarot cards. She felt directionless, but a comment from Mackenzie about her being committed to her work prompted her to apply for a nurse unit manager job in ICU. Before she’d even fully started the job, she helped Christian treat Rachel Young, who had been in a skydiving accident, and tried to release him for his and Tori’s wedding. She helped Dean search for Mackenzie when she went missing despite not really appreciating the urgency and alerted Tori when Christian took Rachel out for the day, making her disapproval clear. She was present for the food truck explosion, treating the wounded before she collapsed and it became clear she’d suffered a head injury. She spent a few days in a coma in hospital before recovering consciousness, whereupon she had difficulty forming new memories, forgetting about the explosion and about the fact Rachel had been killed in a road accident mere moments after being told of them. Christian diagnosed her with absence seizures and she was put on medication.

Shortly after leaving hospital, she gained a new housemate when Irene invited Kieran to stay with them. Although she initially avoided him, they ended up staying up all night talking. Their friendship hit a bump when he tried to kiss her and she had to go looking for him, only to suffer a seizure after failing to take her medication. This ended up being her first meeting with new police officer Cash Newman, who she kept running into. She ran off when he asked her out, reluctant to date another police officer. When she signed up for a touch footy team, she was frustrated to learn he was running it. He exaggerated an ankle injury to spend time with her and she agreed to one date. A dinner at Salt went well but she was confused when Cash didn’t push for a follow-up. She accused him of ghosting her and he explained he was giving her space. They met for a drink but Cash had to leave abruptly when he got a call from someone called Felicity, who turned out to be his sister. Jasmine met Felicity when she gatecrashed their date, and liked her despite her being something of a force of nature.

Felicity told Jasmine that their father had been murdered and they never found out who do it. Cash however explained that their father had shot himself and Felicity had never accepted it, after which Jasmine and Cash shared a kiss. She was given permission to return to work, taking her old job back at the ED. She concluded she had too much on her plate so decided to sell the gym, giving Mia and Ari first refusal. She was confused by mixed messages from them as they tried to scrape the money together but eventually they signed the contract. She was uncomfortable about the fact she hadn’t slept with Cash, even asking Felicity for advice. Word got back to Cash who arranged a night in the city. However, when she heard Tori and Christian were moving away with Grace, she got drunk, resulting in Cash taking her home to sleep it off instead. She wasn’t sure if she could attend Tori and Christian’s wedding and farewell gathering, but Cash ended up accompanying her there, after which they slept together.

She gave Tane the cold shoulder after there was trouble between him and Felicity, but ended up treating him for organophosphate poisoning after a gas attack at the surf club which she had escaped the brunt of. She also had to put up with the eccentricities of Marilyn as a house guest while she recovered. She found a receipt for organophosphate in Felicity’s caravan and told Cash. She took Felicity to the police station to report Nikau for harassing her online but things were overtaken when federal detective Darren Nasser made Felicity his chief suspect for the gas attack. When Felicity went missing, Darren told Jasmine that Cash had previously disappeared for eleven months with her during his early days on the force. She spoke to Felicity (who had actually been kidnapped by the real culprit) and learned Cash helped her out when she had a breakdown.

Cash told her that every year he went to a memorial in their home town for their father without Felicity, and she agreed to keep an eye on Felicity while he was gone. However, she got fed up with Felicity’s drinking and dumped her on Tane, only to have to track her down when she went drinking with a pair of randoms. When Cash showed Felicity the autopsy confirming the death was suicide, Jasmine advised him over dealing with her.

She treated Ryder and Theo after their buried alive misadventure and later helped Ryder with a panic attack. She tried to keep her birthday quiet, so was stunned when Cash surprised her with a birthday dinner, explaining she was always disappointed that her father never contacted her on her birthday. However, she ended up pleased that Cash knew and went away to the city with him. When they returned, Irene encouraged her to invite Cash to move in but he said no. He said it was because he didn’t want to leave Felicity but Jasmine wasn’t convinced and withdrew the offer, eventually admitting she’d rushed into inviting him. However, after Ari died, Cash changed his mind and they agreed he should move in. She had to work to get him to be comfortable living with Irene however.

When Cash told her that her father had died, Jasmine shrugged off the news until Felicity commented that he must have been living nearby all the time without her knowing, leaving upset that he’d never got in touch. She was shocked when Xander, her father’s son, turned up, having found out about her from his will. She initially tried to convince herself he was lying and refused to accept her father’s money. She was hurt when Xander talked about how their father had been a good dad to him, which increased when she found out he had also raised Xander’s half-sister Rose despite not being her biological father. The pair wanted to get to know her and Jasmine agreed to give them a chance. She had brunch with the pair but struggled with talk of their father and ended up hiding away in her bedroom.,She eventually joined them for a walk where she and Xander bonded and asked the pair to stay in town. She also helped Mia with her grief over Ari.

Xander arranged a volleyball match between her and Rose to try and ease the tension between them, which led to Jasmine hitting Rose in the face with the ball, although they bonded when Jasmine treated her at the ED. Jasmine tried to get Xander a job with the ambulance service, insisting on taking him to the station in Reefton Lakes. However, on the way there they came across a car accident involving Logan and helped out. Jasmine defended Xander to the driver of the other car, Millie, when she blamed him for the death of her friend Jo Harding. She learned from Cash that Logan had been speeding and shared the news with Xander, only to be frustrated when he promptly told Millie. Xander confided in her that Millie had caused the accident by looking at her phone and Jasmine unsuccessfully tried to talk her into confessing, with Rose having better luck. She gave Logan a bed for the night when she found him sleeping in his office but disagreed with him lecturing Roo when she reopened her stitches. She then got a call saying Wendy had a heart attack and left to help out on the farm, telling Cash and Rose to take care of each other.

With things improving, Jasmine called to say she was returning to Summer Bay. Cash laid out champagne and roses to welcome her back, planning to propose, but she never turned up. When the local police called to check on her, she explained she had elected to stay on the farm instead of returning to Summer Bay, finding herself unable to leave the memories of Robbo when it was time. Despite a visit from Irene and Cash, she didn’t change her mind.